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  1. Perfectly Normal Beast

    gender role test

    https://www.idrlabs.com/gender/test.php quelle surprise
  2. Perfectly Normal Beast

    review a thing!

    a thread for reviewing things of any type that you have encountered thought box the technological society has finally created a product which can block out the dystopic hellscape it has delivered which increasingly evidently has driven us all mad and from which escape seems impossible blurring...
  3. Perfectly Normal Beast

    thread for pagans only

    do not be overcome with rage or sorrow on our stolen holiday but be merry for this is as dark as it gets and in less than a week the garish farce of subjugation and consumption will be over. meanwhile, let this child's delight console you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZGa40Hl4zI if...
  4. Perfectly Normal Beast


    some of the reasons lawns suck: source source source source thread inspired by: you know who you are
  5. Perfectly Normal Beast

    sacred cows

    what (if anything) offends you? why does it offend you? would you prevent others from engaging in the offensive behaviour/activity if you could? does being offended harm you and if so, how?
  6. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Unmoderated thread section

    what about having a sub-forum where anything goes and there are no bannable offences? for members only, no thread closings, no restrictions on insults etc, dupe accounts of previously banned members will be tolerated here. perhaps one or two cardinal sins would still be forbidden, such as...
  7. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Post photos of people whose minds you find attractive.

    would have thought this would be more of a thing here.
  8. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Primitive brain psych test (most likely nonsense but fun)

    http://www.hypnoid.com/psytest2.html bizarre test, i took it twice (because there were a few answers for which i had no immediate instinct) and found the descriptions somewhat relatable. i then took it 2 more times answering at random and got descriptions totally alien to me. perhaps it's not...
  9. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Forum Members - Literary Impressions

    Thought this might be fun, it doesn't seem to exist already (?). I just thought of it (on seeing the audial impressions thread) so i don't have any ideas yet. What literary characters remind you of forum members?
  10. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Do you 'push people's buttons' for your own amusement?

    If so, who's? People who annoy you, people you actually admire/respect or whatever but want to engage with and this (type of conflict) is an easy option? Is it so tempting because it's just so easy to provoke hysterical/emotional outbursts in some people? I'm fully aware that it's cruel and...
  11. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Have you ever told the whole truth to anyone?

    Oh the joys of anonymity... This is the first time i'm admitting this to anyone but it's cool because you guys think i'm just an owl (so this doesn't count!?). I've never been entirely truthful about all aspects of my life/thoughts/feelings and so on to anyone, ever. I always keep various...
  12. Perfectly Normal Beast

    When did you first notice that something about you was a little 'off'?

    I've been thinking about certain types of childhood experiences and trying to work out the extent of the role they play in the formation(?)/reinforcement of character traits which (according to my observations of cats!! and my family) are presumably innate to at least some degree. I have...
  13. Perfectly Normal Beast

    INTP Secret 'handshake'

    My point is - let's agree on a secret sign so we can recognise each other in reality. I'm really tired of standing in the corner at parties, blinking RUINTP in morse code towards the other corners.
  14. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Self-loathing INTPs

    Having recently joined this forum, i have been quite surprised at the amount of apparent INTP self-loathing. I'm not very knowledgeable about MBTI and was wondering if someone more learned than i in this respect would like to comment on this phenomenon.
  15. Perfectly Normal Beast

    Any other escaped INTPs?

    Just wondering if there are any INTPs (or others!) out there who have, like me, been driven to escape unbearable 'reality' and seek a life of blissful solitude. After years of somewhat bewildered existence in a society apparently organised against everything i think (in many cases, know) is...
  16. Perfectly Normal Beast

    There may be others like me???

    ...so...having always shunned all forms of socializing due to the obvious futility of searching for like-minded individuals i am today somewhat surprised (anxious,thrilled,disgusted??) to find myself joining a forum for the first time ever (so please forgive me any present/future forum...
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