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  1. Decaf

    Decaf's Stories

    I'm trying to improve my writing ability by working on a fanfiction story and was hoping to get some feedback. This one is a timetravel story about Naruto. Remembering Tomorrow NOTE: On fanfiction.net, my username is Preposte. Constructive criticism is appreciated.
  2. Decaf

    Owned & Operated (Documentary)

    My brother recently finished making a documentary dealing with modern politics, economics and the origins of the Occupy and Zeitgeist movements. Its 1:46:07, but I highly recommend it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_264304&src_vid=JPld0UHZbQg&feature=iv&v=njSV5LtVmR4...
  3. Decaf

    Geek Music

    What do you think about nerd/geek-centric music? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFhgupR565Q In this instance I'm conflicted. Growing up a nerd I determined that "being cool" wasn't worth much considering I didn't respect those that were. With hipster and "geek-chic" trends on one side, and...
  4. Decaf

    Private IP Registry

    With all the talk about how SOPA is going to ruin the internet I got to thinking, so what if it passes. I suppose its the same reason I have a Zombie plan, but this one might actually be useful. SOPA allows the government to read domain names in transit and block offending addresses. It...
  5. Decaf


    So I'm curious... how many people watch this show? (Or watched since its currently in flux) Community Clip - Troy & Jeff talk racism/football - YouTube
  6. Decaf

    X-Com in coming back!

    For those of you who've been gaming long enough I thought you'd find this interesting: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-01-05-firaxis-xcom-enemy-unknown-announced As opposed to the earlier announced X-Com remake that turned out to be the X-Com environment overlaid on top of the...
  7. Decaf

    5 Reasons you should be scared of Apple

    Now, I'm as much of critic of cracked.com's standards on thorough research as anyone, but this one came out pretty straightforward, if you ignore the gross exaggerations for humor's sake. http://www.cracked.com/article_18377_5-reasons-you-should-be-scared-apple.html
  8. Decaf

    Optimism and Pessimism vs. Skepticism

    I've been juggling this thought in my head for a while and I thought I'd share it for scrutiny. Optimism and Pessimism are both lazy. They are an attitude that seeks to define the meaning of an observation for easy categorization. Now, clearly you can't leave the meaning of every...
  9. Decaf

    Kick Ass

    I don't follow the comics scene, so I was first introduced to this by the movie trailer. I put together some links for an introduction, but I'm curious if anyone has picked up the comics themselves? They appear to be selling like hotcakes, so they're hard to find for a reasonable price...
  10. Decaf

    Dr. Horribles Sing-A-Long Blog

    I don't know if anyone's posted about this, but I couldn't find it on a search, so here goes. YouTube- Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog: Act 1, Part 1 YouTube- Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog: Act 1, Part 2 YouTube- Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog: Act 2, Part 1 YouTube- Dr Horrible's Sing Along...
  11. Decaf

    The origin of our hesitance

    I was reading through one of Cryptonia's posts and I realized something. What he wrote sounded very much like how I think. Weighing all options in the scrupulous insistence that what we do is not careless. I wouldn't post content from the thread it came from except that it was a tangent of...
  12. Decaf


    I'm in love... Brink Its a first person shooter with RPG elements built around tactical, objective-based play. The designers already have one of the most balanced objective-based FPS's around with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, but this promises to be far superior. Its being published by...
  13. Decaf

    We are 4% of the World

    We are (4% of) the World I just wanted to toss this out as an idea. Those comfortable and able to make videos as per the INTPs on Youtube thread get together and sing a song together. We cut the clips together and combine the audio (which means we probably need to find a track to sing to with...
  14. Decaf

    That Mitchell & Webb Look

    Here's some Mitchell & Webb for your edification :D YouTube- That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E YouTube- Vegetarians, from the other point of view!
  15. Decaf

    His Majesty's Dragon (a.k.a. Temeraire)

    I don't know why I didn't post this earlier. This series has so fully entranced my imagination that I readily compare it to the likes to Horatio Hornblower and Lord of the Rings. In a sense, this is a cross between the two, though aside from the dragons it borrows much more from the former...
  16. Decaf

    Argument from Ignorance

    This right here is a fantastic explanation of the scientific perspective as it relates to any issue. I'm absolutely going to steal this argument in the future :D YouTube- Neil Tyson talks about UFOs and the argument from ignorance.
  17. Decaf

    INTPs on TV

    This is perhaps the most obvious INTP I've ever seen in front of a camera. Straight from Stephen Colbert's Nation, I give you, Matthew B. Crawford http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/231844/june-24-2009/matthew-crawford
  18. Decaf

