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  1. MentalBrain

    An INTPf user who has written a hate message on my Twitter account

    I think the point is, if you aren't going to protect people from having their personal information abused, then you shouldn't provide a profile feature whose singular purpose is to share personal information. If this info was shared in a thread, that would be something entirely different, but if...
  2. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    MUfasa, even.
  3. MentalBrain

    Determinism and time travel?

    You would have had to have had kids before you left, because relativistic time travel is only future-wards.
  4. MentalBrain

    What are you currently playing?

    I'm on like my third play through of Psychonauts.
  5. MentalBrain

    If you had a superpower what would it be and why

    That in and of itself could be construed as two powers. One, clairvoyance with respect to people who try to have two powers, and two, the ability to call down lightning.
  6. MentalBrain

    Ever tried to explain to an Extrovert?

    Maybe instead of explaining it in terms of "energy" and so on and so forth, which sounds vague and pseudo-mystical, try simply stating what that really MEANS; being around people tires you out. You don't necessarily DISLIKE being around people, but it's like exercise. You can enjoy a jog every...
  7. MentalBrain

    Gifts for an INTP

    Agreed. I typically just ASK for what I want around the gift-giving seasons. If I can't think of anything, I'll ask for money. Assuming, though, that you intend to buy a THOUGHTFUL gift, start from your friend's interests and extrapolate forward from there. Be careful, though. A handpicked gift...
  8. MentalBrain

    INTPs and Employment

    For those INTPs who are or have been employed, how do you view your job? I'm currently at a place where I view a job as an intensely stressful affair that people only endure out of necessity, which, as might be expected, greatly hinders my motivation to look for one. Any honest feedback on your...
  9. MentalBrain

    Geocentrism and relativity

    Allow me to preface this with the statement that I don't actually understand relativity in any professional capacity. All I basically understand is that it states that any given inertial reference frame is basically as valid as any other. That said, would geocentrism technically be "wrong"? When...
  10. MentalBrain

    Building a Deck to Lose

    Well, the strategy I prefer, which I think might be representative of INTPs in general, is a blue-black control thing, so I think, if you're playing to lose, you might go with a red-green.
  11. MentalBrain


    Sort of. It's a strategy game/city building sim. You are the invisible all-seeing god-king of the Dwarves, and you order them to carry out the tasks necessary to not die, such as build defenses, farm food, and brew booze.
  12. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    -A random conversation between you and your friend leads you to look up the Wikipedia article on rhinoceroses when the conversation only contained rhinoceroses in a metaphorical context. -You have conversations that contain rhinoceroses in a metaphorical context. -When you find Captain's posts...
  13. MentalBrain

    Linguistic efficiency.

    I'd suggest lojban as a hypothetical "ideal language". Too few people actually speak it for you to use it to communicate directly, but learning it might help you economize your communication in English.
  14. MentalBrain

    New God Game Idea

    Also, I just had another idea which I'll post here instead of making a new thread; a video game where you can manipulate the universe by altering the math that defines it. For instance, if you alter the law of gravitation, the interaction of astronomical bodies will be immediately impacted, as...
  15. MentalBrain

    Another free will/determinism question

    Thank you, Latte, for expressing what I tried to better than I ever could. I could try, of course, but my train of thought doesn't run along quite those tracks.
  16. MentalBrain

    What is your excuse for not being vegan?

    I don't really care one way or the other. I honestly find eating to be an inconvenience in and of itself, so I'm not going to add to that inconvenience by limiting my diet, especially if the only reason I have to limit my diet is because some holier-than-thou person tells me to. I'm most likely...
  17. MentalBrain

    What is time (discussion)

    I think time is defined by change. Since change requires time to happen, you can inversely say that time requires change to happen. After all, a universe with zero change is equivalent to a universe with zero time. In order to make time useful, as opposed to a random arbitrary concept, we've...
  18. MentalBrain

    New God Game Idea

    Good questions, lightlazer, and to answer them, I'm not QUITE sure. There're probably rival religions and gods. Pantheons share a resource pool. I think it'd be sandbox and/or RTS. The level of influence you have; you can directly control inanimate objects, weather, and wild animals. You can...
  19. MentalBrain

    New God Game Idea

    Thanks for the link, Baron. Seems like something to check out. EDIT: I bought Godus and played it a bit, and it seems SIMILAR to what I was thinking, but it's still much more in the realm of "traditional" god game. What I'm imagining is much more of the concept, "If God is powered by belief...
  20. MentalBrain

    New God Game Idea

    Well, I know about Black & White. Never played it, but it sounds cool. I think I'm suggesting something different, though, because my game would take place across our world's history, so that eventually your population would reach a modern technology level.
  21. MentalBrain

    What's your purpose?

    My ultimate goal in life is to achieve omniscience; total understanding and knowledge of the entire universe. In order to achieve this goal, a sub-goal of mine is to achieve technological immortality as a cybernetic consciousness, with the capability to upgrade my cognitive processing capacity...
  22. MentalBrain

    New God Game Idea

    The idea is this; a god game where people have free will, and you can manipulate weather, animals, and inanimate objects. You can order people to do things, but you can't MAKE them obey; whether they do or not depends on how much they believe in you. You can make people believe in you by...
  23. MentalBrain

    Psychonauts and the Mental World

    Not sure if this is the best place for this, but the only other place I could think to put it was the Video Games section, and it fits this section better. Anyway, in the video game Psychonauts, the player character Razputin enters the mental worlds of various people. Each mental world is...
  24. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    Your habit of randomly Googling stuff you're curious about lands you on every government watch list ever.
  25. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    One of the only reasons you have yet to kill yourself just to know what the afterlife is like is because you still have hope that immortality will be discovered in your lifetime.
  26. MentalBrain

    How Old Are You?

