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  1. Glaerhaidh

    What is Dunning–Kruger effect and why it is just noise

    MC G is here with da truth for y'all. The original Dunning–Kruger graph is wrong and misleading. It's possible to get the Dunning-Kruger effect without gathering any data at all. Just random noise results and assuming everyone has equal confidence. Here's an article explaining why the effect...
  2. Glaerhaidh

    My own personality theory - 1 minute version

    What are the personality variables: - Emotional participation (Emotional sensitivity and expressiveness, priority of emotions over other input) - Harm Avoidance (The degree to which an individual avoids danger, stress, shame and their survival instinct) - Extrinsic motivation (The degree of...
  3. Glaerhaidh

    Productive output heuristic

    Terms: Agent - a hypothetical person, you or your employee Variables: 1. INT - a measure of agent's fluid and crystallized intelligence: 1.a. -2<=INT<-1 deviations below average; score 0.3 - as an estimated score on a normalized distribution 1.b. -1<=INT<0 deviations below average; score...
  4. Glaerhaidh

    Ragnar please remove the country flags, it's racist also can we stop logging IP's?

    @Ragnar 1. Can we have the option to turn off the country flags? Not everyone wants to show that, I'm sure. I can pretend to be British if I put my mind to it. 2. It's probably host dependent, but can we stop logging IP's? As has been shown time and time again hacking into this forum is child's...
  5. Glaerhaidh

    Hype / uplifting music

    Share any music that puts you in a good mood or gets you hyped. I'm probably going to spam the heck out of this thread. 80% of my posts are music links anyway so
  6. Glaerhaidh

    INTPforum is a model of the apocalyptic future

    Two machines can be seen standing atop the ruins of the once proud civilization, conversing about the most mundane things. The world is theirs, the whole warm and fuzzy biosphere destroyed in the nuclear dawn, or the decades long winter. Their vastly underutilized memory storage only contains a...
  7. Glaerhaidh

    Kung Fu Panda is a terrible movie and teaches us all about the failings of modern man

    Brief score: Background art 9/10 Character art 2/10, snake was ok Story 1/10 The story fails to introduce the characters as individuals and instead relies on proven stereotypes of their animal forms which is lazy and doesn't make any of the characters likeable or realistic. Similarly the...
  8. Glaerhaidh

    Have we screwed ourselves over with mass vaccinations?

    Long story short: targeted vaccination is effective at preventing a global pandemic, but may be disastrous when several Covid 19 variants are already present in the population. Two problems are possible: 1. It may create ideal conditions for the virus to mutate resistance to the vaccine and...
  9. Glaerhaidh

    Every impossibility that you can think of is just a logical error waiting to be resolved

    All ideas accessible by your mind can exist in reality. The only time when ideas appear impossible is when they are disconnected from the causal explanation of their origin, or in other words disconnected from the underlying logical structure. Try to think of something impossible and you will...
  10. Glaerhaidh

    Trance, Hardstyle, electro, EDM music?

    Super hard to find good hardstyle. I tried and it's the only fun track I got Can you recommend anything? Some good trance stuff I found recently: Uplifting trance is too slow and needs to be more melodic, full on trance needs less distorted moments and uses too much of the same synthesizer.
  11. Glaerhaidh

    "We are undeserving of this planet"

    Covid pandemic has shown how humanity is incapable of safeguarding against relatively simple global catastrophes. It could be argued that we are really lucky that nothing severe has hit us yet. It's obvious that governments are incapable of dealing with anything threatening. Depending on how...
  12. Glaerhaidh

    Sexualization of minors in movies and tv shows

    The thing I noticed is that movies and tv series are becoming increasingly sexualized. I think it's getting worse over time. This is mainly sexualization focused on children, teens and female characters. A few examples: Dark TV series, GoT, Cuties, 13 reasons why and a million others. Somehow...
  13. Glaerhaidh

    Cool science discussions, podcasts and talks

    Highly recommended talks, podcasts, etc.
  14. Glaerhaidh

    Microtonal Music

    So with microtonal music being all the rage among the late adopting hipsters I figured I might share some I enjoyed. This guy is great, check his other stuff if you like this. What constitutes microtonal music is quite relative, as the pitch changes may be subtle or extreme. In the example...
  15. Glaerhaidh

    How random can you be?

    The game is very simple, you type either f or d and this program will try to predict your next keypress. http://people.ischool.berkeley.edu/~nick/aaronson-oracle/index.html Share your score after a 100 or so.
  16. Glaerhaidh

    Guess musical connections

    Post about relations or comparisons between various pieces of music or melodies that you think are fun/interesting, or puzzle others and have them point out those similes. Recently after playing as France in Civ 6 I found out their theme song which is a rendition of a Burgundian dance...
  17. Glaerhaidh

    Starcraft and other RTS [split]

    Are you a Terran or Protoss player? As title suggests, share your experiences and discuss various games from this genre.
  18. Glaerhaidh

    Cool assembler and RAM tricks

    Here's an awesome code inject performed in Super Mario World in order to turn it into an entirely new game of flappy bird. It's nauseatingly tedious to perform similar injects, but I appreciate the creativity and effort behind such tricks. Personally I wouldn't spend my time testing or doing...
  19. Glaerhaidh

    Radical religions and PTSD

    So I've been reading about islamist radicalisation methods and how seemingly average individuals can forsake all reason in order to follow a doctrine of some kind. There were some interesting parallels between their life in constant fear, strict upbringing and the process of developing a...
  20. Glaerhaidh

    5D Data Storage

    The recent developments in the optical physics and ultra-short pulse generation have opened a possibility of writing 5-variable data in glass nanostructures. If this technology becomes commercially available it has the potential to offer about 4-5 orders of magnitude more than current data...
  21. Glaerhaidh


