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  1. Lyra's Obituary

    This is tragic. Did he not have access to painkillers? EDIT: I don't know what else I can do or say about this.
  2. Gental Seduction

    Heh, I like this story. (Actually, we already had a thread about it a while back. http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=6199 )
  3. Why neuroscience will not be the savior of MBTI

    Ah, yes, when I said "how the theory actually works", I was referring to how it interacts with reality, as distinct from how it is commonly described. Seems I didn't state that quite as explicitly as I thought, sorry. :p
  4. Why neuroscience will not be the savior of MBTI

    Hmm... the title seems misleading. I think what you're saying here is that when devising neurological tests for MBTI and related theories, it is important to base that on a deeper understanding of how the theory actually works, rather than just using the popular descriptions because they're...
  5. My reintroduction xD

    The limit of 1/x as x approaches 0 from above is infinity. The limit as x approaches 0 from below is negative infinity. (This is on R union {-infinity, infinity} by the way.) Since the answer is different depending on which direction you approach from, the plain non-directional limit is...
  6. Member Appreciation Thread

    ^ QFT.
  7. Boys and girls

    Even if they are different, that does not necessarily mean they are different in this particular way.
  8. About you?

    I'd just like to mention that the whole "parallel universes" thing is not actually a necessary part of quantum theory.
  9. trying to be emotional

    Yeah, I have. It worked, too. :p
  10. Greetings and salutations.

    Hmm, one thing I've heard recently is "legit".
  11. What makes you happy?

    I think I see what you're talking about, Lostwitheal. There is definitely a strong aspect of detachment to it, but it is not complete detachment, I think. It can go hand in hand with a kind of happiness, yes, but on the other hand it can also combine with a kind of sadness/pain, and I wonder...
  12. Programming

    C isn't so bad, though...
  13. The IRC also works.
  14. what happened to the human relationships board

    Yes, apparently http://intpforum.com/ and http://www.intpforum.com/ count as different domain names when storing login cookies.
  15. Perfection & Actualization

    I think an appreciation of beauty may be necessary for a truly fulfilling life; it certainly helps, at any rate. So no, you are not delusional for appreciating beauty. On the other hand, you seem to be making some rather dubious assertions about what these "natural laws" actually are.
  16. definition of being smart

    ...Wow this thread is old.
  17. What is it that makes a person beautiful?

    Perhaps not intentionally... :phear:
  18. Fetish

    So this thread is basically the nature vs nurture debate, but applied to fetishes, yes?
  19. I don't get it. What?

    I don't get it. What?
  20. For all who have a fe or fi fetish.

    I second this. :p
  21. Friends

    It was probably the "in the flesh at least about once a week" restriction.
  22. The limits of the Mind

    I expect that would actually depend on what you mean by "visualize". Since our visual perception works in three dimensions, then yes, four-dimensional visualization would strictly be impossible simply because it does not conform to our definition of the word "visual". With extensive training...
  23. Why did human relationships get moved to members-only status?

    Hmm, yeah, we've attracted a few good members that way, I suppose. On the other hand, there's also stuff like this disaster. I think it was moved partly to avoid attracting any more of that sort of thing.
  24. The limits of the Mind

    Hmm, depends on the limits of what counts as a "mind", I think.
  25. If you could sell your soul...

    Oh, now look what you've done. Now we have to have another one of those discussions about the extent to which IQ means anything about actual intelligence. :p
  26. If you could sell your soul...

    ^ This. I suspect it would include whatever I use to experience and enjoy things, so I certainly wouldn't sell it for frivolous enjoyment as the first three posts. (If I couldn't enjoy the experience, what would be the point?) I might rent it out, though, I dunno. :p
  27. Psychiatrist

    (After you click the multiquote button on all but one of the posts you want to quote, you have to click the "quote" button on the last one, I think.)
  28. Define: Me

    ...This doesn't work.
  29. INTP Interaction Manual

    Yes, thanks, this looks like a good way of explaining it.
  30. INTP Interaction Manual

    Ashitaria! How do you not notice the contradiction here?
  31. MBTI public identifiers

    ...Eh, you sure?
  32. Dealing with a sociopath

    This ^ looks like the best idea on this thread, you should probably do this.
  33. The Misanthrope Club

    Hmm, the clash of two almost-extremes. :p --- Shoeless, it seems that you've taken being relatively non-judgmental as something of an ideal, and now you dislike judgmental people. Or something. Does that seem about right?
  34. Habits

    I think this is the Inner Sanctum's equivalent of the lounge, or something.

    Hmm, I suppose you're using the smogon server? (Eh, I probably won't be showing up on there much, I have too much other stuff to do most of the time :p )
  36. Bullying-I absolutely hate it.

    How is that clear? How do you know?
  37. Does Your Mind Wander?

    Yes, quite a lot. ...I lost the game.
  38. Don't Think, Just Do.

    Heh, reminds me of http://dresdencodak.com/2009/04/19/onald-creely/ "Any decision openly performed by a neverwas violates defined lifestyle requirements and forfeits protection against any and all accumulated might-have-beens."
  39. if Fe is supposed to drain me...

    This sort of thing is why I don't use MBTI theory much anymore. You know that whole thing where you get really interested in a project, do it for a while, and then eventually lose interest and move on to the next thing? That would not work well with kids.
  40. Pros and cons of intelligence.

    This makes a rather interesting assumption about bumblebees.
  41. You Are Stupid

    That looked more like it was testing scientific knowledge than scientific intuition. I say the test fails. :p
  42. You are wrong.

    Point-counterpoint loops come up a lot. When you notice you're back where you started, don't just stop there. Try to remember why you left. Go around the loop a few more times if you have to, and become a bit more familiar with its layout, before you choose a point in the middle to land on.
  43. Using a handle vs. using one's true identity online

    Hmm, some would take issue with the assumption that their off-the-internet identity is necessarily closer to their "true identity" than their online one. What counts as a "handle", anyway? :p
  44. Greatest orator ever?

    Lyra is beautiful, yes, but please, do not attempt to emphasize that by treating the rest of us as worthless.
  45. Just because...(Blame Lor)

    Hmm, I'm not entirely sure myself. Perhaps I was erring on the side of caution (or thought I was)? Meh. Point is, never mind.
  46. Just because...(Blame Lor)

    Are we lamenting the decline of the forum again? Because we've done that before. It recovered. :p
  47. Just because...(Blame Lor)

    Hmm... Something about that post makes me a bit uneasy... I admire what you're trying to do here, Lyra, but I'm not so sure about your methods. I ask you to carefully consider the possibility of unintended side effects. Most importantly (and this goes to Auburn/Azarath as well), please...
  48. I have a question.

    So does pretty much everything smaller than a buckyball, though. :p
  49. Functions Roleplay Story - Discussion & Reactions

    Eh, bumping this thread in response to Enne's question in the thread that contains the actual story.
  50. The Gentle Seduction

    I want in on this, mind hugs are awesome. :D Eh, what counts as consciousness anyway, though? And if it's impossible to live forever, why not die trying to make it possible? :p
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