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  1. Am I the only fashion obsessed INTP?

    I identify with the 'research' angle. I notice fashion and store fashion info into my mind, even if I choose to wear a very casual and unobtrusive style that's pretty much androgynous. Lol. Try the ENTx stylist: you say "short", and you get short, but it's never the same style.
  2. The I've been away too long and hardly recognize anyone here, who are you people? Club

    Oh lord. (No, not you Cog. Not you either Melkor)
  3. Solar System to Scale

    xkcd, though not really. The planets are represented as holes in the ground. (Don't have the link with me.)
  4. INTP Empaths

    I think INTPs are prone to perceiving people's motivations. Understanding how much of those motivations are emotion, can be done with some work. Understanding from their emotional POV and fully "empathizing" is harder for us. As for "empath" as somewhat "psychic"... why not?
  5. Goodbye, for now

    Take care, Ore. Make sure you come back.
  6. Guess the forum member?

    IB? Come on, it has to be him sometime. He was a chef, too.
  7. *waves*

  8. Are you afraid of robots?

    Voted "I'm confused". I don't think there's anything wrong with the robots themselves. But the use we will most likely make of robots, brrr.
  9. Phobias

    -people with guns -people with power and no flexibility of mind -combinations of the above Edit: What Flow said in the other thread about the internet becoming chaotic strikes a chord too.
  10. Work and Self-doubt

    Yep. It's one of the traits I like less about myself but I don't think it's going away. In a way it can be useful, as when going "above and beyond" makes you do something nobody else will. (This is why we all should be independently wealthy. ;) )
  11. My 1000th post

    Congrats Reverse :)
  12. Have you ever studied philosophy?

    Yes. I started graduate studies in it. I'm not done with that yet, it's only in the back burner. My personal experience: (Rant warning)
  13. Age

    I thought you were older than me. I'm 26, but for some reason I keep thinking I'm 27. "Almost thirty" also comes to mind. Edit: I had to go through the entire thread to realise I had posted in it last year. I feel silly now.
  14. Hi. Thought I should introduce myself.

    Hi Lithorn, looks like you'll fit right in. Welcome to the forum. I think Aces did some metalwork, but I haven't seen him in a while.
  15. Women are inferior

    The historical process/productive forces, according to a bunch of sociologists. Preindustrial societies are said to be more inclined to the "different but equal" approach than the industrial ones, because in preindustrial societies a great part of the economy relies in jobs that are done within...
  16. You're back! I was worried about you! *hugs*

    You're back! I was worried about you! *hugs*
  17. Why am I happy?

    Noodles! Let the asmit127 be happy! It might even last... a bit... okay, now I'm being mean.
  18. Season's Greetings

    Happy Holidays! (Santa's taking a break and avoiding conversation with the Magi)
  19. List of Assumptions

    I assume nothing, except for an occasional air of intelligence. =D (kays, that was a joke) 1. I assume people act mostly out of self-interest, except my mother and friends. 2. I assume that when people quote philosophers or 'thinkers', or even holy books, they have no idea what they're...
  20. Sherlock Holmes 2009

    Somehow, that's not what I think of when I think "victorian England". I do think it might be awful, horrible, and oh God, no! (but I'll take it provided Watson doesn't look dumb. Gonna end up watching it, anyway.)
  21. name changes

    You said it yourself. Orifice will stick, I'm warning you. :p
  22. How many hours do you devote to studying...

    *pouts* I know INTJs, I've studied with them. They plow through the subject and don't get distracted. Me? I have to stop and sing or say something random every now and then. I also curse a lot. Edit: Or I start studying at 11 (23:00) and stop at 2, 3 in the morning. Or I study like...
  23. How many hours do you devote to studying...

    In a good week, 30, because there's no classes, it all depends on my work. In a so so week... 20. As an undergrad student I had to study/do homework a lot. We had like tons of homework and projects. But actual studying... about 5 hours a week? Still, sometimes I left home at 8 am and returned...
  24. Save me!

    All you need to know is that Cog thinks he's made of metal... or maybe he is, but he's unaware of that huge, red, bleeding heart he has -and hasn't harvested anywhere or cloned or artificially created by any means-. :D I think Auburn was going to bug him with cuteness till Cog hugged somebody else.
  25. Save me!