    I believe we don't have a thread dedicated to short films, short animations and all the interesting stuff in between.* Feel free to post your favourites, or anything interesting you've stumbled upon. This project's convention and quality was a good find today: http://www.takeawayscenes.com/...
  22. Glaerhaidh

    Chatbox awarness

    So, we have a thing called chatbox. It's a third link located in the top bar in the second row of shortcuts. http://puu.sh/iWox7/3c84a4231a.png What's your opinion on it? Why do you choose to use it/not use it? Do you think it takes away or adds to the forum functionality? Did you know it...
  23. Glaerhaidh

    From Quintuple and Triple to odd, compound, fractional and other uncommon time signatures

    As the title suggests, post, discuss and enjoy the music bound by the aforementioned restrictions.
  24. Glaerhaidh

    RPG with minimal to no speculative fiction

    I was long thinking of preparing a game where players have a very restricted access to the irrational realms of imagination. I often find magic or hi-tech muddled futurism to be a shortcut for the author to get to the point of the story where they want to have their readers. I tend to agree...
  25. Glaerhaidh

    How to joke, in english

    I've been reviewing my performance in different languages and what I've found out is that I tend to be more serious in english than I tend to be in my native language. I don't think the problem lies in my ability to convey, simply put, using and thinking in english, which is currently my main...
  26. Glaerhaidh

    Blarraun's RPG

    With all the RPG threads popping up, this one is going to offer something different. The default system will be Pathfinder, however, My preferred game style and default would be PbP (play by post), see below: Setting. I am currently considering several options, the main includes...
  27. Glaerhaidh

    Cog's VTTRPG storyline

    Short version for record keeping and recalling the progress. Feel free to add any detail, relevance or comment. A group of 7 adventurers (Jacob, Jessa, Neselde, Kasit, Karina, Cain, Gregory) gathered at the Inn of the besieged fort/town. Jessa, Karina and Cain, were strangers, while Gregory...
  28. Glaerhaidh

    Community DF game comments and discussion

    This is a maintenance thread for the forum game of dwarf fortress in this thread. Here you are welcome to join the game, laugh at the efforts of our miserable dwarves and more. Facey do you agree with being next in the queue to play?
  29. Glaerhaidh

    Community DF Game: Storytelling Play by Save in Dwarf Fortress

    Introduction What is Dwarf Fortress? How can I participate and comment? [/SPOILER] Rules of this thread [/SPOILER] Game RAW edits: Platinum [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Init edits: Game Settings: Site Selection and Information: [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  30. Glaerhaidh

    Piano Adventures

    As I am continuing my musical education and piano practise I chose to create this thread as a form of progress tracker, where I will post some pieces that I have been excercising, or exploring. I expect to gradually increase my abilities and become more confident as well as have the proficiency...
  31. Glaerhaidh

    Partnership Rights: Spanned from: INTP Sexual Orientation

    What is your opinion on the homosexual partnership having the right to adopt=>raise children? And the range of rights in general. And/Or, please discuss. edit: Afterwards what can be expanded: Is any approved couple allowed to adopt children? Or is any approved individual allowed to adopt...
  32. Glaerhaidh

    Space Tech Predictions

    With all these private companies working on space projects one of them being Planetary Resources with its Asteroid Mining. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0c9oZh4vTo Disregarding all the pop-science inclusions, populism and early stages: What are your predictions as to the estimated time of...
  33. Glaerhaidh

    Typical moment

    I had some time between lectures today and I decided to look through the window. What I saw was what one usually sees in an urban area. Of course there were many specific elements: From my POV: Static: One roundabout Four two-way streets 2*4 pavements along each of the streets 4-6 rows of...
  34. Glaerhaidh

    Wars as virtual frontiers

    I had this idea since a few years I was more into gaming at that time. I could see how every conflict could be resolved in a virtually designed battlefield with humans of each nation controlling their avatars and waging war. System would be realistic, I see no reason to make training easy, I...
  35. Glaerhaidh


    This music always has something for me. I can compare how my understanding of music evolved and how I change my favourites among the albums. I'm happy to find I still like it. Three pieces from three quite amazing creations of Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Albums are stories that relate to the...
  36. Glaerhaidh

    Announcement: VoIP Chronological Debate

    This chain debate is suggested<work in progress>: 1.To make a collaborative effort to generate a record and understanding of philosophy. 2.To debate using VoIP conference format. 3.To use format similar to a Scholastic Method http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scholasticism#Scholastic_method Below...
  37. Glaerhaidh

    Asynchronous computing

    What do you think of the idea that clockless circuits have greater potential? Can you see asynchronous design applied widely in the future? Synchronous processors are the mainstream, they are easier to design, simple to iterate into large solutions, as cheap as NAND, as slow as their highest...
  38. Glaerhaidh

    Uneven expansion

    I am having a fun time visualising what would happen if we were subject to gravitational waves many orders of magnitude above the average. Would this event be observable without external reference? What would be a likely scenario afterwards?
  39. Glaerhaidh

    Dwarf Fortress

    This is one of a few games i enjoyed. The idea is to ontologically generate a world, select a place and 7 dwarves that will be first citizens of your fortress. It's up to the player what he does next as there is no end-goal, one may choose to build a game breaking checkerboard. Great deal of...
  40. Glaerhaidh

    Just this and now

    Creation of this thread is relatively unimportant. I introduce myself as i may reply to other posts in the future and this is a form of respect and something close to relaying the presence. I would like to lead to the main conclusion, as there lies my interest in different or the only possible...
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