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  1. INTP main characters?

    My best friend in high school/college told me I reminded him a lot of Holden and told me to read the book. I started it but it was too boring and put it down. Oh well, I'll probably never know what he really thought about me. :p
  2. Not much interest in sex

    :D:D:o:( Edit: Considering INTJs are (supposedly) the third rarest type, it would be strange to make up "the bulk" of asexuals. Possibly more than INTPs, since they are fairly rare as well.
  3. Bias in the Media?

    I don't believe that's a fair assessment. That's how it is perceived by the right. The vast majority of liberals also want as little government as possible; the true difference being that liberals believe more government is required than conservatives/libertarians believe is required. Also...
  4. Bias in the Media?

    I'm fairly centrist. Left-leaning, though. The important thing is to establish what exactly is center. To the right, any sort of government regulation, intervention, or 3% increase in taxes on the top 1% of americans constitutes far-left. That's an unfair assessment. This is the argument of the...
  5. Bias in the Media?

    What's more irritating than the news are people who complain about it. Don't watch/read it at all, or only watch/read what conforms to your political views. There was as much or more ass-kissing for Bush his first six years. The only difference is that his ass-kissing was done in the name of...
  6. Absence from the forum

    Re: Absence of the forum The LAST thing you would want to do is let someone named Seducer of the Homeless OUT.
  7. Fatalism

    Ditto x 1000.
  8. L'esprit de l'escalier...HELP!

    Absolutely, I do this all the time. In fact, I think about 90% of my time and energy is spent coming up with witty retorts should the situation arise. Having recently found out I'm most likely INTJ, this makes sense. I have to have plans and contingency plans for conversations to sound smart and...
  9. Where is your truest self?

    When I find myself, I'll let you know.
  10. Sacred Home of Dragons

    Prismatic Dragon In the war between good and evil, a Prismatic Dragon tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality. When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon tends to do things by the book. As far as magical tendancies, Magical spells come as natural...
  11. Calling over-20-and-marrieds

    It's finally happened: Cheese has flipped his wig.
  12. Surprise, surprise

    I voted no because I hate any and all surprises, but I think I wouldn't mind surprise Noddy's wife in lingerie. Although, I would have liked her to call ahead of time.
  13. MBTI character typing and criminal tendencies

    Both apparently were.
  14. Temporary Closure - discussion

    Didn't Judas betray Jesus for two shrubberies?
  15. name changes

    George Washington had a brain for a heart. Fact. I like your name as it is, brain. I think you should keep it -- unless you're considering going with my suggestion :D.
  16. do you look different than you think you do?

    Yes, yes, and a thousand times yes. I try not to look at myself, but when I do I get even sadder because it's not what I pictured. It's like chatting with someone online and getting a visual impression in your head and then seeing a picture and they're totally not what you pictured; or when you...
  17. Toad is Sick...

    I hope you don't take it personally when I say I hope it's fatal.
  18. name changes

    A Heart Wrapped Up in Brains and Trapped in Flesh.
  19. red toad or red mage?

    Kudos! But when you answer you have to quote another post to keep the game going. I originally included the link so you can check your answer -- honor system or whatnot. Oh well, for now on no more links. This game is serious now. *puts on serious face*
  20. red toad or red mage?

    Indeed. I apologize if I sully your good name. Edit: Let's turn this thread into a game. Someone will find a quote from either me or Sly Toad and the rest will have to guess "Red Toad or Red Mage." I'll start:
  21. name changes

    Is my new 'tar to your liking? Now Sly Toad has to change his to a red toad (anything to get him to change his godawful 'tar).
  22. Reasons why you hate humanity

    The reason "survival of the fittest" is a distortion of natural selection is because variation is the most important factor in survival, not being the fittest. While it's true that an individual with better-adapted traits will have a better chance to survive and procreate, an individual's traits...
  23. Alignment Test

    Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXX (4) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXX (9) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (25) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Neutral Evil ----...
  24. Temporary Closure - discussion

    That douche: "Hey there I'm someone new. No I'm not I'm Face! Haha! Oh my god you guys just fell for it! I can't fucking believe this shit. You guys are all so dumb! Srsly lol u gais r stoopid! I'm actually the brilliant and talented Mr. XIII!" The rest of the forum: "Um, okay? How about a nice...
  25. Temporary Closure - discussion

    @Hawkeye: That's the completely and utterly shitty thing about trolls is that there is no way they can "lose" and they always believe they've "won" somehow. In this instance, two of the most notorious trolls who were only kept around out of sake of being an open and free-thinking forum were...
  26. name changes

    Re: User Titles. You have no idea how much this disappoints me.
  27. The Fountain of Life

    You're all taking XIII too seriously. His "experiments" never were. They were just games he played. He's not messed up or insane, nor does he have any identity disorders. He's completely and totally aware of the games he's playing. At the end of the day, he's just a sad little man who has to...
  28. The Fountain of Life

    I hope this means lifetime banning. *crosses fingers*
  29. Different Function Attitudes

    The Ni excersize hit home with me too, but cheese pointed out to me that it's actually more of an excersize of Ti. If true, that would explain why we would identify strongly with it. I agree that it doesn't sound like Ni at all. On second thought, these excersizes probably aren't the most...
  30. You know you're an Intp when...

