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  1. Jordan~

    Regarding a certain anomalous observation that's been in the news lately...

    So, physics nerds! FTL neutrinos - yea or nay? Neutrinal antitelephones? Wild speculations on the implications? Go!
  2. Jordan~

    Experiences/thoughts on CBT

    I went through CBT for depression. I found it useless. As I understand it, it seeks to change ways of thinking, or 'schemata'. It seems to assume that the patient's first priority is to be cured, or at least that they have no higher priorities that are in conflict with that goal - in my case, I...
  3. Jordan~

    New Planets Discovered

    Daily Mail system: Have any unsubstantiated rumours about celebrities been phoned in? Yes → Front page No → Is there anything that can be biliously misrepresented to piss people off into buying bad journalism? Yes → Front page No → Is there anything weird in another paper that we can steal and...
  4. Jordan~

    Type that Member

    I just can't think the worst of anyone, so I'm going to type everyone as INFP.
  5. Jordan~

    ADD/ADHD sites

    I want Adderall but my psychiatrist gave me Concerta XL. Extended release Ritalin, essentially. That said, the Concerta seems to work pretty well, anyway. Stimulants have a funny effect on people with ADHD, given that methylphenidate (Ritalin/Concerta) is a stimulant chemically similar to...
  6. Jordan~

    Watchmen MBTI Types

    I would have called Veidt an INFP. Extremely idealistic... maybe moreso in the film than in the graphic novel, but certainly in the graphic novel, too. He's an INFP gone... morally ambiguous. I was going to say "bad". Rorschach is insane. Types are for sane people. I'm not sure if Doctor...
  7. Jordan~

    Acting and INTPs

    And the character just comes with the voice? I love the few hours between sleepiness and abject misery when you've been up too long.
  8. Jordan~

    America or Scotland?

    I reject the idea of state and nation, so it would be rather hypocritical for me to be a nationalist. I mean, I'd wear a kilt before a tuxedo, but that's because I grew up going to weddings where all the men looked dashing in their kilts. Not one of those wretched modern, clan-less tartans...
  9. Jordan~

    Do you care what others think of your intelligence level?

    I don't know. My whole life, people I know have equated my name with 'really clever', till I went to Cambridge at least, to the point that people who don't know me very well assume that's all there is to me: I'm just a clever person and nothing else. I don't like that. I'd rather people thought...
  10. Jordan~

    Stimulants/ADD medication used for focus

    You do know that those plants aren't actually trying to help us, right? It's not like they meet up to discuss how best to be medicinally useful to humans. You know who does meet up to discuss how best to make plants medicinally useful to humans? Doctors.
  11. Jordan~

    Acting and INTPs

    When I get overtired and I'm alone I start... doing characters. Aloud. I'm pretty sure I'm not bad at it, either. I think I could be a voice actor, because that's just you and a microphone (and when I'm playing games I often think, "Holy shit, have these people never heard actual humans having...
  12. Jordan~

    America or Scotland?

    Hey, that was an imposition by English romantic intellectuals that we embraced! And besides, it's... nice. Not that I love my country for any special reason. I mean, it's home, so I'm pretty fond of it, but that's about all.
  13. Jordan~

    America or Scotland?

    Scotland, obviously.
  14. Jordan~

    Favourite Beverage

    A certain brand of cola-flavoured soft drink. Or maybe tea, with milk and two sugars. As I was introduced to both when I was very young and drank little else before I started drinking alcohol, I can barely force down water. As for alcoholic beverages, vodka and cranberry juice, which is my...
  15. Jordan~

    Forum avatar or profile picture? The avatar is cropped from Streetlight Manifesto band...

    Forum avatar or profile picture? The avatar is cropped from Streetlight Manifesto band merchandise (I've got three of those stickers), the profile picture is me wearing a gold mask I bought in Amsterdam while I was high and walked around the red light district wearing.
  16. Jordan~

    Stimulants/ADD medication used for focus

    It also tastes nice. You build up a resistance, anyway; I don't really notice an effect from caffeine.
  17. Jordan~

    Stimulants/ADD medication used for focus

    Are you taking the piss or are you super teetotal? I've been drinking tea since I was a baby, coffee since I could walk. Alcohol since I could... I don't know, what can you do at 14?
  18. Jordan~

    Behold! My phallus!

    Fucking femninists, promoting femnales' rights.
  19. Jordan~

    Secret admirer! :phear:

    Secret admirer! :phear:
  20. Jordan~

    Socrates is the Man!

    I met Socrates last weekend at a summer camp. Or at least, a man called Socrates.
  21. Jordan~

    What is "ugly".

    So there's a collective acknowledgement that ugliness is subjective, after which you insist on us telling you our subjective views of what is and what is not ugly, after which the replies you get are generally still that it's subjective or situational, and that makes us all assholes? Did you...
  22. Jordan~

    Behold! My phallus!

    No, introit is the opposite of Detroit.
  23. Jordan~

    Members from INFJf keep telling me I'm an INTP.

    others'* :P I was defending you there, just fyi.
  24. Jordan~

    Members from INFJf keep telling me I'm an INTP.

    If you're making an attention thread, you should at least do as the INTPs do and disguise it as a thread that isn't about you. Right?
  25. Jordan~

    Stimulants/ADD medication used for focus

    I take 54 mg Concerta daily. It does its job, I think - it's hard to say, as I've so little do to at the moment that it's not really been tested, but I do get a lot less easily bored, I'm never hyperactive now, and it does a good job at keeping my irritability under control (unless I've run out...
  26. Jordan~

    What is "ugly".

