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  1. Milo

    Lexicon Master Template

    Is there a program or website invested in mapping out an individual's lexicon in a way where you could look at it and see the areas that you might be lacking intellectually? Say I copy and paste all of the text I've ever written into this program and it spreads out the words I use over a master...
  2. Milo

    Pragmatism Vs. Nihilism: The Ben Shapiro, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson Trifecta

    Lately I have found great refuge in listening to Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and occasionally Sam Harris podcasts. This has brought me an invaluable amount of vigor and determination in the outlook of my future. I predominantly view this great trio of insightful people to bear the combined...
  3. Milo

    Quantum Sociocybernetic Map of the Aggregate Coaxial Exchange for the New Rules of the World

    General theoretical framework: All living systems go through six levels of interrelations (social contracts) of its subsystems: A. Aggression: survive or die B. Bureaucracy: follow the norms and rules C. Competition: my gain is your loss D. Decision: disclosing individual feelings...
  4. Milo

    The Closing of Pandora's Box (Recovery of Trust and Hope)

    In order to feel the tides of hope, you must have trust in something outside of yourself. When that thing you had hoped for is in the bounds of your understanding everything about it, hope for it is lost, and it becomes knowledge of that thing. If you are not looking for something more than what...
  5. Milo

    Adrenalize Me

    I've fully converted to a full fledged stimuli craving extrovert through extensive and unorthodox meditation using high level concepts and mathematical integrations to form a new way of thinking (at least from my point of view) I've found the truth and bent it to hybrid with my personality in...
  6. Milo

    The Meaning of Life--The Final Answer

    I'm sure most of us have contemplated this at one time or another, some of us found our own little niches to call our purpose, others have just plain given up, and some have even gotten so lost that they've lost sight of everything and are lost in some sort of delusion. Well let me tell you...
  7. Milo

    The Key to Your Heart (Fire in your Desire)

    Set your focus to wanting more and more. Awaken your inner animal. Greed will fuse all of your desires to make you whole. Greed wants it all--virtue, perfection, pleasure, things, friends, competition, prestige, victory in every way. You are made of desire--the more you deny it, the...
  8. Milo

    Evolutionary Explanation of Christianity (Theory)

    In the beginning, some were bigger than others--they got all the food and the sex and all the fun things. Then the small ones became jealous, so they became bitter, and in their bitterness, they banded together with other bitter ones. Together, they communicated and formed a coalition of...
  9. Milo

    Inverse Knowledge (Understanding Beauty)

    Conceptualize chaos as not the lack of order but as something fathomable in itself. Conceptualize cold not as the lack of heat, but as its own entity Conceptualize darkness not as the lack of light, but as its own form Doing these things helps redichotomize the psyche into understanding...
  10. Milo

    What do these stanzas make you think? Analyze each one by itself

    My name is No One I'm the long lost son Born on the 4th of July I am a nation A worker of pride My debt to the status quo The scars on my hands And the means to an end Is all that I have to show I swallowed my pride And I choked on my faith I've given my heart and my soul I...
  11. Milo

    INTP Forum Mobile App. Where Art Thou?

    I just got an iPod Touch and wanted to get that app on it. Don't remember how to find it on here. I'm pretty sure I saw something about it posted on here before. Send me a link to it if it even exists. Thanks!
  12. Milo

    The Gypsified Mind of A Tortured Artist

    The artists mind is filled with meaning and false dichotomies that fill her/his mind with abstractions and concepts that become a true artists obsession. The concepts to them must become real. But, what happens when they accept the fact that it is real in their minds and discontinue to let their...
  13. Milo

    Psychological Projection--The True Reason for Believing in God?--Another Cure for the Despairing Exi

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection#Theoretical_examples I just figured this out myself, then I found that the philosopher, Ludwig Feuerbach, had already thought of this. Very noteworthy for one trying to gain confidence, spice up one's life, and/or for those who do not...
  14. Milo

    Develop Your Sense of Condescension. It's a Likable Trait.

    Step 1: Start thinking that you know something that no one else knows. Tip: You don't have to actually know something that no one else knows. Just believe that whatever it is, that it is something that gives you the upper hand in all situations. Step 2: Make yourself smirk...
  15. Milo

    Aging and Perceptual Changes

    I've heard a lot about the brain solidifying/finishing development around age 21-22, and I was wondering if after the process was finished that perceptual changes would occur. So I am asking everyone if they had any big perceptual changes around this age. I am guessing so because I've heard a...
  16. Milo

    Feelings are Food?

    I was just reading around the forum and got this weird idea. It's like a whole new way (to me at least) on how to think. I am comparing the feelings that you get when being with someone, or seeing a painting, or anything else that causes emotions to be felt as like a source of energy--like...
  17. Milo

    Vivid fantasies of my imagination.

    I am having fantasies of being part of a group of traditionalists who are silent and perform rituals of drinking a sacred drink that gives them visions. Afterwards, we all walk into the forest and interact with various plants and species of insects and animals. Every day is the same thing...
  18. Milo

    What do you want?

    What material possessions do you want? What social status would you like? What relational situation do you wanna be in? What style/theme do you wish to reflect in your life? Your wildest dreams to the extent of your imagination.
  19. Milo

    Interesting article on introversion and extraversion

  20. Milo

    Why do all my threads get put together when they are different topics?

