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  1. Imaginary creature running along side

    It was an entertaining thing to do during boring car rides. With mine there was no animal or human, it was just the point of where my eyes were focusing. It hopped and dodged as others here described, or just followed the power lines. If someone noticed, it would probably look like I was...
  2. Absurdists, what do you conjure?

    Looking at my fuck-ups, and still trying to tackle this better-myself thing. That's meaning enough for the day.
  3. Where did humans go wrong?

    I read a book by Daniel Quinn called "Ishmael" some time before I first joined the forum. I decided to give it another read because I found it inspiring in my younger days, and I wanted to revisit his ideas. In summary, it is stated that humans and animals lived a way of life that was...
  4. You know you're NOT INTP when?

    Ya you're lacking something.
  5. Why We Could Love Anyone

    The moment a person has defined good, he has also made from that what is bad. When bad and good is realized, then we've made pain. And if there is pain, then there brings love.
  6. What does it take to wake you up

    Nothing. I will wake up eventually.
  7. Do debates actually change anyone's mind?

    If two sides are clinging to their opposing opinion, and there's nothing new shared, it's a quarrel. I generally don't like quarrels. So being in a quarrel with me would mean i automatically lose because I give up. They win. But that doesn't mean I'm necessarily wrong because I give up, or...
  8. What's the point of typology?

    I've met people who behave similarly to others, so I wouldn't doubt we could form types. But I'm suspecting there's more than 16 of them.
  9. Maybe smart people are the problem

    Frig, I've been trying to untangle this length of yarn for who knows how long. The yarn doesn't have any ends as the knotted mess is contained in a continuous loop. I would no sooner loosen a tangle when another would form somewhere else. Sometimes, I'd swear there is even more knots now than...
  10. INTPs’ & ISTPs’ “One Thing”

    Try subjective validation.
  11. Have you ever lied, conned, or cheated?

    That was the title of a discussion I found on the web. It was actually hosted on a national news website. Seeing 289 replies, I was curious to how the public audience on that page viewed the question. Baited, I clicked to read on, maybe subtly expecting to see a discussion on morality or...
  12. Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    I do that too, but to make it just a tad more weird, I'll openly admit I wasn't listening to them. Sometimes, I can rewind the whole thing and play back the whole conversation in my head, and catch up on what I missed.
  13. Modernity

    I suppose. Because the topic is modernity, I'm saying the effort -> reward system is messed up. To those like the example depicted, it's flipped backwards. Empty Reward -> consequences. In a way, it's like ordering groceries online, eating, then buying and using a thread-mill to keep in...
  14. the universe is made of information

    No gravity, no hangover. And no need to wake up the next day for work. Space is so fruity. I'm made for space.
  15. Modernity

    Psychologically, it might be depressing and pointless having anything which one desires without effort. Had the same Richard Cory had his wealth, but only in cause of many hours of work and dedication, he may have been faring more well. My point above sounds like I'm lending a hand to...
  16. Decided I need new friends.

    Greetings. How does one become considered so strange that he should be institutionalized, ... in new york?
  17. the universe is made of information

    Didn't I read that certain nebulas smell like strawberries? :confused:
  18. Why do I put literally put all of my emotional energy into one person only to be let down and consta

    As the replies touch on, perhaps the answer is in the title of the thread. Don't put all emotional energy on one person. Instead of going for a single ring-nosed sword fish, cast a wider net and expand your catches.
  19. who is oatmeal?

    The Oatmeal
  20. INTP job search problem: Lack of focus (repost)

    From PCMag.com by STEPHANIE MLOT
  21. The Definition of Hell For Each Type. (Shameless Copypasta)

    On a bustling down-town corner dressed as a flower, advertising for a bouquet-mart. Required to kick up heels, bounce and dance to get potential customer's attention while holding a large sign.
  22. Intelligence differences in dating being a red flag... reality or myth?

    I don't think you got praised enough for this excerpt. I follow your line of thinking. But I sometimes consider I am not smart enough to understand the dumb/smart hierarchy as well as other people do.
  23. How do you think? (NLP)

    - Visual - 15% Not entirely great. I can summon images, but they tend to end up distorted and missing details. - Auditory - 32% Not too bad. I can clearly compose melodies and work out chords in my head. Also making different sounds in my head is clear, accurate and almost sounds real to...
  24. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Sometimes, when we are frustrated for doing something awfully stupid, we end up making it much worse.
  25. Alternatives to Facebook?

    *smiles* There are lesser evils. Though, I know I'm stupid for even considering it, as my e-social connectedness is very minimal as it is.
  26. Alternatives to Facebook?

    I'm looking for an alternative for social networking. I'm not fond of twitter, and facebook makes me a little paranoid. I use it to keep close contact to a few people, and getting news stuff. Right now, I'm reading into diaspora. So, I bring the question to INTPforum. Maybe people here...
  27. Remedy to boredom?

