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  1. JimJambones

    Typology Skeptics

    I remember when I first stumbled upon personality theory because I was curious to know what it was that made me the person I am; how I think, behave, and why I'm interested in the things I'm interested in. It was during this time I stumbled upon the MBTI. The first time I read about it, I...
  2. JimJambones

    Inconsistency in Keirsey's Temperament Model

    Why did Keirsey develop such an inconsistent model? Guardians: SJ Si Fe/Te or Fe/Te Si Artisans: SP Fi/Ti Se or Se Fi/Ti Rationals: NT Ti Ne or NeTi or Ni Te or TeNi Idealists: NF Fi Ne or NeFi or NiFe or FeNi For some reason Keirsey focused on the the...
  3. JimJambones

    Why the indecision?

    Why does it take me hours in a book store to settle on a book to buy or equally as long in a clothing store to buy clothes? If I've settle on a brand of jeans I will just buy the same pair when the old needs replacing, but if the store no longer carries it I will spend an inordinate amount of...
  4. JimJambones

    What are your most common social masks?

    So I went to a wedding today and it was about as exciting as any other wedding I've been to, which is to say, not very exciting. On a positive note, there wasn't a DJ, hence no music to dance to, oh darn! What a shame! Anyways, I have three different approaches to socializing usually. The first...
  5. JimJambones

    Sounds entering and exiting a thread

    Is this normal? I entered funny vids under Fun and it played star wars music without me clicking on anything and when I went to back out, which took me a couple clicks and goofy sounds projected as well. I attempted this on other threads and nothing happed anywhere else. What's going on here?
  6. JimJambones

    Introverted Thinking And The Need To Be Left Alone

    When I was in high school(which was not exactly yesterday) I had an antisocial Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt that said "Leave Me Alone" on the back of it. I'm sure it did not gain me any friends, which was fine, I surely had my fair share of good friends, but it did indicate that I generally...
  7. JimJambones

    Well Hello!

    I'm a Myers-Briggs INTP. I've spent over a year learning and thinking about the functions and I largely think that the MBTI online is a bunch of crap. Okay, there are good things about it, but much of what I have read about the cognitive functions seem to be filled with misinformation and/or...
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