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  1. Bryson

    What's your purpose?

    You: :confused: I know that feel. Discuss.
  2. Bryson

    How do we attract ENFJs?

    Seems to be a very popular match, and I'm inclined to believe there's a good reason for that. So teach me your ways, wise ones.
  3. Bryson

    Looking for an old thread, need help.

    Hello fellows. :) I'm looking for an old thread. It contained a test that guessed which mbti type we are most compatible with. Does anyone remember? Already made a big search and got nothing. Seems it was not posted on the tests subforum. :confused:
  4. Bryson

    Darwin Awards

    What do you think about the type of humour the site provides? Basically it pays a tribute to dumb people that contribute to the genetic evolution of the human race by eliminating themselves from the gene poll.
  5. Bryson

    Eye contact with strangers.

    I noticed I'm really bad on eye contact, specially with females. Usually when we make eye contact I look away right after, pretending I wasn't looking. When the person is smiling it gets worse, as I can't shift from my usual impassive face and bring in some warmth. It's safe to say I'm not...
  6. Bryson

    Derrick Rose

    The NBA's MVP. Which type you think he is? Seems ISFP to me. A tough one. YouTube - Derrick Rose Interview
  7. Bryson

    Would you rather be an INTJ?

    I've seen a lot of INTPs saying they wish they were INTJs, so i've been curious about the percentages. Perhaps some people think the P factor is a burden and we are a letter away from perfection. :confused: Thoughts? p.s. Vote the poll!
  8. Bryson

    Charity & volunteer work

    I'd like to hear your opinions on charity and/or volunteer work. Are any of you doing those? I have mixed opinions on that. Sometimes i think every mortal should be responsible for their destinies and that I should let natural selection follow its path. Sometimes i think i am an asshole for...
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