    Find some work to do. At some point through doing work, your gonna wanna do somethin' else. Which means your problem is solved.
  28. So who's who around here?

    Sinny is holding back from a really good alien sighting blog, and seems to be the only true INTP. Alias is an old member who's got a fancy for hats, generally pulls up with a beer and mediates conversations appropriately with information fill-ins. YOLO is an e-marketer, who solicits quite...
  29. Focus versus Purpose

    Only read the OP, so in hoping this already hasn't been said: It may not be the Ne which is purpose driven, just something that detracts from focus. When hearing the term "focus" put in this way, I imagine it being driven, hard-working, and grinding against personal volitions. For...
  30. How often do you edit posts?

    I probably surmise that I edit my posts 1 out of 4 times. Actually, I think it might be closer to 1 out of 5 (which is 20%! (but there's no option in the poll for that :'( ) Insofar from the comments I've read, people should not worry so much about editing their posts so much. People here...
  31. Game Programming for INTPs?

    If you want, you could try XNA framework. When I first started, my favourite tutorials were here. (Navigate using the table of contents in the right-side column) Make sure you fully understand each step as you go along. As an alternative, though I haven't tried it, I believe the...
  32. Why half of all drowners are black: physical proof (now with less offensive heavy metal)

    A short video about being fooled from aggregated data, and coming to wrong conclusions from statistical information. https://youtu.be/bupRD1Cd1Mk
  33. Have you read Carl Jung's Psychological Types?

    Something weird tells me there is an underlying point to this question. If I'd go with my gut, I'd guess it has something to do with how much none of us knows anything about psychological types.
  34. Hypothesis: Gravity is a downward force toward earth, not a pull.

    Small, gradual distortion of space-time creates acceleration.
  35. Hello INTPs, INTP Here.

    Welcome. What are your thoughts on if a person's INTP type can change? Also, what do you know of Jung?
  36. Why do I put literally put all of my emotional energy into one person only to be let down and consta

    What is she doing that's making you depressed?
  37. Thread split from Comic Book Logic: McDonalds Horsemeat Conspiracy

    I think the burgers are 100% beef, but there has been a leak to stay away from the chicken burgers as they are imported, and pink slime. Also, McDonald's has a secret menu with items that can be ordered, such as the Monster Mac, McLeprechaun, Land, Sea, and Air Burger, and the McGangbang. ~...
  38. Trader Joe's

  39. Thread split from Comic Book Logic: McDonalds Horsemeat Conspiracy

    Re: Comic Book Logic Someone's got super mega derail powers. It went from comic heroes to fake hamburgers in just a brief flash.
  40. Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    I don't think one has to actually have sex to know their sexuality. But people may be different; I probably shouldn't speak for everyone.
  41. Your short story must be explained. I've got "Forever, I'm assured rest", and "Silent mind is...

    Your short story must be explained. I've got "Forever, I'm assured rest", and "Silent mind is asleep". Perhaps it can go backwards- "Assured, I'm forever awake". But that's all I've got. I having a hard time letting go of the notion that there's a far more over-reaching pattern to it...
  42. Advice on starting prepared piano work?

    Sounds cool. I googled what you meant by prepared piano, and even the small trick of placing cardboard between a string to make it sound like a drum was neat. I don't think it would damage the piano that much, at least nothing that can be fixed or retuned. Though, I'm not entirely sure how...
  43. Obesity (prev. Make it Mandatory)

    Re: Make it mandatory Just want to add to that, that eating stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. It's a quick temporary fix to stress. ******** Stress being more harmful to health, and perhaps debatably more serious of an epidemic than chubbiness. I keep reading loneliness in...
  44. Top 10 INTP forum Topics.

    In my venture, I also kept an eye on threads with very few responses. Some of them had that recurring pattern where they were abundantly science-y and technical. Either it went over many people's heads, or the subject was too focused and specific. Aye, the problem with grouping threads is...
  45. Do we intimidate extroverts?

    Generally, I don't think extroverts get intimidated easily.
  46. What is love?

    ...alluring chandelier, lit dim in fuzzy bliss, awaiting a night of waltz that would end in the fields under moonlight."
  47. INTP Escapism

    Professional escapist here. About your question, my experience has been that... Just wait, I'll be right back.
  48. Do the Best Games Have Something in Common?

    So something along the lines of good product branding?
  49. Top 10 INTP forum Topics.

    Top 10 - v2.0 After going through archives, and sub-topics, going all the way down to obliette, I rank the top 10 subjects by comparing how much attention they got (as before). Meaning, these are the topics that got the most responses from people. 1. Melkor and Lor + game threads, silly...
  50. Top 10 INTP forum Topics.

    I should also mention my method used for doing this. As I didn't want to spend more than an hour, I skimmed through the sections from the lounge to school and work for topics with 100+ replies, and noted them. I skipped immortal threads because they don't expect an end. They were created to...
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