    If you want to know what ugly is to us, I would say that I have no hard and fast rules. I never find a dead thing beautiful, but that's about the only absolute. A face is beautiful or otherwise based on the whole, not on any specific feature - what might look wretched on one face might be...
  27. Jordan~

    Hypo-Egoist Persona

    I think it's more to do with dominant Ti than inferior Fe. 'Chameleonism' is a product of self-analysis, surely, as if nothing comes naturally but must be analysed first. As for a more general lack of ego... I'd say it was just Introversion, but that doesn't really make sense as the dichotomies'...
  28. Jordan~

    Proxy wants him a woman.

    I voted for the damp cave in Vermont because I always imaged Proxy as one of those curly-moustached villains from 1880s stage plays, so he'd look really out of place in Middle Earth.
  29. Jordan~

    Proxy wants him a woman.

    "A formal, usually lengthy, systematic discourse on some subject."
  30. Jordan~

    Proxy wants him a woman.

    I'm confused; do you want a woman or have one? Write that bitch a treatise. Bitches love treatises.
  31. Jordan~

    Death penality agree/disagree?

    I just don't think that it's ever right to kill or that anyone deserves to die. More killing's not going to solve any problems. Address the causes of crime instead. Plus, I'm not comfortable with the idea of living in a society where the state can consign people to death. Can anyone be trusted...
  32. Jordan~

    Atheists are crybabies too.

    Physiological symptoms caused by the violation of the American constitution? What's going on there, then? That screams 'religion': symbol fetishism, a sacred-profane dichotomy... The article itself is a bit herpaderpy, but this is very interesting from an anthropological perspective: it doesn't...
  33. Jordan~

    If you click on this thread, leave a post!

    I have nothing to say.
  34. Jordan~

    The Ability to be Someone Else

    Someone like me, but more mentally functional, which seems to be a theme here.
  35. Jordan~

    How is a 19 year old person supposed to act?

    Oh, hey, we can get him to do anything by telling him that's how a 19-year-old is supposed to behave! 19-year-olds are supposed to give me everything they own and do whatever I say.
  36. Jordan~

    Why are humans innately selfish?

    I agree about the 'evolution of culture', though the mechanism isn't just revolution, it's any sort of interaction between the members of a culture - trade, art, conquest, displacement, syncretism, integration, diplomacy, or whatever else. Basically, the sum total of the interactions of people...
  37. Jordan~

    How is a 19 year old person supposed to act?

    I can do everything at 18 here and have been doing most of it since I was about 15 anyway, so I don't really have the neither-adult-nor-child thing going on, but I don't really know what you mean, besides. Supposed to act according to whom? I don't think there is a way you're 'supposed' to act...
  38. Jordan~

    Why are humans innately selfish?

    George R Price worked on group selection theory and ended up hating it so much that he railed against it by becoming a scholar of the New Testament, giving all of his worldly possessions to homeless genetic strangers and then, when he had nothing left, cutting his carotid artery with a pair of...
  39. Jordan~

    Base what?

    I'm all in favour of base 12 if someone comes up with two additional numerals that aren't totally goofy looking and names for their ordinals and cardinals.
  40. Jordan~

    Why are humans innately selfish?

    I don't think we are. Selfishness is not a cultural universal. Even if it were, that wouldn't be evidence of innateness.
  41. Jordan~

    What makes you feel nostalgic?

    There's this parkland on the edge of Dundee called Camperdown Woods where there's a zoo and a big adventure playground. When I was only a wee bairn I used to go down there every week. It had a nautical theme - there were these skeletal wooden ships that you could climb and play in, and concrete...
  42. Jordan~

    D&D; Unreasonable NPCs.

    Think of how the NPC lives and imagine if someone you know had lived like that all their life. Think of characters in other fiction and just try to do that. If you can't think of any, read a book or watch a play or an opera or something.
  43. Jordan~

    Transhuman you

    Oh really? When I'm playing FPSes, I freak out, close my eyes, and spray bullets in all directions, or lob explosives in all directions. Invisibility isn't going to help anyone in that situation! I think dexterity is like the RPG stat - agility, basically. But then, agility is there, too. I...
  44. Jordan~


    I would like to be a rich person in the '20s, but nowadays it would just be boring.
  45. Jordan~

    Dream 'Job'

    Arguer about free will. Not a professional philosopher, they need to write about lots of things: just someone who gets paid to argue about free will. Like from a booth or something. I'm reasonably good at it, it doesn't require any effort, and it's enjoyable. I just need to find an eccentric...
  46. Jordan~

    Color Test

    I'll try that. It's not really an approach that occurred to me. Red's not soothing at all, but I like it more than the others. That did work a bit better. I'd say about 70% accurate this time.
  47. Jordan~

    Functional Development Test

    It's to do with the role of each function - the roles express the interaction between functions, rather than the strength or weakness of a particular function. For example, Fi on its own is just that - introverted feeling, responding emotionally to things - but with auxiliary Ne it operates...
  48. Jordan~

    Merged: The 5 INTP subtypes

    Re: The 5 INTP subtypes I remember Perseus. He was kinda tin-foil hat-ish in a nice way.
  49. Jordan~

    empathy in the right place

    Fe could be, but that'd make it a phenomenon quite disparate from Fi, which can often lead to conflicts with the 'herd'.
  50. Jordan~

    Color Test

    I really don't get this test, or rather, I really don't get how it seems to be working for everyone else. I'm pretty sure my ideas about colour don't say anything about me other than that I'm aesthetically aware. It's all very situational for me. If someone said to me, "What's your favourite...
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