    Kantian liberation and the psychology of how your mind works with your memory are not the same topic!
  21. Milo

    Induldge yourself with some Kantian Liberation!

  22. Milo

    Get out of the Cave!

    I've come to the conclusion based off the implications from Plato's Allegory of the Cave that most of us are all stuck in a rat race, chasing the cheese that society, political figures, the media, and even your own mind has put in front of you. The cheese represents the empty promise of...
  23. Milo


    In the middle of another episode of hard depression (even worse than the first), I fell asleep on my phone in a weird way and it started to call a friend of mine. I woke up because I heard my phone calling it and hung it up. A couple of minutes later, he called me back wondering why I had...
  24. Milo

    Has anyone here ever beaten hair loss?

    Just wondering since I have thinning on the top of my head and it started around age 17 once I started lifting weights. I have also ruled out genetics on this one. No one in my family has hair loss on either side. This is something that has to do with my lifestyle or something else. If you...
  25. Milo

    I Know Nothing

    Everything I have built psychologically is falling apart. Something is happening. I cannot explain it. I knew before that I could not know anything because of my epistemology class, but I am beginning to lose all hopes of every truly knowing myself. I have lost all hope. The mental tools I...
  26. Milo

    Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? (Easy online test)

    I checked 22 boxes. You need 14 according to the site to be considered a HSP. Look at the one asking if you're child is one too. It's interesting to see your own traits show up if you are one. http://www.hsperson.com/pages/test.htm
  27. Milo

    Deep Sadness, Love, Relief, and a Theory

    The more emotions I experience myself, the greater my empathy and awareness of the suffering of others becomes. The contrast of my recent explosion of happiness and fulfillment from falling in love with my dissatisfaction with the current moment of high-stress, full time work along with starting...
  28. Milo

    What is your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt? And why?

    Give me some objective reasoning to support your answer!
  29. Milo

    Decrease in Mental Activity (End of Identity Crisis)

    Over the past few weeks, my in-depth thoughts about pretty much every topic have ceased to a minimal amount. My social anxiety is also disappearing, and my confidence is soaring. In my last post, I've discussed my final epiphany to finally allow me to calm my thoughts and finally just be...
  30. Milo

    Self-Consiousness: Gone (or at least reduced tremendously)

    In my last thread. I think I may have confused/mixed enlightenment with getting rid of one's self-consciousness. I have been dealing primarily with my own mind, so perhaps enlightenment just means getting rid of all your mental fog? I don't know. I am thinking many of you guys are...
  31. Milo

    Enlightenment. So simple, yet so difficult.

    I feel like I have figured out enlightenment. I'll give you guys the realizations that I've come to recently that has brought me out of my melancholy attitude. The first one is symbolized by the Tree of Life. Which to me just shows you the truth about life, we all live, and we all die. We...
  32. Milo

    "Why Not?" Secret to Confidence and Motivation?

    I just thought of a motivational technique one may use if they lack the reasoning one usually has to motivate and drive them to pursue something that they want. Instead of looking for a reason why to drive you, just ask "why not?" instead. :D (Yes this is another one of my crazy life changing...
  33. Milo

    I seriously need someone to type me.

    I have typed as an INFP, INTP, INFJ, ENFP, ISTP and probably more. Based on what you know about me on here from previous posts, what do you think I am? Here is a list of things about me as well. (I'm not sure if everything is relevant): I can be very detailed when I really believe in...
  34. Milo

    INFP for sho

    I found out finally that I really am an INFP. Under stress I use my Te, and I found that I usually come onto this forum when I am feeling stressed about life. It makes sense that I concluded love to be the answer for my life as well as my ability to empathize with others extremely easily which...
  35. Milo

    Are we similar?

    I always feel like I am out of touch with everyone mentally. I feel like everyone has understood things much earlier than I have, yet when it comes to finding out what others know, I find that they know much less than me on almost every topic. Perhaps it is my lifelong perspective that everyone...
  36. Milo

    Desire creates pain, pain creates desire.

    I have concluded recently that desire brings pain through disappointment and consequently various other pains that can be brought upon by that. It is also present when you feel pain, since you will desire to get rid of the pain. If you did not, would it still be considered pain? This thought...
  37. Milo

    The Meaning of Life is "To Love."

    I figured out using the following rational that loving is the meaning to life for humans. There is no objective meaning to life Therefore nothing really matters Therefore it is the most logical to get the most enjoyment out of life as possible We experience happiness as a combination of...
  38. Milo

    Ask me any question and I'll answer it.

    Anything goes!
  39. Milo

    Electrical Engineering

    Have any of you majored or worked/are working in an electrical engineering career? What is it like? I have decided to major in this. They said I could already get a $15/hour internship this coming summer if I pass all of my classes. I was pretty surprised to hear this when I expected to work...
  40. Milo

    Height and Age

    Anyone ever grow height-wise after age 21? jw
  41. Milo

    I suppose I should introduce myself.

    My name isn't actually Milo, it is Michael. My xbox gamertag used to be KrazyMilo, so that's where I got it from. I was never really obsessed with figuring things out until my first year of college when my professor, PZ Myers, convinced me into being an atheist. This changed my entire life. I...
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