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  1. Fedayeen

    how different are INTPs compared to other types vs any other type vs all the other types

    By that I mean from my perspective and time spent on this forum it seems like there is a drastic difference between INTPs and everyone else. with some similarities shared with other NTs and INTJs. however I dont know enough about other types to know if it is just a skewed perception that we are...
  2. Fedayeen

    Do you have a problem with others informing you of something you already know?

    this is something I noticed about myself. If someone else is trying to explain something to me, and I already know it (or think I do) I will interrupt them, (or want to) and either let them know I already know, or prove that I already know by attempting to finish their sentence. I have a hard...
  3. Fedayeen

    A challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score

    I challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score Its a really fun game. much better then a lot of the games in the arcade. The current high score is from my first attempt. and I forgot how to change weapons (default is end, but the controls are totally customizable) so its just with me...
  4. Fedayeen

    Can I have my old name back?

    I've had the user names Venngennce, nobody and fedayeen. I doubt anybody knows me by anything but nobody. I rarely posted as venngennce, and I switched to fedayeen right before I stopped posting all together. if anybody remembers me from way back when I did post it was likely under the name...
  5. Fedayeen

    Interesting Article on the Perception of Time with Age

  6. Fedayeen

    Cool new IM service

    YouTube- What is Glass? its invite only though, and an email is required. I can invite anyone if I have there email
  7. Fedayeen


    Out of curiosity, anybody else find beds to be an excessive waste of space? I haven't slept on mine all year. I mainly sleep on my bean bag, and sometimes my floor. My bed was mainly being used to store stuff on, under or behind. My dog has slept on my bed more times in the past 6 months then...
  8. Fedayeen


    faceyourmanga.com you can make a anime version of yourself, somewhat entertaining.
  9. Fedayeen

    img tags not working right

    Tried using them for my sig, and it just acted like url tags
  10. Fedayeen

    Did you miss the puns?

    I'm back, at 1st I wasn't going to announce I was back, seems kinda egocentric, but then I realized the opportunities for puns in a thread like this, and couldn't resist. :slashnew:
  11. Fedayeen


    Can the mods get something to distinguish them? Since everyone has custom usertitles, most of the mods don't have mod in their user title, so there is no way besides memorization who is and isn't a mod. (took me a long time to realize anthile is a mod...i think he is at least.) Something...
  12. Fedayeen

    Gamer type

    Not really sure if this is the place for it, kinda sorta I guess. Also it does ask what MBTI type you are, which I found odd for this kind of test. http://blog.brainhex.com/ Your BrainHex Class is Conqueror. Your BrainHex Sub-Class is Conqueror-Mastermind. You like defeating impossibly...
  13. Fedayeen

    Forum or me?

    This suddenly happened to the page, not sure if it is just me or the forum
  14. Fedayeen

    Arcade: Competition

    Point of this is to "chat" about the scoreboards in the arcade, which includes, bragging about high scores, challenging someone to beat your high score, or plotting the fall of MrMolen:aufsmaul: I'll start it off by challenging someone to beat my heli attack 2 hi score.
  15. Fedayeen

    Arcade: Post arcade flash game requests here

    To request a game just post a link to the download of the flash game. It needs to be either a .tar or .zip file. Preferably .tar.
  16. Fedayeen

    Corruption test

  17. Fedayeen


    Why don't we have a list of rules/guidelines for the forum?
  18. Fedayeen

    Arcade disscussion sub-forum

    It would be nice to have a place to talk about the arcade games, or brag about our scores Could we get a sub section of the gaming section for the arcade?
  19. Fedayeen

    Psychiatrists are the law enforcers of society

    While typical law enforcement (for example police) take the rules of the law as determined by the government, and enforce them physically, Psychiatrist take the rules of society and mentally enforce those rules. If someone thinks outside of the social norm they are often considered crazy and...
  20. Fedayeen

    Misc image editing

    1st a little back story or else you will just look at the image and think WHAT THE FUCK! started with someone on the steam killing floor forum (a pc game) making this post So being as bored as I am I took him up on that. not so much for the money (which I seriously doubt I would...
  21. Fedayeen

    Empty words

    If someone is sick and someone says in response "I hope you get better" or someone has someone close to them and someone says in response "sorry for your loss" or someone is going to confront a bad situation and someone says "I hope everything turns out for the best" They are all things that I...
  22. Fedayeen

    Nobody quotes

    “Nobody raises his reputation by lowering others” "The impossible - what nobody can do” “They say that nobody is perfect.” “The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” “Nobody escapes the consequences of his choices.” “Nobody, as long as he moves about among the...
  23. Fedayeen

    Stupid laptop

    It is mysteriously eating my hard drive away. I have a 120 gig hard drive, says I have less then 2 gigs left. and I added all my file sizes up, it adds up to 57 gigs, less then half my hard drive. I am reformatting my hard drive in the hopes that it will solve it. See ya all after that is...
  24. Fedayeen


