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  1. fullerene

    What makes an argument convincing?

    This has been on my mind for a while, now... what makes a given set of premises for some conclusion "convincing"?
  2. fullerene

    happy birthday jenny!

    I almost missed yours, cramped away at the bottom of the page there. Don't think you can sneak away without being showered with attention! (...I just realized that the day has only been going on for 45 minutes, rather than 23 hours and 45 minutes, and so you probably weren't trying to sneak...
  3. fullerene

    alternative to quantum mechanics?

    http://www.iop.org/EJ/article/1751-8121/41/35/352003/a8_35_352003.pdf I don't understand every word of what they're saying in there, but the parts that I do understand are fascinating. The authors were also pretty clear that they did not intend for this theory to be a complete reformulation of...
  4. fullerene

    Official mbti online?

    I'm not quite sure how they can do this without getting sued... but this site claims to be the "identical to the official and current MBTI" http://www.okcupid.com/tests/the-official-myersbriggs-personality-test ^^maybe not too many here are worrying about this anymore, but it still might be...
  5. fullerene


    This probably should be a poll, but... meh. Anyway: my dad mentioned a pretty astute observation, today. He said that his car gets a little less than 90% of the mpg when using gasoline with 10% ethanol in it than it did when he used gas that had no ethanol. Now, I thought that one of the...
  6. fullerene

    red toad or red mage?

    out of curiosity, "red toad," why did you change your name to that? It confused me for a few minutes, today, until someone I was chatting with pointed out that some post we were talking about was you, and not "red mage" was there any reason for that? Did anyone else have this problem, or am I...
  7. fullerene


    don't think I didn't see that name down at the bottom of the page--one from the UK lurking without posts... *narrows eyes suspiciously* (seriously.... you might want to introduce yourself if you're not the same one of our members who left a few months ago. I can't be the only one wondering...)
  8. fullerene

    skyscraper game

    This got brought up on another forum... and I'm finding it extremely addicting. http://skyscraper100.googlepages.com/ if anyone knows of any more sites like this... let me know. I could sit here doing these all day I think.
  9. fullerene

    Math Help

    well... this is borderline science, but doesn't quite fit. I've got this ridiculous math problem due tomorrow, and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I figured hell... what better place than somewhere filled with a bunch of NTs. So here it is. We're supposed to prove that every...
  10. fullerene

    Shadow Functions

    um... ok, lol, so I just realized this thread has no... er... text. And I can't delete it. haha that's what happens when the forum crashes as you hit "post," I guess Anyway, does anyone know anything about em, or where I could read about them? I've been wondering what's up with my Fi ever...
  11. fullerene

    Overloaded Intuition

    I guess this is more of a question for decaf... although personal experiences help answer it too. have any of you just felt like your intuition was overloaded trying to take in information? Is it even possible? I overstepped myself this year, I think, expecting my mind to be able to take in...
  12. fullerene


    mkay... so I'm leaving for school tomorrow, and I have a busy semester. I have 7 full classes, plan on cooking for dinners and weekends, and I actually have friends at college. Classes don't start 'til Monday, so I might be around during the weekend a bit... but it depends on how much there is...
  13. fullerene

    Serenity Now

    hm... well I was in the (apparently unique) position of wanting to actually let people know when the shout club stuff is resolved. It seemed improper to go back to the shout club, but I figured if there's a place to vent, there oughta be a place to cool off too. So I did the unthinkable and...
  14. fullerene

    Symphonic Metal

    Does anyone know any good bands within the genre? I've been listening to it a lot recently, but it of the bands I could find, they all had on little thing here or there that ruins the music for me. In particular, it's usually because they bring in a growler to sing along with the actual good...
  15. fullerene


    *shrug*, well it didn't look like anyone else was gonna do it, and the "last post 'Never'" would start to annoy me after a while... so ok Does anyone have any cool pictures that make good desktop backgrounds? This one is my personal favorite atm, but I've had it for a while, so I'm kinda...
  16. fullerene


    I've just seen a bunch of posts scattered throughout these boards glancing on this topic, so I wanted to consolidate them and see if I could pick anything useful up. Questions numbered so we can see what you're answering easily 1. Given a random person, where do they lie on your "trust"...
  17. fullerene

    Assorted questions

    Ok, so I keep coming up with type-related questions I wanted opinions on, but keep thinking to myself "that'd be a bit of a waste of a thread... so I'll just wait until enough of these pile up and make a thread with a bunch of them." The only problem is that by the time I come up with another...
  18. fullerene


    Hey all... I found this forum last night, and decided it was too addictive not to get involved a little bit. From what I can tell from the online MBTI tests I've looked at is that I'm definitely INTP naturally, but my T preference comes up a little weak overall. I think this is due to my...
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