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  1. Esurient Fere

    Where do you go from here?

    For the older users of this site. What do you think are the important things to focus on in life during the beginning of adulthood (24-35). this is a broad question, I'm looking for something to the effect of guide posts. For a small example a fantastic piece of advice I saw on here years ago...
  2. Esurient Fere

    The Internet is Biased

    No, I meant what I said. If you had a desktop you had access to the internet and likely spent a significant amount of time on it. Probably around the mid 00's would be were I'd draw the line of a lot of use. A lot of use is relative to the context, it would not be considered a lot of use now...
  3. Esurient Fere

    The Internet is Biased

    @EndogenousRebel I disagree. Rumors function the same online and offline. It's just a matter of scale, and rumors weren't harmless little things. If you repeat something enough people will believe it. Or, if you say something with enough confidence you can convince someone it's true. This...
  4. Esurient Fere

    What happened to intpforum?

    What a train wreck. Length of OP =/= quality. In fact, most of them ramble a lot. Average length of word? The irony of the second paragraph where you look down on people measuring "financial dick size" *Kisses finger tips* I must have missed that lesson in English where conjunctions = more...
  5. Esurient Fere

    The Internet is Biased

    How is this any different from non-internet bias? People near each other are influenced by their own localized bias. The internet hasn't created new problems, it has just showcased and exacerbated old ones.
  6. Esurient Fere


    Well shit. My life has changed pretty drastically. Basic highlights: No longer working in the oil field. Living hand to mouth On that Zoloft grind (haven't actually seen a Psych, got some from my SO, it's night and day.) God Damn the level of anxiety is fucking insane Relationship is...
  7. Esurient Fere

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    It's probably a type thing because hell yeah. http://www.allure.com/story/what-a-long-hot-bath-says-abou
  8. Esurient Fere

    Now the rest of the world is beginning to understand

    This turned out rather interesting :kodama1:
  9. Esurient Fere

    The Zodiac

    Ah, great thread :) I don't ever really get what I expect and I appreciate that. Aquaman is a great constellation! My personal favourite horoscope was: "Whatever you're thinking of doing. DON'T" My friend wrote the horoscopes for our high school paper. Yellow:
  10. Esurient Fere

    The Zodiac

    I wonder if the zodiac is really people noticing that the environment you're born in affects your personality. Maybe people born during a time period do share a collection of traits. I propose some one launches a huge study with thousands of people spanning decades to figure this out. They could...
  11. Esurient Fere

    Now the rest of the world is beginning to understand

    That got heated pretty fast. SJW's are as bad as racists and bigots. Republican/conservatives and Democrats/liberals both have their good and bad. Unfortunately the bad is usually the loudest and most obnoxious. I'll just stick to writing erotica. It's what benjamin franklin would have wanted...
  12. Esurient Fere

    Now the rest of the world is beginning to understand

    But this is seriously a disturbing issue.
  13. Esurient Fere

    Little things and USB 3.0

    I've been training in the middle east almost nonstop for a month and a half now. Only a month and a half to go. So I took sometime to buy this: https://www.sandisk.com/home/usb-flash/ultra-fit-usb Flash drive have become ridiculous and it warms the very bottom of my heart, but only on the...
  14. Esurient Fere

    Look out world cause some of us are dangerous

    I know a little bit. That makes me dangerous, can't be sure who to though :viking01:
  15. Esurient Fere

    INTPs’ & ISTPs’ “One Thing”

    Well. My first thought is underdeveloped people don't have the skills to present their ideas appropriately. I appreciate being challenged in my ideas. I don't appreciate being mistreated. And according to my MBTI (INTP) I'm the least likely to have my feelings hurt. I can still differentiate...
  16. Esurient Fere

    Have you ever mastered something?

    007 Goldeneye for N64. It turned into everyone trying to gang up on me (3v1) Where I could usually score 25 points before anyone could kill me (score a point). It didn't take long until no one would play me. Now I'm probably average. I also have a highly trained intuition. I wouldn't say I've...
  17. Esurient Fere

    Sex requirements (sexquirements)

    Required: oral sex Relationship killer: threesome. (it could be a fun ride out if you know what I mean. But I don't share well.)
  18. Esurient Fere

    Watched some movies, feelings, and discussion.