    Biologically, I'm 18, but I'm much older cognitively, if the age-peers I've observed are assumed to be average. I'm all but officially INTP; I've taken online tests and the Kiersey Temperament Sorter II, and all the descriptions fit, I just haven't ACTUALLY taken the OFFICIAL MBTI. I haven't...
  27. MentalBrain

    So tired of school

    The GOOD news is that the school issue cleared up more easily than I originally thought. Also, as far as learning a trade goes, I've got a CompTIA A+ certification. Also, I've done some thinking about the RV thing. Ultimately, I only thought about that because I don't want to be tied down to any...
  28. MentalBrain

    Another free will/determinism question

    I'm of the opinion that determinism is true. The universe is deterministic, in that each "step", or future moment, is directly dependent on the previous "step". Every moment follows directly from the moment before, and each particular arrangement has exactly one possible progression. That said...
  29. MentalBrain

    So tired of school

    There seems to have been a miscommunication. When I say I want to be a writer, I don't mean I want to be an AUTHOR, I just want to get paid to write stuff. I only consider writing in general because it's something I do effortlessly, though I don't have much input as to the quality. And the work...
  30. MentalBrain

    So tired of school

    Standard of living isn't a huge issue with me. I just need enough for basic living and Internet access. I'm thinking about writing professionally for two main reasons; it's something I think I might have talent for, and it's something I can do over the Internet. I'm not super attached to any one...
  31. MentalBrain

    So tired of school

    It's the end, by which I mean the VERY end, of my senior year, and I didn't graduate because I couldn't make myself do the homework. I feel exhausted, and I sincerely doubt I could handle summer school, much less another year. I want to take a break of maybe a year and a half to recover from the...
  32. MentalBrain

    Is belief a right?

    I think there are way too many issues with the logistics of regulating belief for it to be anything other than a right. For instance, how do you track beliefs? If you track them through actions, then you're not regulating the belief itself, you're regulating actions that arise from that belief...
  33. MentalBrain

    Untold Stories

    You're kind of trivializing an entire medium, in spite of the fact that quality stories can be, and often are, told in multiple media. It would be like me trivializing literature because it seems like the domain of pompous elitist wannabe intellectuals. Take Doctor Who, for example. Quality...
  34. MentalBrain

    The days

    Not trying to start anything, just expressing my views; Blarraun's post struck me as mildly preachy. Sorry, dude, just calling it like I see it. Specifically, you sharing your views on the sun, people, and daytime in general without any provocation whatsoever, followed by your minor disparaging...
  35. MentalBrain

    Hail, Creator!

    I'd probably wind up doing what I already do with my imagination (seriously, if you think about it, imagination is just your own personal godhood.); generate universes roughly identical to those of my favorite media and insert myself in them. Of course, that's just assuming I progress to godhood...
  36. MentalBrain

    What shall ye choose? 2

    Why can't I rearm it later? As a matter of fact, how did this situation even come about? The context could affect my answer. How did I acquire the necessary knowledge to disarm a nuclear bomb? How did the bomb show up in the first place? How long is the timer set for?
  37. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    Maybe, maybe. YKYAINTPW you feel like punching through a brick wall or performing a Fatality because people around you WILL. NOT. SHUT. UP.
  38. MentalBrain

    Debate: Should intellectual property be abolished?

    I know this thread is old, but I'm still tempted to toss in my two cents. I think intellectual property and copyright law aren't INHERENTLY good or bad, they have their pros and cons. However, society and legal systems today, ESPECIALLY in the U.S., tend viciously to err on the side of the...
  39. MentalBrain

    Lucid Dreaming

    I'd like to offer my experiences with lucid dreaming. I don't really "dream" often; I'm way too sleep deprived most of the time for that to happen. I do, however, know what Moocow is talking about. It's a thing I've learned to do. The basic idea is to lie still and completely relax your body, to...
  40. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    Ten tabs is downright tame compared to what I normally get up to. I recently had to cull my mobile browser because I had upwards of 80 tabs open at once. By which I mean I just closed all the tabs at once, because I knew if I went through each tab individually to determine whether or not to keep...
  41. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    YKYAINTPW You frequently experience such spontaneous revelations as the fact that you are a brain inside a body, the fact that humans are, taxonomically speaking, apes, or what day it is. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk
  42. MentalBrain

    you obtain a time machine. what do?

    Take a few mundane objects like guns, lighters, kevlar, electronics, and the like, back in time, along with as many textbooks as I can get my hands on (which should be very many, given the fact that I effectively have all the money I could ever want or need). Use these objects to demonstrate my...
  43. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    When, after discovering you can't actually delete a post, you decide to edit it so as to be *absolutely clear* that this is the unintentional double-post you mentioned in the last post. When you can't get off INTPForum to go to sleep, even though you've been sleep deprived for basically your...
  44. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    Hi. I'm new. So sorry if what I'm about to say has been said on here before, but I'm worried if I spend any more time sifting through the stuff posted here, I'll never get around to posting myself. Anyway, you know you're INTP when you've invested more time in working out exactly what you'd say...
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