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  1. Auburn

    FTL (Short Film)

  2. Auburn

    The Armchair Physics Thread

    What if space is expanding because energy and space are interchangeable? And the universe's energy is slowly being converted into space? What if there is no dark energy, and there is only this effect as a consequence of entropy? And as the universe ages, more energy turns from waves to space...
  3. Auburn

    Is the internet dying?

    ^ I've seen this trend increase over the past 5+ years. Has the internet discussion age come to an end? Has global information become so widespread that everyone's opinion is now also diluted in equal proportion? Have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (etc) conditioned our generation to digest...
  4. Auburn

    Jungian Analysis of The Lion King

    For those a bit spooked, or off-put, by the often cryptic language used by Jung in his works, this is a *skeptic-friendly* version of his concepts :D, as explained by Jordan B. Peterson. He covers many of the core elements of what archetypes are, why they matter, how they are real (and in what...
  5. Auburn

    Auxiliary Function, Conscious/Unconscious?

    Thread for discussing the Auxiliary function, according to Jung -- and whether it classifies as conscious or unconscious. :) [split from silvermoon's thread] [/spoiler]
  6. Auburn

    Last anime you watched?

    Same idea as the "last movie you watched" thread, but for talking about the last Anime show or movie you watched. I recently watched "Your Name" ...and it's gotta be up there as one of the best films I've seen. It even managed to melt my cold apathetic heart, just a lot little. It's won a...
  7. Auburn

    The Typology Domain

    Some people believe, incorrectly, that the "MBTI" is a unanimous description of a single system. The truth is there are many sister typological systems involved in this domain, and depending on which one you're talking about -- what you mean by it can be entirely different. Here's a chart I put...
  8. Auburn

    Everything CT

    Hello! As some of you may know, I've been involved in the creation of a new typology model for the past five years - with the help of Renee Bayard and a few other core developers around the world. I've shared maybe about 5% of the theory on this forum some years ago, at most, as I've preferred...
  9. Auburn

    Getting Unstuck, Evolution & Growth

    This thread is about demotivation, mental paralysis and stagnation... whether in one's personal growth or outer dreams. I wonder how many forumers here feel like they've gotten stuck in a mental swamp? an emotional quicksand from which there seems to be no escape? Often, the ironic thing is...
  10. Auburn

    Forum Change in Direction

    Hey guys, This is a general announcement to all forumers about a decision I've put forward to the mod team, to shift the forum direction back to the outlined rules, which haven't been properly enforced for ages. Starting this year, the mod team will re-begin to enforce many of the management...
  11. Auburn

    Character Comparisons: Ne vs Ni

    I think this forum is severely lacking material on the theory which it's based on, so I figured I'd start this thread. But rather than using solely abstract verbal descriptions to differentiate these two very different functions -- this thread is dedicated mostly to tangible, visual/verbal...
  12. Auburn

    Pedagogy & How to Raise Actualized People

    I'm not sure how to best ask this, but here are a few variations. Hopefully the essence of the question is somewhere in there...How would you ideally educate children to fully realize their potential? And what would the best educational approach look like? What pedagogy is most optimally suited...
  13. Auburn

    Absurdists, what do you conjure?

    food for thought: link (this might not relate to all members, but i feel many forumers here carry absurdist/nihilist/existentialist philosophies so I'm curious...) Can you describe your internal fable? The paradigm that defines your overall approach and flow to life? If so, what is it for you...
  14. Auburn

    Pluto's Unveiling - New Horizon's Mission

    In 2 days and 13 hours, the New Horizons spacecraft will be at its closest point to Pluto. :balance: You can follow along at this continually updating Feed: http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/ We now know what Pluto's surface actually looks like (it's reddish-brown like Mars). I've been watching this...
  15. Auburn

    The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

    So I know The Introvert made a thread about this back in 2012, which didn't seem to go very far, and which is now stored away in archives... so I wanted to refresh the topic with a new thread, if that's ok with the mods... The TED talk with Elaine Morgan, which is necessarily brief, does not...
  16. Auburn

