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  1. Ploss

    Chakra Test

    Root: open (50%) Sacral: under-active (-6%) Navel: under-active (0%) Heart: open (19%) Throat: open (50%) Third Eye: over-active (69%) Crown: over-active (69%)
  2. Ploss


    Marley Coffee.
  3. Ploss

    Actual Me test

    analytical visionary
  4. Ploss

    Music you like?

  5. Ploss

    Introverted directness perceived as rudeness

    You're girlfriend sounds scary, I'd run and hide.
  6. Ploss

    Hado's sleep experiment.

    Go to sleep with a purpose to wake up with a purpose, that is the key.
  7. Ploss

    Find your Spirit Animal Test!

    Hawk (24)
  8. Ploss

    Hello enfp's are cool :)

    Hello enfp's are cool :)
  9. Ploss

    Last movie you watched

    I really enjoyed this movie as well.
  10. Ploss

    Do not take this the wrong way,

    lol at this thread, the answers and especially the pictures, particularly melllvars, nicely done.
  11. Ploss

    Hello all

    As a child in Argentina I went to a private school, then when we moved to south florida I went to a public school at first then did high school in a private school, after that I spent some years in yeshiva in new york and did some college back in south florida as well. All the home schooling I...
  12. Ploss

    Good Movies

    "Waking life"
  13. Ploss

    Amazing art gallery!!

    Amazing art gallery!!
  14. Ploss

    *waves hello back*

    *waves hello back*
  15. Ploss

    Hello all

    English, Spanish, and Hebrew
  16. Ploss

    Hello all

    Thanks to you all for the warm welcome. Any of these: http://innermedia.bstcenter.org/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=3 (Particularly "Kabbalah and Meditation for the Nations", there is an intro to the book you can read online http://www.inner.org/nonjews/intro.htm) They are all by...
  17. Ploss


    I enjoy the second one very much, the upside-down trees have deep meaning. The upper worlds have their root up and branch downward.
  18. Ploss

    Hello all

    Hey there, I'm known by several names but you can just call me Ploss. I currently live in south florida, and I'm 21 years old. I'm an orthodox rabbinical student with heavy knowledge of jewish mysticism i.e. kabbalah and chassidus. I give classes to people in the community about kabbalah and...
  19. Ploss

    INTP Habits ...

    Same with me. When I have no interest in using something it's as if it doesn't exist for me, only when I need to use it do I direct my attention to the object. So sometimes I will taker an objective look at my room and realize it's all messy and that i haven't cleaned up in ages. But again that...
  20. Ploss

    The Ideal / Real You -Test

    actual type intj preferred type intj attraction type intp wtf? i thought i was intp i better take another mbti or something
  21. Ploss


    I've been smoking around a pack a day for five years and today I completed 2 weeks without nicotine. The first 3 days were the worst, now it's much easier. Good luck.
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