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  1. AnnaC

    Can types be suppressed according to circumstances?

    Basically, I was an ESTP before my mother took me out of school and began to home-school me. After she took me out of school, my Se began to be suppressed beneath an immense Ni tendency. Due to my lack of things to do and new people to meet/compete with, I began to become more introverted and...
  2. AnnaC

    Does anyone else enjoy confusing people?

    Confusing people: Do you like to, or no? I, for one, am an INTP who would prefer to disassociate with the bulk of the human populous, except for those instances wherein I may completely bungle peoples' minds and (hopefully) either embarrass them or identify another intelligent life form. When I...
  3. AnnaC

    INTPs and sticking to goals.

    I'm aiming for running a marathon. To state it as concisely as possible, I'm having difficulty staying on track. My non-focused, skittish brain is useful when I'm trying to keeping track of multiple thoughts at once. When I'm trying to stay on one track and reach one goal, it sucks. I make...
  4. AnnaC

    Time to introduce myself, I think.

    Hi, all (especially if I haven't met you yet)! My name is Anna, and I am an INTP. That's all I've got. :D More seriously, I've been lurking on this forum for something around a week now, reading through topics and similar things. I decided to join when I saw a discussion that...
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