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  1. a detached retina

    How do computers work?

    How do computers actually take information that is stored in the physical sense (like opened or closed circuits) and "read" it. For instance I have some vague notion of the hierarchy of programming languages but how does that crucial step of actual looking at the circuits and turning those...
  2. a detached retina

    Ne + Ti/Fi vs Ni

    What exactly is the difference between extraverted intuition (picking up patterns from the external world right?) that feeds into a compass function i.e. Fi or Ti, and Ni From what I understand Ni has a theoretical framework in place and when they take in new information it fits into this...
  3. a detached retina

    pre-existent frameworks

    This will perhaps sound extremely arrogant at first but I think it is not an uncommon phenomenon. Did you ever reinvent the wheel and come up with solipsism or existentialism or pantheism or holism or reductionism or something similar "on your own." when you were younger. (14-16 years old or...
  4. a detached retina

    Gaming with girlfriend or boyfriend

    This may be a trite topic but I was wondering if you guys knew any games I could play with my girlfriend. We have N64 PS2 and Xbox360. There are some articles on the internet but they are pretty much all sexist and assume girls don't like playing video games and that we should entice them into...
  5. a detached retina

    Microscale model for tectonic stress

    I'm writing a grant proposal as an in-class exercise for my engineering writing class. I need an idea to propose. It seems like earthquakes are very similar to a largescale transition from static to kinetic friction and I thought maybe using nanosurfacing to emulate tectonic plates on a very...
  6. a detached retina

    Weather or not?

    The title was bait. Whenever somebody misspells whether as weather when they type "whether or not" I can't help but get a mental image of two worlds one with weather and one without. Weather: there are clouds and sunshine and a blue sky Not: The sky is black. I know that image is...
  7. a detached retina

    Modest Mouse Pertains to Everything

    Modest Mouse has the best lyrics ever. favorite quote "Language is the liquid that we're all dissolved in; great for solving problems after it creates a problem." favorite moment: ate acid, went to the everglades, listened to "neverending math equation", realized that the fuzzy...
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