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  1. Lost until Found

    Abortion. Pro-choice reasoning correct?

    I have many reasons for being pro-choice, yet one of the strongest reasons I have is that a fetus, in the first trimester when an abortion can happen, is unaware of its existence (thus it does not care if it lives or dies). I found an article that explained my reasoning exactly: "During the...
  2. Lost until Found

    Fun Problem

    Give an example of a program you could design for 50 students in college if you only had $10 to spend. Any ideas???
  3. Lost until Found

    Problem with writing a journal..

    I recently came upon a website about the point of writing a journal and the benefits of it. This is what I read: "Keeping a journal is one of the most personally rewarding activities you can undertake. Journaling fosters creativity and introspection. A journal is the perfect place to express...
  4. Lost until Found

    Has anyone else heard of this?

    I recently was on a forum and a poster said that it's been proven a reason woman cry is because "when women are stressed, we cry. It's part of our biological nature so that we can have sufficient milk for our baby." I had never heard of that before and so researched a bit. I found one website...
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