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  1. Irishpenguin

    Personal Trouble Posting Thoughts

    I'm starting this thread knowing that it is going to be emotional and mushy. However, I feel comfortable here and it's probably the only forum that had ever made me feel that way. So to the point. I have a very hard time posting anything here. I have had this problem ever since I joined this...
  2. Irishpenguin


    Okay so here's the deal. I have recently ran into a couple of Transgender people, and the concept is kind of confusing to me. They were both biologically females but wanted to be treated as Males (Called Him/he and what not). I went along with it because, well I didn't see a reason specifically...
  3. Irishpenguin

    Oh neat hey again

    I was so glad my password worked, yay for redundancy! And okay, I'm pretty damn sure they never made a subforum specifically for "Friendly Greetings" so I figured i'd make a thread here, just kinda giving a nice little hello to anyone who still remembers me. So hey guys, I am here again...
  4. Irishpenguin

    Strange mannerisms around complete strangers

    Hey, so I've noticed there is this thing I do when I am completely by myself but have to talk to strangers, like for directions or instructions. Apparently my voice gets incredibly deeper when talking to strangers and am completely by myself (no friends or family around at all). An example would...
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