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  1. Luzian

    Well, hello there

  2. Luzian

    Well, hello there

  3. Luzian

    Family and default love

    Why don't you make that tough decision right now. Abandon everything you have, and live on the street. Otherwise stop bitching about your parents.
  4. Luzian

    Family and default love

    As you type this assburgers post on a laptop your parents bought, perhaps you think about how your life would be if they had left you in a dumpster as a baby. Maybe then you'll have the right to ask your mental masturbation question.
  5. Luzian

    Origin of Type

    The bottom line is that MBTI makes no claims to be the typology you want it to be.
  6. Luzian


  7. Luzian

    Why ESFJs are the best!!

    I can't help but notice the underlying INTP self-loathing.
  8. Luzian

    Why don't doctors look out for INTPS?

    There was a time nothing was science. Perhaps we never existed.
  9. Luzian

    What every INTP need

    intpforum.com does not condone the use of socionics. Reported
  10. Luzian

    Scientifically Explaining Intuition

    Ya cuz liek Wayne Gretsky does sports. What a fuckin sensor.
  11. Luzian

    What's sexy about an INTP?

  12. Luzian

    Shaving is self-hatred

    Re: Shaving is self-hatret Let that mustache free
  13. Luzian

    Possible INTP Noob

    This is normal to INTPs. They wont even notice.
  14. Luzian

    Round 2: Comparing Bananas and Oranges

    I'm not comparing two big oranges with a banana. This shit is GAY
  15. Luzian

    Possible INTP Noob

    You SHOULD feel uncomfortable and HURT. Now you have no chance of being one of catatonic's generous boyfriends. The other INTPs would rather you look like this (it would make them more comfortable)
  16. Luzian

    What's Your Age?

    Re: The World Is Yours This NAS reference would make you rather OLD
  17. Luzian

    The Chad

    I have the same goals, and I've had them for a couple years, learning all about sailboats and the liveaboard lifestyle. You can get a boat for much cheaper than that. Though if you're planning on sailing across an ocean, you're going to need a boat built for it, which will cost you...
  18. Luzian

    Crappy signature?

  19. Luzian

    The word *nigger*

    There's no such thing as a derogatory term for whites. Honkey is nothing short of laughable. No white person is seriously offended by this. I find it amusing how many people think such a non-issue is unfair. It makes clear what these people are focusing on, and the common sense they're ignoring...
  20. Luzian

    The word *nigger*

    Same experience, except it wasn't around PEOPLE THAT DON'T KNOW ME. So it WAS funny :)
  21. Luzian

    Promiscuity Hurts Both Men and Women

    Promiscuity hurts losers
  22. Luzian

    Particle physics controversy

    It's a better to walk into a brick wall believing in something than to stand still believing in nothing.
  23. Luzian

    Renew Your Passwords

    I was unable to log in about an hour ago. I had to reset my password. Can an admin tell me why my password has changed? Taking into account that I have not changed my password since the attack, here are the possibilities in my head: Administrative security precaution (password changed by...
  24. Luzian


    This is a stupid and pointless question Also, have you realized there are two arguments for the addition function? There's a hint.
  25. Luzian

    Do INTPs Dismiss Emotion?

    It's simple: emotion is a natural bias. Bias has no place in the mind of a truth seeker.
  26. Luzian

    ur post count sux

    ur post count sux
  27. Luzian

    Why do we always contradict ourselves?

    Contradiction is a word made by Js People tend to only understand simple things, and INTPs are forever cursed to simplify their incomplete thoughts. Simplified blanket statements are bound to be contradicted, and who other than masochistically truthful INTP would correct himself?
  28. Luzian

    Do a lot of INTPs consider themselves different from the rest of society?

    No, everyone is equal The morning birds sing for me The sun always smiles The grass is green INTP = ESFJ
  29. Luzian

    INTJ outcast

    I'm tired of you: idolizing other forum members talking about hell and talking about inadaquacy and self-hatred.
  30. Luzian

    INTP's talent for thinking: strength or curse?

  31. Luzian

    More INTP's in introverted countries?

    What country has lots of internet access, and has more English speakers (as primary language)? Associating INTP and the United States is ridiculous at best
  32. Luzian

    Do you guys suffer from depression?

    here's a thought: Do you think people who aren't depressed, live in their minds? The mind is a lonely place, GTFO
  33. Luzian

    More INTP's in introverted countries?

    As opposed to countries with more extroverts? No shit
  34. Luzian

    INTP and the sense of failure

    This feeling of failure is simple. Have you actually done something in your life that didn't just occur in your head? That's what I thought.
  35. Luzian

    Nosy INTJ

    You'll soon realize we're useless, then you'll be on your way
  36. Luzian

    Crappy signature?

    INTP females are males
  37. Luzian

    Identity Crisis

    :O no u
  38. Luzian

    Identity Crisis

    Weliddryn, I think ur insane
  39. Luzian

    The order of your functions

    I don't think any of you know what the F you're talking about
  40. Luzian

    Musical Snapvine!

    LOLOL AI is rapping Canibus! (I type him as an INTX rapper)
  41. Luzian

    Big 5

    Do you disagree with your result? :D
  42. Luzian

    Your Clone?

    I'm too egotistic to give a crap :)
  43. Luzian

    INTP Success

    I think you need to explain why each of these promote success.
  44. Luzian

    Dark Music

    YouTube- Zombies to Deadsy YouTube- Re-edit Health and Theory Slide Show music for my normal mood
  45. Luzian

    Dark Music

    Anyway.. Might I suggest Deadsy?
  46. Luzian

    Your Clone?

    Leave it to me to be the first
  47. Luzian

    Why this collection of INTPs?

    Yes, people who typed "intp forum" in google, and were too lazy to go further than that.
  48. Luzian

    Your Clone?

    I would have sex with my clone :)
  49. Luzian

    INTP's more prone to Addiction?

    INTP's more prone to Addiction? no. Don't confuse your own vices with us.
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