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  1. IfloatTHRUlife

    This should be fun!

    Freaking finally started college :elephant: Woot! As one would expect, i took a Psych class. We have already been given our directions and expectations for the semesters "big project" or whatever. Before she was even done talking i knew i wanted to do something relating the MBTI, it is the...
  2. IfloatTHRUlife

    Har Har I am bored.

    So, I am sitting at the front desk of a restaurant on my girlfriends laptop while she runs the cash register. Absolutely nothing to do so I figured I would make a thread discussing the awkwardness of sitting here jamming and reading while people come up and constantly stare at me. We have been...
  3. IfloatTHRUlife

    Forgive but can't forget.

    Do any of you ever feel like you are are a victim of your own logic? There are times when i know i should be angry, and probably at least say something, but i refrain because before i can get mad enough to say something, i stop myself because i come to the conclusion i am just overreacting. It...
  4. IfloatTHRUlife

    Anyone have a green thumb?

    I dont really make threads, it isnt my thing, but i have a question. I really love Bonsai, (hence me deciding on a bonsai as a new avatar after having my old one since i first joined the forum) I have wanted one for a long time but havent seen anything in any stores around where i live that...
  5. IfloatTHRUlife

    Staring into Space [thread split]

    One quick thought, do any of you tend to stare off into space a lot, in the past ive been laughed at for staring blankly at the sky or whatever is there. A while back my friends girlfriend was trying to make fun of me for staring at the Tv while it was off for about 40 minutes, i didn't even...
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