    The Surrogates

    This movie could have been taken straight out of my imagination. I'm pretty pumped for what seems to be a combination of The Matrix and I Robot with Bruce Willis, except it is far more socially relevant. YouTube- 'The Surrogates' Trailer HD What do you think?
  19. Decaf

    Blog Experiment

    I'm starting a new experiment where I put what I write in blog form. I don't know how easy its going to be to get motivated to write on there, but maybe someone has a good idea on how I can make the leap. http://p-type.blogspot.com/
  20. Decaf

    The Creative Power of Boredom

    So lets give Coberst's style a try... This is an entry in a book called "What we believe but cannot prove" by John Brockman. Its a collection of responses to that question from dozens of intellectually notable figures in science and philosophy. This one stood out to me and I hope you feel as...
  21. Decaf


    I'm just curious about how everyone feels about it. I understand a lot of it is cultural and generational, but it does seem to be in the INTP vein. StrongBad
  22. Decaf

    Blowing my own trumpet

    Woo hoo!!! I'm giving myself a little pat on the back as I just got my Quantitative and Verbal test scores for the GRE. 800/630. I may get to go to Berkeley yet! :D Can't wait for the analytical part to come back. This has been a test of the emergency trumpet system.
  23. Decaf

    Accepting Praise

    Anyone else have an inordinately difficult time accepting praise? I've been trying for a long time to learn how to do it gracefully, but when put on the spot, I really don't know what to do or say. I spend a few moments with my brain moving like lightning trying to rationalize out the proper...
  24. Decaf

    Seeing MBTI in the world around us

    So here's an article about an interesting research project. What do you think about it since we're coming from a personality type perspective? http://www.physorg.com/news141484615.html
  25. Decaf

    Lucky Number Slevin - Lucy Liu

    Out of curiosity, for those who have seen it, who thinks Lucy Liu's character in Lucky Number Slevin is great? For some reason I find her character to be immensely attractive despite not liking the majority of her other performances. I figure she has to be an ENFP but I haven't put immense...
  26. Decaf

    How do we express our creativity?

    I was trolling the medication thread and came across a couple arguments trying to account for how we each express creativity. Trying to take a type perspective on it I wanted to ask which functions do you think are most associated with what we call creativity. The theory suggests that our...
  27. Decaf

    Book Resources

    So I appreciated when someone pointed me in the direction of some good non-internet resources, so I'll pass them on. Trust me... the book resources are where the really interesting and solid theory is at. LifeTypes - A great introduction to individual types and type theory in general. Was That...
  28. Decaf

    Judging vs. Perceiving

    I was reading one of Dario Nardi's books at lunch today and I came across a comparison that struck pretty true for me. I might have to start using it but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just a personal association. Judging is to Mainstream as Perceiving is to Counter-Culture I was never Goth...
  29. Decaf

    Why did you pick your name?

    I have a history of using hundreds of usernames, but for the most part I use actual words, often food (I'm not sure why, but playing a first person shooter as CostcoDog is fun). Anyway, I use Decaf a lot because I though it fit my personality, being mellower than normal coffee. So what about...
  30. Decaf

    Introverted Thinking

    During my qualifying class we were asked to do free writes about snowmen and I ended up describing how snowmen relate to the public consciousness. Apparently that was classic iT. After that I started looking for more instances of when I do that. Take a simple thing, potentially boring, and...
  31. Decaf

    Keirsey, was he right?

    I was first introduced to type theory through Keirsey 7 years ago. Recently as I've developed a more cohesive idea of what it is I subscribe to, I've come to believe that Keirsey was wrong. I don't think he used legitimate interpretation of Jung's work to create his temperaments. He worked...
  32. Decaf

    Decaf, therefore I am

    No, I don't drink coffee, soda or chocolate. Sometimes I eat chocolate, so I guess I'm not ENTIRELY decaffeinated. I'm Sam, a 27 year old chemist trying to become a psychologist. I've been studying personality theory for something like 7 years on and off, but only last year did I figure out...
  33. Decaf

    Cultural Identity

    Many people have studied the different personality characteristics of cultures. For the U.S. much of the consensus is that is exhibits a strong ESTJ preference. For many Native American tribes, there is a prevailing INFP preference. Does anyone know of a culture that prefers INTP?
  34. Decaf

    Bond, INTP Bond

    During my MBTI Qualifying class my instructor was asked "What type do you think James Bond was?" After hashing out whether they meant the movie version or the book version she said she thought the book version was an INTP. Much of that makes sense to me. Spies by their nature need to be...
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