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  1. Jeeves and Wooster

    Will improve your life quality. YouTube - Jeeves &Wooster S01 E01 Part 1/5 <--- And this is Bertie playing "47 ginger headed sailors"
  2. Misheard lyrics

    I spent a solid half hour lmao with this site: http://www.kissthisguy.com/ Do you have any stories of misheard lyrics?
  3. Dissertation

    Thoughts anyone? (I'm not procrastinating, I'm evading the brand :p) Source: McKenna (March 10, 2009) How Anthropology Disparages Journalism. Counterpunch.
  4. Education Sciences / Pedagogy

    While education's been discussed in many threads, I don't think we've ever used the Education Sciences/pedagogy approach. I got into the field about four years ago, and I've always felt like an interloper, basically because I came from a different major. Plus I did the cliched thing and...
  5. Vista's connectivity issues

    Hello. How fare you with Vista's connectivity issues? I spent several hours last night and most of today trying to get 2 Vista computers to share an internet connection. I can't freaking set up a LAN. It's awful. I'm no expert, but I could do this with XP. I tried almost everything the...
  6. "You're not as brilliant as you used to be"

    I don't know if this warrants a new thread. If it gets moved to Siberia I don't care. It's just that... well, how can you tell? I heard that title sentence today. Me being brilliant is me anticipating theories I've never heard about. Getting the big picture with only a few elements. ...
  7. Chrome?

    I haven't downloaded Chrome. I've read it saves on memory. However, I'm not exactly eager to give Google more control over my internet habits. First impressions, anyone?
  8. Intro

    Hello. I'm an INTP, in my mid twenties. I used to lurk/occasionally post in INTPCentral, but it became too chaotic for my tastes. I can't say I like the pummel and be pummeled outlook that seems to be the general trend over there. I ran across this site when I googled the INTP/ENTJ pairing. I'm...
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