    Since it is 6/6 I figured it would be a good day to celebrate my 666th post:evil: and somewhere in the wolrld is 53 minutes it will be 6'oclock:evil: time to get rid of this avatar too.
  25. Fedayeen


  26. Fedayeen

    Type comparison

    I found some interesting articles comparing the various types. It is comparing the individual letters, not the whole. I/E http://users.trytel.com/~jfalt/Ene-med/e-i.html S/N http://users.trytel.com/~jfalt/Ene-med/e-i.html T/F http://users.trytel.com/~jfalt/Ene-med/t-f.html J/P...
  27. Fedayeen

    Question for those in the UK

    What does "getting shitfaced" mean? Normally I would ask a friend of mine who lives there these sort of questions, but he is on vacation. I heard it while watching a UK sitcom
  28. Fedayeen

    If I was to run for office.....

    This would be the perfect promotion for me.
  29. Fedayeen

    Mark forums read

    Could we get the mark forums read option down a bit father way from today's posts? in the last 24 hours I have hit it on accident 4 times. really screws it up.
  30. Fedayeen

    Sonic SatAM

    YouTube- Sonic SatAM - Sonic Boom (1/3) Been watching that recently. Better then the "new" crap they play now a days
  31. Fedayeen

    I'm Bored/Go to flash chat

    I am also on the flash chat. with one other person (that hasn't responded n the 5 hours i've been over there) Feel free to head over there and help cure me of my boredom.
  32. Fedayeen

    Suppressing certain functions?

    Is it possible to suppress certain functions? I can remember a time when my F used to be much stronger then it is now. I remember when I used to care for others. Now I feel nothing for anyone, not even my family or friends. This (I think) is due to some things that have happened in the...
  33. Fedayeen

    I'm nobody

    I use to be somebody, but now i'm nobody.
  34. Fedayeen

    What are you currently playing?

    For me right now it is RE5, but it will be Stormrise when that comes out on the 24th here.
  35. Fedayeen

    Origin of Small talk

    Not really sure where to post this. The sections in "within" seem to serious for something like this. YouTube- The Origins Of Small Talk
  36. Fedayeen

    INTP Hoedown

  37. Fedayeen

    Type the stereoype.

    What MBTI types do you think various stereotypes would be? For example a Stereotypical guy would be ISTJ and stereotypical women would be ENFP. (Might of gotten the P/Js mixed up.) I think the stereotypical Blonde chick is ESFJ.
  38. Fedayeen


    "Women's intuition" vs MBTI Type intuition came up in a conversation. Which led to me looking up the exact definition of the word, Which is as follows That definition made me realize that either I was incorrect in my assumption of the word as it is used in MBTI Type things, or that it...
  39. Fedayeen

    Gaming Section

    Seems like a lot of people here are gamers and no section for that. http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=1123
  40. Fedayeen

    Any Hardcore Gamers Here?

    I would consider myself a hardcore gamer first and foremost. I own a PS3 Xbox 360 and just recently got a kick ass gaming laptop, and I own around 30+ PS3 and 360 games. (I pirate PC games) Anyone else consider themselves to be hardcore gamers? it seems like something INTPs would be into, and...
  41. Fedayeen

    Typing Section

    Any chance we could get a section specifically for typing people. either fictional or real. For stuff like this and this. I think it would be kind of fun to have a section for guessing and discussing what type people are. The "MBTI & Other Typing" section doesn't quite fit for this. I bet a lot...
  42. Fedayeen

    How do you feel emotions?

    INTPs are always being described as being detached from their emotions. This is such a vague statement. What exactly does it mean? Do you feel the emotions, know they are there, but they don't directly effect you that much? After giving it a lot of thought that is what it sounds like being...
  43. Fedayeen

    Emotions: Good or Bad?

    Emotions: Good or Bad? (My Questions have been answered) INTPs are generally more detached from their emotions then other people. Do you think over all it is better to have emotions to interfere with thought process or not? I try hard to detach myself from my emotions even more then they...
  44. Fedayeen

    INTP vs INTJ

    What are the main characteristic differences between the two? I know that INTJs tend to be more of the schemers, but what else? I used to think with out a doubt I was INTP now I think I'm leaning more towards INTJ
  45. Fedayeen

    MBTI Type %

    After the INTP test I have noticed it says INTPs make up about 1-3% of the population. I was wondering what the approximate percentage breakdown of all the types was.
  46. Fedayeen

    Bi-Polar with MBTI Types

    Would being bi-polar put you into different groups at different times, or overall put you into a specific group? I am Bi-Polar, but I don't fully understand it. Just on the most basic level as well as how the MBTI stuff is done. It would make sense that is the first thing, but I also think that...
  47. Fedayeen

    how do you deal with small talk when its forced upon you?

    For example i was getting a haircut and i am stuck sitting on the chair, and it seems like they just don't know when to shut up. They just have to talk talk talk. i try and give them a hint by answering in short yes or no answers. (its a "friend of the family's" so i can't just out right ignore...
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