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  1. Teax

    Do you feel the urge to eat meat?

    Inspired by: By "occasionally" I mean, normally, you don't. Getting hungry when you smell meat doesn't count, it only counts if it makes you want to eat meat specifically. Also, if you might still consume it when offered while being a guest, or if you tried it just to experiment, you can...
  2. Teax

    [ATTACH] tag not working

    uploaded a test picture, and the second one to show how it renders. Here the ATTACH tag starts><here it ends
  3. Teax

    The beauty of letters, Typography

    I suspect the same part of the brain that is responsible for physical object recognition is the one which gives a person the notion of "elegancy" when looking at certain type fonts. When we look at text, we see buildings and structures, standing on a "ground" of sorts, seemingly holding up their...
  4. Teax

    P-dom bahaviour

    P-dom behavior In J dom, J is the default mode you are in most of the time, P aux is a temporary mode that helps out when J is stuck. Like take the INTP: Ti is 'home'. anytime Ti needs help you switch to Ne, temporarily, untill Ti can take over again. This also explains why JiPe people 'zone...
  5. Teax

    Intelligent Design (pure)

    milestone of the off-topic debate with WookieeB from http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=20961&page=4. ID = Intelligent Design but ID is often associated with creationism. This thread is about - how reasonable/scientific is the version of ID that has nothing to do with creationism (pure...
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