    I watched Happiness, Nightcrawler, and Gone Girl. Now I feel pretty crappy. Happiness shows that the deck is stacked against us in matters of the heart. This is mostly because what we think we want isn't what we really want. Nightcrawler shows that you have to be absolutely ruthless to get...
  19. Esurient Fere


  20. Esurient Fere


    About a quarter of the cheerleaders I know are men. They didn't put weight on and they weren't any more of a slut than any other guy. The girls were pretty statistically representative: a few catty ones but mostly not. A good number that I've know have gone to college to be accountants. So no...
  21. Esurient Fere

    Yes the forum was down don't panic.

    Ah, to be able to lurk again. I have to say the timing's pretty bad though. Now I hardly have anytime due to my training programme. Glad that I can come around on my day off again :)
  22. Esurient Fere


    It's difficult. I've been told by a number of close friends that I come off very intense and it's intimidating. Other times I just fade into the background. I don't really spend much time in the middle ground because I have something to say or I don't and people don't seem to be very receptive...
  23. Esurient Fere

    Psychopath test. Here we go, dosy do

    You score for primary psychopathy was higher than 76.98% of people who have taken this test. (3.1) You score for secondary psychopathy was higher than 83.97% of people who have taken this test. (3.4)
  24. Esurient Fere

    Job Shift, Civil to Petroleum Engineering

    I'm starting my training for petroleum engineering in a few weeks. I'll be working as a wire-line field engineer for Schlumberger. Does anyone have experience in this line of work and advice? I'll be in Abu Dhabi for three months training. I've done some cultural research but would...
  25. Esurient Fere

    The Sorting Hat

    56% Ravenclaw, 44% Hufflepuff, 58% Slytherin and 44% Gryffindor! Raven claw is a close second.
  26. Esurient Fere

    Shamelessly Average

    I lay in the sun to tan sometimes. I enjoy the outdoors. I was a good high school athlete. I was a college athlete (kinda normal). I don't understand chemistry (never tried tbh) Also, I just discovered the more button: :tree01: :nazi: :hoplite: :yuri:
  27. Esurient Fere

    ever misspell a word

    It makes me feel like I'm my own problem. I'm right but I can hardly believe it. More frustrating than disheartening.
  28. Esurient Fere

    What Gender Are You Internally?

    Interesting topic. I'd like to say my take on the feminine/masculine split is mostly defined by cultural factors and is a fluid concept. (There are some cultures where make-up is for men and is a masculine trait. A behavioral definition is subjective. a biological definition, which I'd call sex...
  29. Esurient Fere

    About you?

    What is your name? Hmm, what is a name really? A label to identify a specific personality? I have a few of those. The most relevant being my user name. Where are you from? Chicago. (At least to start.) How old are you? Well I've been breathing for twenty something years but...
  30. Esurient Fere

    How thick is your skin?

    Preach! I'm incredibly difficult to offend/anger. It may be because I'm just waiting to see how things unfurl. I have very limited emotional reaction. I understand what I should be feeling but I just don't. Sometimes I play the part and can convince anyone involved that I'm angry or whatever the...
  31. Esurient Fere

    The Tyranny of Eros

    I have thought of and attempted this. In my current rural area it doesn't really work out. I basically live in the middle of nowhere. However, I will be moving in July and the thought has crossed my mind. This sounds exhausting. It takes me some time to get to know someone to the level where...
  32. Esurient Fere

    ever misspell a word

    It happens all the time. How does it make me feel? Let me think about that... I'll get back to you next week.
  33. Esurient Fere

    Dissociative disorder/brain fog and asociality

    I haven't actually read anything by Jung. :storks: It seems that it might be an interesting avenue to explore but I'm simply not that motivated. I'm not really sure what I'm seeing in these photos. Not that a photo could convince me. In my mind it's possible but improbable and that's not...
  34. Esurient Fere

    Dissociative disorder/brain fog and asociality

    I wonder how much of this is the sub conscious. It's a powerfully scary place. I am skeptical, of course, but that must have been quite the experience. Things like that are life changing. I have encountered certain things that were far beyond me but that's probably getting too far off...
  35. Esurient Fere

