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  1. Dissident

    Revolving interests?

    I realized that I dont usually make any threads, so here it goes nothing: It says in most INTP type descriptions that we lose interest in things fast and we tend to leave thing half finished, etc. But it doesnt say if those projects/activities are left forever or resumed at some point. I...
  2. Dissident

    Free Will? [Thread Split]

    Its not a solid enough argument, Occams razor says that when all other factors are the same the simpler explanation tends to be right, its not an universal law that always works. I like other more subltle arguments, like: They say that if you believe you will be saved, etc. I ask: Can we...
  3. Dissident


    Im not such a big fan of most poetry since corny love usually monopolizes the themes, but i do like some others about different subjects. Maybe we could share some poems we like here and discuss them. The following is by Pablo Neruda, and i think expresses the nausea that the modern world...
  4. Dissident


    Re: Recommended reading section? Somewhere in the literature section maybe? Anyway, thanks for that link. Im such a big procrastinator, that tecnique (if it can be called that) could help to get something done :D
  5. Dissident

    Philosophy section

    I just wanted to humbly suggest the creation of a philosophy section in the forum, since philosophic discussions dont necesarily fit in the science and faith one. Any thoughts?
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