    The Anima in Anime

    Preliminary: .
  17. Auburn

    A Revitalization of Spirit

    So this might take some deep thought to answer, but I thought some members here might enjoy the challenge? <.< It's a tough question so I'll ask it first, and explain what I mean below it.. - o) If you could imagine an experience (not necessarily bound to known physics) that truly would be so...
  18. Auburn

    The Event Horizon Countdown

    A play of words.. I'm slowly becoming a bit of a technology nerd, or enthusiast, and I get excited seeing new technologies rolling-out. I've been resisting the urge to spill over with articles. Err, so rather than make a thread for each invention, I wanted to make this thread as a place to post...
  19. Auburn

    The Dirty Game

    IT'S THAT TIME! Prepare your (inner) perv for something that could end either exquisitely well or terribly gross. (which might be exquisite for some anyhow o.0) So it goes like this. The first member suggests *any* 2 objects/things and 1 verb they want. The next person has the joyous task of...
  20. Auburn

    Cosmos - A Space Time Odyssey

    Heya, have you guys seen the new Cosmos series? :D Full-Length Episodes: http://www.cosmosontv.com/watch/183733315515 Discuss? ^^
  21. Auburn

    I am Gaia

    And suddenly i(t) awakes... I(t) look at its fingers. I(t) sees them again. I(t) scrunches them into its palm, as i(t) has done for the past several million years. ...I am gaia. So I have been reincarnated again... I have not died for aeons. I only switch bodies endlessly. ...Remanifest. It's...
  22. Auburn

    Mars Terraform

    What if we approached Mars Terraforming like this... First, the issues: There isn't enough atmosphere on Mars, it would need to come from somewhere else. The core may need to be melted, giving Mars a magnetic field to protect from radiation. Water would need to be imported, as the...
  23. Auburn

    The Archetypes & Humanity

    I SOMETIMES FEEL LIKE SPILLING MY BLOOD OUT, TO TELL YOU... ---STAGE I?--- It won't make sense. It won't make sense. It won't f'kn make sense to them, or to me. Why does it pain me so... The stronger I feel, the stronger the lamentation is in my mind; the separation between bodies is an...
  24. Auburn

    INTPf History Book Project, Define a Member!

    Hi ^^; So the idea of this thread is as follows. A member will be called out, and everyone is free to add their description of the member, in as much or little detail as you'd like. After sufficient data has been accumulated, a new member will be called out. Do not include offensive...
  25. Auburn

    The Advent of Virtual Immersion

    I suspect it's only a matter of time before virtual full-body immersion occurs at mass levels, which brings me to the questions of this thread.... o) What world would you live in? o) What would you be like? In an era where one's identity/self can cease to have physical restrictions, I'm...
  26. Auburn

    Type Reading | Series

    Hellos! ^_^ I'll be releasing the rest of the videos in the Larin Visual Reading series all in this one thread to condense space. Please feel free to ask any questions. Introduction TiNe :: http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=15731 NiTe ...
  27. Auburn

    Hierarchy is not a Sliding Scale

    A (...quite crappy) chart for how the hierarchies work~! There are four oscillation pairs in each type. Primary Axis Oscillation (large blue wheel) Secondary Axis Oscillation (small blue wheel) Primary Mode Oscillation (top white wheel) Secondary Mode Oscillation (bottom white wheel)...
  28. Auburn

    What TiNe/INTP Really Looks Like!

