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  1. hopefulmonster

    INTP and INTJ functions at work(differences explained)

    INTP: Ne: Is the INTPs auxiliary function and provides them with information. Ne acts by forming association between multiple data sets or more precisely it IS the associations between data. Ne is free-floating and lacks concreteness and stability which leads to the INTP often appearing...
  2. hopefulmonster

    social credit theory

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_credit I'd like to hear your guys' opinion on this economic system.
  3. hopefulmonster

    how to make nationalized health care work for americans

    Step 1:set up a FDA 2.0. This new agency will have much stricter regulations and be as transparent as possible to prevent the corruption that has corroded the current agency. Step 2: Divide budget into prevention,system maintenence,direct coverage, and research. Devote 30% of budget to...
  4. hopefulmonster

    MBTI and sociological niches

    I posted this as a reply to the MBTI% thread but thought this would make a good thread on its own. I've been mulling over a psycho-sociological "niche" theory to explain the disparity between Ns and Ss. I think Sensors serve as a kind of glue or infrastructure for civilizations; while Ns are...
  5. hopefulmonster

    INFP relying on thinking judgement?

    I used to be about 85% sure I was an INTP but have taken a closer at myself and have noticed many INFP qualities in myself. Most noticeably the messianic drive/grand goal and perfectionism as a result of this. I rely on thinking to make decisions at least 3/4 of the time but am prone to these...
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