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  1. Aviator8

    Hiding behind hair

    Ok so I have often wanted be be a girl so I could hide behind my hair as a physical manifestation that I am shy/introverted and so that people walking up to me know this and don’t push me to talk to them. But how do I do this as a guy-obviously I can’t grow my hair out or I wouldn’t be...
  2. Aviator8

    Therapy Escape

    I never cuss-so I can't spell Dam it properly DAMIT. My mother took me to a psychologist, and they said I have aspergers. I was there because she is an ESFJ, and my father is and INTJ- at least he's I- but they are taking me to some form of therapy where I waste time, talking, which I...
  3. Aviator8

    Ways to escape a social situation

    On "I pose a simple question" it came up for the creation of this forum, so I wanted to create a forum for how to escape or exit a social situation in an emergency (being overwhelmed by noise and stupidity) or just to run away.
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