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  1. RedN

    Male or female?

    I saw this on a post in facebook titled as: Not sure if male or female? I just wanted to ask... does it really matter? I mean for you, lets say this is a man, or used to be a man, does it matter to you? In what sense will it? Would you still go for her if she was.... you know
  2. RedN

    Self confidence/self esteem vs being realistic

    Sometimes people often tell me I have self esteem issues or Ive low self confidence. In my case I think im just being realistic. I often say I don't think I look nice, which I think is realistic. Compare me to the hot chicks you see, am I unreasonable? If we're talking about programming...
  3. RedN

    memory issues

    any of you have memory issues? I dont know why but recently, since i went into my meds ive been really forgetting things. what i did or said or saw its... I dont know. I dont want to think im getting old i mean... im not that old..... i think i decided to use notes to myself like write em...
  4. RedN


    Do you have tattoos? What do you think of them? Me, I dont know, I like them on guys - it kinda gives an extra on sexy hihihi. Unless it looks weird ok... like a clown and balloons or his moms face em!!! Ive been thinking about it but I dont know where to put it. I want it in my arm but ugh...
  5. RedN

    dressing for your age

    Do you dress for your age? You think people should? I just saw a video on yahoo bout some show forcing this woman to dress for her age and I dont know. And yeah, we are talking about in a casual setting where its really free for all.
  6. RedN

    acting like nothing close to your type

    Do you have moments where you act, think, feel and all in such a way that it's really far from your type? Maybe to an extreme where its almost the opposite even? Does it happen often to you?
  7. RedN

    hitting it with an involved someone

    Ever hit it with someone who's in a commited relationship already? How was it like for you. I guess I just asked coz someone from my past that I had a ehm ... encounter with, move to town. but he has a girlfriend - more like fiance. in the talk we had seems he's into me still... i dont know...
  8. RedN

    being single

    I dont know why... but i get the feeling most of you are single... Ive only been single again for a couple of weeks now and I wasnt so for many years. I guess im just asking for advice on how to cope with it. Probably weird for you, but its really going hard for me. Im off the ehm...
  9. RedN

    secret world

    Anyone playing it? I just tried it a few days ago and im reallllllllllllllllllllly enjoying this. I ilke it coz unlike fallen earth, a shotgun sounds like a shotgun... you can repeat missions, the enemies are spaced fairly and in reasonable amounts unlike seeing like a large empty land with...
  10. RedN


    just thought of joining your forum, just to give it a shot. i visited an intj forum before and i got a friend out of it so who knows what ill get here eh. :elephant: i do like you smileys more thats for certain... :elephant: weeeeeee im an estp. hope its cool...
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