    Good work Jesin
  26. Sick of your Pronouns

    I think I'll go with "Zero". "It" does seem dehumanizing. And we all know where I stand in the he/she issue, right? :)
  27. Forum Addicts Anonymous

    Wb 'mine.
  28. Am I the only selfish asshole on this planet?

    My experience says the 2nd. But being aware of one's 'darker' side helps to keep it at bay. @Nicholas: I think we haven't met before, hello. @Toad: People do help out of the goodness of their hearts. But if hadn't seen it, consistently, for years, with one person, I wouldn't believe it...
  29. Constant Communication With Your Friends. Nonstop, Everyday.

    I'm more concerned about 'friendship' lasting only as much as your messaging. When I stopped using ICQ, I lost touch with a bunch of people. We all switched to MSN, but didn't always get each other's. Then I stopped using MSN, and I lost touch with another batch of people. The same happened...
  30. ... such sweet sorrow

    ^ ditto :)
  31. I see. Thank you. :)

    I see. Thank you. :)
  32. ... such sweet sorrow

    *is relieved*
  33. hi...

    Hi Beez. I hope you have a nice time here. Don't worry too much about the current discussion on forum atmo. We have those from time to time. Welcome.
  34. ... such sweet sorrow

    I was disturbed by the post, but have no idea of how to adress it. I think the poster expressed something they've been thinking/feeling for a long time. Edit: ^ with this I meant the basic opinions, not the personal attack against Jennywocky.
  35. Are You Learning Anything?

    1. Different POVs on religious education and laicism. 2. Christian scholarship and Bible exegesis. 3. Personal accounts of the way people experience religion within a community. 4. An overview of several schools of psychology and therapy. 5. News on technological development...
  36. Let's get the ball rolling.

    Hey guys, according to the ground rules the debate you had going has ended. Do you wish to hear people's opinion on who won?
  37. Website Subforum

    I agree in a perfunctory fashion that stems from solidarity. The formal debates died? *hurries to check*
  38. So.. where do you belong?

    the problem with gypsying your way is that you miss the books you left elsewhere ^ experience
  39. Happy Birthday Sapphire Harp

    Happy b-day Sapphire, sry for the delay.
  40. Do you think you fully belong here?

  41. i r noob

    I stand by my asessment.
  42. How much would you spend on your rights?

    Like the funny rights that are in my country's laws but no one gets? Right to access to information, right to protection of personal data, right to intimacy -meant as privacy-, right to protection from abuse of public power. They just went and changed the state constitution in 16 states...
  43. i r noob

    You meanie.
  44. How much would you spend on your rights?

    All human beings are born equal in dignity and rights. Rights can't be bought or sold, and it upsets me a bit to think anyone would think of buying or selling them. I'm particularly fond of these three: 9. Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment. 4. Freedom of/from religion. 5. Freedom...
  45. i r noob

    Hi 'bag. Hope you like it here.
  46. The Graphology Thread

    Thank you for the analysis Cavalry! I read this yesterday and here's the feedback. :) Mwahaha. I used to tell people who thought I was angry just because I'd used sarcarsm or had expressed criticism, that they had never seen me angry. And it was true. The only time folks from this forum...
  47. Tattoos, Piercings, Other Body Modifications

    *nods* I disagreed with earrings as a sign of gender. Conforming to gender expectations to the extent of making holes in my body seemed too much to me.
  48. SEPKA, if you don't mind me asking, what's your native language?

    SEPKA, if you don't mind me asking, what's your native language?
  49. This weird "favourite number" research

    Planets. For instance, 4 is associated with Jupiter, which is a cool planet, so I like 4. ... but that's astrology for ya. 5 should be metallic orange. You think so? I was always convinced e was male and green. The A, however, red and female. The o is black. I prefer the green...
  50. Tattoos, Piercings, Other Body Modifications

    Female children get their ears pierced as babies in my culture. My mother left my ears untouched, much to the chagrin of family members. I decided to keep them that way, because a)getting earrings seemed too conformist, b)getting something else, something I liked, would have caused too...
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