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  1. INTPs living in Los Angeles

    Well, it might be that rich people are overrepresented there and it would suck ther if you dont make the big bucks. But I've never been there which I feel I have to really experience it. Thanks for the reply architect and please expand on that if you want redbaron!
  2. INTPs living in Los Angeles

    My theory is this is the best/most advanced city in the world. Would you agree?
  3. Pros/Cons of Programming for an INTP

    pros: money cons: none
  4. which type struggles the most with life?

  5. Are you lonely?

    Elaborate if you want to.
  6. Why are ENFJ heartbreakers?

    lovely explanation.
  7. where do you meet women?

    ive come to ask you fellow intps this. i feel i should start going to clubs or something.
  8. Total loneliness

    When you're lonely join intpforum. Or meditate. Maybe try out socra maats pheromone perfumes even lol
  9. THD/TA video for Auburn (on ENTPs)

    http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/16Types/16Types.cfm I think this model might be useful here. THD may use his "critical parent" role a lot.
  10. Ask BAP

    What is/has been your profession? What are your personal thoughts of your choice of profession as well as for INTPs in general?
  11. Social status

    When do you care? Should you care? Do you care?
  12. Thinking of getting a cat.

    :cat: Please elaborate... That's interesting. Do you enjoy having a cat?
  13. Thinking of getting a cat.

    :cat: I'm living alone and it can get lonely, I just visited my parents and really enjoyed spending time with our 10 year old cat. Does anyone here have a cat?
  14. Do you use music as an emotional crutch?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcJ-o_fh1B4 Using this to block out some sound to get some peace unhealthy or not?
  15. Who programs, or wants to get into programming?

    Program for money. Chameleon for pleasure once you've got it covered.
  16. Do you use music as an emotional crutch?

    Could you give some examples of what kind of music you listen to? I would imagine the kind of music has a big impact of what emotional effects it has. Perhaps you have an opinion of what is a "healthy" genre to listen to? As an example, I am into the band 65daysofstatic: 65daysofstatic atm...
  17. Do you use music as an emotional crutch?

    Well, everyone has "down" periods in their life, or at least has had them, is music an unhelathy crutch then? I suppose it is, but if you use a crutch with no means of changing the outside world it is especially unhealthy. Perhaps the former is not unhealthy then but just necessary in a sense.
  18. Do you use music as an emotional crutch?

    In a sense what it describes is precisely this: Whether it's unhealthy or not is quite subjective then I suppose.
  19. Do you use music as an emotional crutch?

    It is, unfourtunately in some ways, quite effective. How can you tell when music becomes a crutch in an unhealthy way?
  20. What do you think of feminism

    PLEASE have a debate with this guy :)
  21. Type the two members mentioned above as something they don't identify as

    ISFJ and ESFP It's so we will learn to cope with people unfavourably stereotyping us. The introvert and own8age
  22. What do you think of feminism

    I got the impression he was an INTP (he was also described by some as a narcissistic sociopath) with a lot of self hatred, personally, I read some on his forum as well though.
  23. Who programs, or wants to get into programming?

    I plan on attending a CS program this winter, I am doing a 10 week web design course at the moment though, which I guess could fit in there.
  24. Inconsistency in Keirsey's Temperament Model

    While we're on the subject here's an interview of Keirsey, I haven't watched it with sound yet personally, he definitely seems like an INTP though which I'm pretty sure he identifies himself as. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7jurfWvfj4
  25. Type the two members mentioned above as something they don't identify as

    ISTP and ENFJ Ink and Socra Maat
  26. Rules and exceptions in interaction.

    The way you phrased it I would say a combination of both is most ideal. You put rules on yourself that you expect others to respect and with time you refine your own rules more and more to fit in with others rules.
  27. Inner Rock God

    We reckon your inner rock god is Jimi Hendrix backed by a sexed-up rock band. You're an experience. :)
  28. What are you all reading?

    Finished the two free chapter of fifty shades of grey on kindle, I liked it. For some reason I envisioned Christian Grey as Snoop Dogg.
  29. INTPs: tell me your entertainments

    Music, reading and video games are what i generally cycle between, the games I play are mostly mobile games like clash of clans etc though.
  30. What do you think of feminism

    I found it by googling narcissistic and another keyword which led me to this thread: https://www.flashback.org/t2274376 I'm not sure what to think of it all yet personally.
  31. What do you think of feminism

    I don't know, feminism seem to represent a lot of different things for everyone, I got the idea to ask from this guy: http://manhood101.com/principles101.pdf)
  32. What do you think of feminism

    Is feminism overrepresented in western culture today? Should we start a mens rights trend in the other direction?
  33. list your "simple daily needs"

  34. Emotion in the Eyes test/how well do you read emotions?

    23 I did have to do some googling on some of the words after I got them wrong though.
  35. Mindfulness

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DKyHldiUTP0 This video is great. Perhaps this is the introverts version of meditation.
  36. How big was the town you grew up in?

    Pros/cons of small/large towns? I am probably moving to a city that's over ten times the size in a few months and can't help but feel it will improve my life tremendously. It's hard to get inside of the community again after a social fuck up in small towns, and even if you do manage it after...
  37. How big was the town you grew up in?

    I grew up in a town of about 12000 people.
  38. INTP / ESFJ relationships

    If you have ever hung out with a jungian opposite of the opposite sex where you both liked/ were attracted to eachother and were comfortable with eachother I don't think you would say that, there's definitely this kind of psychological comfort that can only be achieved under those circumstances...
  39. freedom vs love and false freedom

    the more freedom you achieve the less love you receive and vice versa, some people opt for false freedom in terms of social/material status but ultimately it's false freedom discuss
  40. list your "simple daily needs"

    the INTPs are supposed to have simple daily needs, I thought a thread where we list them would be fun: toilet microwave leftover pasta, put something in the oven/on the stove twice a day take a hot shower since the water is free, dont use soap or shampoo cause it's unnecessary, in the...
  41. Mature people are actually dumber?

    A great example of a mature wise woman :)
  42. Romantic Love, what is it?

    Actually I don't see the need to define love. If you've experienced it you know it, there are tons of different dynamics of love, if you haven't trying to define it won't make a difference.
  43. Romantic Love, what is it?

    I'm subscribed to a lot of channels like this on youtube, I'm undecided whether it's good or not yet. I liked this guy though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujm9sEfOu34
  44. Can you identify with Aspergers?

    Yep, well put
  45. Can you identify with Aspergers?

    I try not to put labels on myself or let others do so, so I don't really care. I definitaly have some social struggles (but who doesn't really) for what it's worth
  46. Can you identify with Aspergers?

    I come across and feel completely normal most of the time. I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment on the rest of the stuff here atm.
  47. Can you identify with Aspergers?

    I can't dechipher this. I must be autistic then? Or that makes one not autistic? Edit: I get it now, I really like this. Thanks.
  48. Can you identify with Aspergers?

    I was diagnosed with Aspergers at 17 after I seeked out a diagnosis for ADD after I had some trouble in school but it's not until now that I am starting to really accept it. Can other INTPs on here identify with Aspergers?
  49. Levels of counsciousness

    Where do you live? http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/04/levels-of-consciousness/
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