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  1. Esurient Fere

    Where do you go from here?

    For the older users of this site. What do you think are the important things to focus on in life during the beginning of adulthood (24-35). this is a broad question, I'm looking for something to the effect of guide posts. For a small example a fantastic piece of advice I saw on here years ago...
  2. Esurient Fere

    The Zodiac

    I wonder if the zodiac is really people noticing that the environment you're born in affects your personality. Maybe people born during a time period do share a collection of traits. I propose some one launches a huge study with thousands of people spanning decades to figure this out. They could...
  3. Esurient Fere

    Now the rest of the world is beginning to understand

    But this is seriously a disturbing issue.
  4. Esurient Fere

    Little things and USB 3.0

    I've been training in the middle east almost nonstop for a month and a half now. Only a month and a half to go. So I took sometime to buy this: https://www.sandisk.com/home/usb-flash/ultra-fit-usb Flash drive have become ridiculous and it warms the very bottom of my heart, but only on the...
  5. Esurient Fere

    Watched some movies, feelings, and discussion.

    I watched Happiness, Nightcrawler, and Gone Girl. Now I feel pretty crappy. Happiness shows that the deck is stacked against us in matters of the heart. This is mostly because what we think we want isn't what we really want. Nightcrawler shows that you have to be absolutely ruthless to get...
  6. Esurient Fere

    Job Shift, Civil to Petroleum Engineering

    I'm starting my training for petroleum engineering in a few weeks. I'll be working as a wire-line field engineer for Schlumberger. Does anyone have experience in this line of work and advice? I'll be in Abu Dhabi for three months training. I've done some cultural research but would...
  7. Esurient Fere

    The Tyranny of Eros

    In my invariably short existence I, like I suspect many of you, have had major problems navigating emotional landscapes. I've always found that it's clearly better to simply go after what you want but people can be so confusing. I've also spent an absorbent amount of time trying to figure out...
  8. Esurient Fere


    Assuming spider man sticks to walls and such via small hairs on his fingers how does his suit work? He wears gloves. Wouldn't he rip them apart every time he tries to take them off?
  9. Esurient Fere


    It's interesting that we have an introduction thread on a site for introverts. I'm not really sure where to start. I'm Esurient Fere and I think I’m an INTP. I have my doubts but I’ve done my homework. A number of tests, reading the description, reading a book, (The Secret Lives of INTP’s by...
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