    Dissociative disorder/brain fog and asociality

    Interesting. I wonder if even experiencing something would be enough to convince me. I like to think of Crowley as a man of doubt and this adds weight to that. I'll have to investigate farther myself. I would be interested in hearing your para-normal experiences if you're willing to share...
  36. Esurient Fere

    Dissociative disorder/brain fog and asociality

    I'm interested in new thoughts, point me in the right direction. I'm assuming we're talking about aleister crowley. I know a little about him (writing research) but not as much as I intend to. I agree with this.
  37. Esurient Fere

    Self-assessment: An INTP deficiency

    Oh yes. I think self perception is always flawed. We either confuse what we are with what we want to be or what we're afraid of being. Socially I've found the best way to deal with it is simply ignore it. Do your thing and people will think what they will of you. Those that don't get you...
  38. Esurient Fere

    Dissociative disorder/brain fog and asociality

    I hear you. My friend in psychology worked hard to get that term out of my head. No, and I think there is usually a scientific answer for most of them. That being said I do have room in my head for things beyond science. I believe in a higher power but only have a rough definition of it. Call...
  39. Esurient Fere

    The Tyranny of Eros

    This strikes a nerve. People who are unwilling to try immediately get "Da boot" as the locals say. Life is too short to be screwing around trying to convince someone that they should try. Let me clarify. I recognize that the idea of finding a final resting place is absurd. It's "the Journey"...
  40. Esurient Fere

    Friendship as a young INTP

    I'm not sure I'd want everyone to approach things logically. It would make sense to us but there would be a huge disparity in the emotional department. There are things I'm not well equipped to handle and I recognize other people are. As for just being you without all the posing. It can be...
  41. Esurient Fere

    Dissociative disorder/brain fog and asociality

    I think it's pretty normal, at least in the right circles... Loaded question, all together they are but individually they're almost their own things. Like the brain, the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Most of them are fairly two dimensional (there's even one I'd consider one...
  42. Esurient Fere

    The Tyranny of Eros

    Sorry, I missed your post during my last wall of text :) (I really need a shrug emoticon) I recognize that I have emotional needs. Due to my life experiences I need someone I can trust implicitly (without trust we have nothing. This holds true across everything.) and can understand my emotions...
  43. Esurient Fere

    Dissociative disorder/brain fog and asociality

    Hmm, I actually mapped out the my sub personalities and the basic components they bring to the table. (I have a chart and everything! with names and a little background.) I still disassociate on occasion but I've unified the consortium my head. It may just be an effect of not having an...
  44. Esurient Fere

    The Tyranny of Eros

    This sentence is very unassuming for how big it really is. I have run up against this before in both having my partner offer to "make" things work and carrying the mentality myself. I'm wary because when I gave it I ended up getting abused (Sob story I know, but it was years ago. I got out and...
  45. Esurient Fere

    Dissociative disorder/brain fog and asociality

    Interesting, I come for a nuclear family model and have a similar experience. I only have a handful of memories from before college/early college. I know I was moody bordering on bipolar with rapid extreme swings. I have terrible long term memory but rather good short term/working memory...
  46. Esurient Fere

    The Tyranny of Eros

    I appreciate all the input :) I have been on a pretty long journey deep into the inner world. It still feels like I'm just scratching the surface. I've been through two and a half years of therapy and three relevant relationships. I've learned a lot from all of this. Each relationship...
  47. Esurient Fere

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I used to braid my hair down to my belt line. People were so confused when the long-haired-bare-foot-hippy would hold the door open for them. Mildly entertaining.
  48. Esurient Fere

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    While you can still collect information from hair cells they're dead. Once the hair protrudes from the skin it's dead. The idea that this would gather and return sensory input seems more than far fetched. The effect may be real but the causal factor is more likely to be something along the lines...
  49. Esurient Fere

    How are you different from others of your type?

    I recently found out a close friend of mine is an INTP. He is very different from myself to the point where I think he's mis-typed. There are major differences between the two of us. He's not very concise, he tends to lean on his feelings for most things, and he has more respect for authorities...
  50. Esurient Fere

    The Tyranny of Eros

    In my invariably short existence I, like I suspect many of you, have had major problems navigating emotional landscapes. I've always found that it's clearly better to simply go after what you want but people can be so confusing. I've also spent an absorbent amount of time trying to figure out...
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