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  1. Help us with a forum logo

    hmm.. Nice designs:D
  2. Hello :-)

    haha :D
  3. INFP? [thread split]

    I know this isn't the right topic but, I might have "INFP" Could someone please define this?
  4. Mental Exercise

    Originaly when i get mad i have a smoke, I've recently started smoking due to stress and mental rage at the traffic lights and pedestrians. (Smoking is bad don't start:D)
  5. Help us with a forum logo

    Any comments :D I also available to make banners. Please provide details of images, colors, words and effects you would like on each banner and logo.
  6. Songs that offend you

    Yes, Eminem should be banned all together. He is a very offending rapper. He was banned from australia for his abuse to the government. Don't worry we all most likely get angry when we hear his songs on the radio, television or anywhere else :(. The environment has become infested with people...
  7. Hello :-)

    Thanks, At least someone gives a nice welcome :)
  8. Help us with a forum logo

    Designed this, Any specific wants please suggest and i will remake. Thanks
  9. Songs that offend you

    Have you ever listened to a song that has been offending of any way? I do not like the song called "Lonely" by Akon, I feel as if he is trying to offend all the people without someone in their life to care for. I think that millionaire singers who can literary have any one they want shouldn’t...
  10. "Lord help me be less independent, but let me do it my way."

    No more black text i think im going blind :cool:
  11. Top five favorite movies

    1. Never Give Up (Good hands on conflict movie) 2. Lord Of The Rings (Nice adventure film) 3. Alien VS Predator 1 & 2 (both good :)) (Aliens ahhh, I just love aliens) 4. The Zodiac (Horror film that will give you nightmares) 5. Kung Fu Panda (Comedy anime featuring jack black)
  12. Lord of the rings!

    I think that Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) is single... You're in luck.
  13. What songs are you listening to?

    Songs i like: Mario - Let me love you Usher - Same girl Nelly - Body on me
  14. Lord of the rings!

    Shut up, Aragorn?? :D you pussy
  15. Hello :-)

    Provide definition link please:D
  16. How are You today?

    I'm feeling angry; this computer program Microsoft offices excel isn't doing what i want. I am punching myself in many places and starting to yell at my computer screen.
  17. Hello :-)

    Arrrrrg.. I'm new. You shouldn’t pick on the new members :) Besides you have an IQ of a wooden spoon :D
  18. Hello :-)

    Cognisant you are a Catastrophe, I don't blame your effort in INTP knowledge. :p
  19. Vista vs XP

    http://ihavetime.net/ I need more time :( Lord be with me, Bless you :)
  20. Vista vs XP

    I've got a 1 Gig ram and 80 Gig hardrive on my desktop. Recently having Vista installed, It does nothing but screw you over. The many bugs will drive you up the wall which is why i have finally installed XP over it and have turned into a very happy person :-)
  21. Lord of the rings!

    All hail the white wizard :phear: Just imagine that picture has a white mask instead :) I have seen many walking the streets dressed as Gandalf you'd think it’s the real deal :eek:
  22. Hello :-)

    thing? I am no thing i am a royal guard. If you dont know what a "thing" here is the definition: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/thing :-) Please read carefully as it is important to understand the "thing" term. Thanks :D
  23. Hello :-)

    Hi, I have been forced to come onto this site by a fellow member named, Cognisant. Many might know him as anoying :) My name is mark nice to meet you all :D
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