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  1. Ashenstar

    Social norms

    So for my si-kology class, my teacher wants us each to think of 5 different social/cultural norms and choose one to break. Then I have to note people's reactions, analyze them and decide which values I was compromising. I could put this under the school forum, but I don't just wish to chat...
  2. Ashenstar

    Insomnia help

    So, I have always had insomnia. I remember being about 3 or 4 and laying there in bed staring into my room and the nightlight long after mum had gone to bed. I had insomnia during my teenage years as well. I would just sit by the window and stare out into the night. I never really sleep...
  3. Ashenstar

    Put an INTP..

    female on a boat in Mexico with a LITTLE alcohol and you get YouTube- Me pole dancing me, 20lbs chubby and having a blast. :o I was just looking through some stuffs online. This is from nearly ... 3 years ago? *shrug* seeing how much self induced torture I can endure
  4. Ashenstar

    I should be an octopus!

    I am a master of hiding, being tiny and all... but this octopus kinda just showed me up! Seriously. This video is making me giggle so I needed to share. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8408233.stm I love the end where the octopus is all "RAWR I EAT YOU!" or whatever. Ok... so maybe he's not trying...
  5. Ashenstar

    What to do?

    What does one do when one feels.... incredibly destructive? I'm just so Vulcan I never know what to do with these emotions. When you just don't care who or what, you just want to tear down. I have a slight *ahem* problem of turning these destructive feelings inward and ... well.. self...
  6. Ashenstar


    Hello. I'm just making a formal post to get myself going. If you want to know anything just ask. I don't mind questions; I actually prefer them since I generally dislike prattling on and on about myself. Perhaps when I get more information posted in my profile you can snoop around there instead.
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