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  1. Madoness

    two little logic tests

    Few minutes to pass the time http://www.think-logically.co.uk/lt.htm http://www.think-logically.co.uk/lt2.htm
  2. Madoness

    Stranger from Siberia is new ancestor of man, claim scientists

    A new "species" of caveman that lived alongside Neanderthals and early humans up to 50,000 years ago has been identified by scientists. By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent Published: 7:00PM GMT 24 Mar 2010 Archaeologists inside of Denisova cave...
  3. Madoness

    Mensa Workout

    You have half an hour to answer 30 questions. Because of the speed of internet traffic and server response time, the actual time taken is not factored into the scoring. If you have metered access to the Internet, if this page is fully loaded into your web browser, you may disconnect from...
  4. Madoness


    Though I don't know much about this program... If anybody knows.... please explain it further. If this program really has some impact on research, then I would recommend everybody to download it. http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNDcMAePKYY
  5. Madoness

    Right Brain vs Left Brain Creativity Test

    Well... I've not seen this test here. Anyways.... I like how the percentages are brought up in results that differentiates it a bit from other similar tests. http://www.wherecreativitygoestoschool.com/vancouver/left_right/rb_test.htm My own result: Thank you for taking the Creativity Test...
  6. Madoness

    Winter time

    I'm just wondering.... How does your winter look like right now? This is my summer house. http://uppix.net/3/7/6/f6121061a6a8400ce80b7b8c2e6f7.jpg
  7. Madoness

    Hey Ubuntu, Stop Making Linux Look Bad

    Okay, so here is an article that I can relate to. Sometimes, it crashes out of nowhere, while doing practically nothing. At times when booting up in hangs on black screen. There has been some graphical problems, ending up with crashing. Both, Firefox and Opera do crash at times. Java is not...
  8. Madoness

    Poison Riddle

    Just a fun teaser to test logic. Those who get the answer, please do not post it here. It should be easy to get anyways.
  9. Madoness

    The Greek Mythology Personality Test

    Welcome to the Greek Mythology Personality Test. Take a seat. Hippocrates here is going to balance your humors. He'll then decide which mythological figure you're most similar to. Answer all questions based off of your first impression, and don't try to manipulate the test or else Dr. H will...
  10. Madoness

    The Mental Illness Quiz

    Okay, so I did this test that actually intrigued me, as the result is somewhat what other tests have pointed towards. The Mental Illness Quiz My result (gladly not over the top)
  11. Madoness

    The Personality Defect Test

    Even though I do find the result being false, I thought to put the link here, maybe it will give a few laughs. The Personality Defect Test The Personality Defect Test will provide an accurate analysis of your true personality, but it will do so in a manner that is very insulting, cynical, and...
  12. Madoness

    Systemizing (SQ) and Empathizing (EQ) Quotient Test

    Even though, I found that something similar has been put up here before, I guess the results are a bit different... http://eqsq.com/eq-sq-tests/ As for my result
  13. Madoness

    Einstein IQ test

    Now... I don't know really where to put it... to fun, game or to psychological section, but chose the last one. So this is I guess something interesting for people who have not seen and done it. So here it is... please people, who have done it, do NOT post the answer. I wish good luck with...
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