    -You have one password you have used for everything since you were twelve, and it came from a video game, because you're lazy and you know you'd forget anything else. -You get frustrated when a website won't let you use your usual password because it's too short or has no non-numerical...
  31. Completing original work

    The answer is so simple it's scary. According to Socionics, Ti is also a J function. In that system, INTPs are known as INTjs. This is because they have dominant Ti, whereas INTJs (known as INTps) have dominant Ni so they are Ps. In short, you just need to embrace your dominant Ti's J-like...
  32. INTP and Socionics

    I just got ILI -- also known as INTp, but uses Ni/Te like INTJ, but whose Wikipedia description sounds a lot like INTP anyway -- with possible ILE, IEI and IEE. LII is "not very likely." ILI mostly sounds like me.
  33. WispxKianara is official, btw

    Hmm. Kisp or Wianara?
  34. Introverted ENTP

    I found it to have more insightful questions than most. So far the best test I've seen before that is MyPersonality.info and this certainly beats that one. Dunno.
  35. Introverted ENTP

    I kinda like this test. I got ENTJ. This is the second test I got that in. E 22 N 88 T 50 J 22 I think I'm a repressed E after all. And J. Lookit that.
  36. Nice new search engine

    Found out about this a couple weeks ago. Tried it when it launched. It wasn't able to do anything with any of my queries. It's kind of simple. It's not really a "search engine" so much as online calculator and desk reference.
  37. WispxKianara is official, btw

    I just threw up a little, in my mouth.
  38. Depression

    Some of your argument sounds rather specious, but I'm no expert. However, I've heard this exact same thing from others. People who eat crap like I do (out of necessity at the moment) and feel like crap and then 'fix' their diet and feel much better about themselves. Even drinking only plain...
  39. Different Function Attitudes

    I saw this on another forum the other day. I basically said what Concojones said. It helps you understand what some of the functions are. More Ni and Si for me.
  40. The 'Personal DNA' Test

    Yeah, I just read that. Still, I'm a little surprised how high it is for me. Yeah, it's a percentile. It's still representative of just how high it is. That's the purpose of it. That's how it shows you whether you're high or low or in the middle, by comparing you to a sample.
  41. The 'Personal DNA' Test

    Both of those are high, at 92.
  42. The 'Personal DNA' Test

    I took this a few days ago. I'm a Generous Thinker. Some of it surprised me, like Spontaneity and Empathy.
  43. WispxKianara is official, btw

    It's springtime again and love is in the air. Congratulations :D
  44. Depression

    While I've read that you take on qualities of your opposite-letter type under extreme stress and anxiety (both of which I constantly have, by the way), what I was talking about was that I think a person of any type can end up INTP on these tests. Whether you're ESFJ, INTJ or what have you, you...
  45. Which MBTI type am I?

    Embarrassing to the human race. I'm guessing you're not Azure_Knight at the INFJ forum then? Here is a search for him on YouTube. Here is his post list on Personality Cafe -- from which he was banned.
  46. Depression

    I often wonder how many people who score INTP are really other types who are just depressed. Think about it, if you were ESFJ and depressed, you would probably see yourself as cold and distant, very unconfident and unsure of yourself and indecisive, and of course withdrawn from the world and...
  47. Eternal Laughter

    Somehow this went unnoticed. You seem like an interesting person. Welcome to the forum.
  48. Introverted ENTP

    I think for me it's the opposite. I'm naturally inclined to be extroverted, but I "learned" to be introverted for one reason or another. Like bad experiences or something. The rest of you may be the other way. I don't know. In grade school where you have one teacher and one class, I was a...
  49. MMDI Personality Type test [thread split]

    I'm either a really bad INTP, or a really bad ENTJ.
  50. Which MBTI type am I?

    I took a stab in the dark. Shai's reputation is pervasive and far-reaching. Un/Fortunately, he was banned in most MBTI-related websites before I got there, except INFJs -- where he is very active. Have you seen him on YouTube? He looks exactly like you'd expect: weird. I had a feeling you were...
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