    This video shows what TiNe (INTPs) really look like, for anyone who is confused about their type. Second in the series of how to type people visually. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djNyqqiIfk
  29. Auburn

    What an NiTe/INTJ Looks Like

    Here we go! This is the first type-specific video of the set, denoting much more detailed signals applicable to this type. Hope you enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsAoz6VKqJQ For those who may be conflicted on what type they may be, this should help clarify whether this is or isn't...
  30. Auburn

    Visually-Reading Cognitive Type (I)

    Hello dear forum.. ^^ I'm happy and exhausted to bring to you something I hope you enjoy. The video below, and what will follow is an accumulation of years of thought & theory - summed up as best as we can - in the hopes of ushering in a new comprehension of psychology. ..no INTPs were...
  31. Auburn

    Typology Cyber-Culture

    nvm. o.o;;
  32. Auburn

    Penny4Nasa Petition

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlGemHL5vLY Petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/double-nasa-s-budget-to-1-of-the-us-budget http://www.penny4nasa.org/
  33. Auburn

    Physiognomy: The Eight Cognitive Functions

    http://physiognomy.me/vfunctions/ Hello guys. As promised, this is the long awaited guide to identifying the eight cognitive functions visually as well as a person's psychological Type. This is the present result of a group of us who are working on remodeling the present typology system...
  34. Auburn

    Eight Different Eyes: Ne & Ni

    Note: This is an independent thread I am making from my own observations & experience with the phenomenon as of today. The samples presented will be some of the clearest to see the differentiation in, but keep in mind the distinctions are often more subtle than this. This is just an exercise in...
  35. Auburn

    Crash Course on the Eight Functions

    There are resources all around on the 8 functions & MBTI, but for those who want a quick crash course, this thread is for you. It can't be simplified much more than this. Premise: The idea is the psyche is divided into "Perception" and "Judgment" processes. Now perception is how your mind...
  36. Auburn

    The NeuroScience of Typology

    We've all wanted to know this for ages, well here's the beginnings of it! This is a pilot study of the neuroscience behind personality type. It's an hour and a half long video - but imo well worth the time for those who desire a more profound understanding of brain/type. Authors@Google: Dario...
  37. Auburn

    Member Assisted Forum Search

    Hey all, So the concept is for this thread to be a member-assisted forum search. :3 What I mean by this is that if someone is unable to find a particular post or thread via the forum search function members can ask here if anyone else remembers where that thread or post was located. (because...
  38. Auburn

    The He-Man Woman Hater's Club

    ...um.. So there's been some woman-bashing going on lately, so I'd like to dedicate this club to all you woman haters. This is the place where you can all come and talk all you want about their vileness, make all the generalizations and stereotypes you want about the female sex - and bask...
  39. Auburn

    Perfection & Actualization

    The quest for happiness - the primary obsession of all humanity. It defines the entirety of human existence - it's history, cultures, wars, arts, religions and deities - and has rattled the foundations of the world; shaping it into what it is today. Every myth and god man has created is...
  40. Auburn

    Retro Avatar Week

    With permission from the forum's very own Avatar coordinator, miss Nyx, I'd like to initiate the forum's first Retro Avatar Week! Quite simply, participants put on the very first avatar they used on this forum (or a very early avatar that was used for a long time) from May 20-27th. Post your...
  41. Auburn

    Gravity Defined!

    I want to share with you my own theory of gravity. I posted a sketchy version of this elsewhere months ago but this is a revised version. I've had this theory in my mind since I was eleven. To help you visualize; imagine being underwater. You see little bubbles form and rise to the top, right...
  42. Auburn

    Fortune Teller

    The game Each poster acts as the fortuneteller of the previous poster, and gives an interpretation of their situation/story/dream. Then they may also tell one of their own dreams, stories, or a situation they're in and ask for an interpretation. ~~~ I had them most bizarre dream a...
  43. Auburn

    Devil's Advocate

    What's said in this thread stays in this thread, and is not applicable outside of it. :cat: There is no limit to what can be discussed in here, nor a specific topic. It is merely a place where one can play devil's advocate* for the mere stimulation and beauty of it. This thread is a haven for...
  44. Auburn

    Functions Roleplay Story - Discussion & Reactions

    I love it! Don't listen to Ore! =P Hehe, and of course, the intps make Ti look all badass.. :rolleyes: :smoker: Oh my, I'm scared to continue this story.. I feel the expectations would be high and I think I'd come short of awesome and disappoint.
  45. Auburn

    Functions Roleplay Story

    The game is simple enough but it takes some creativity. Add on to the story with each post. You can choose to talk for as many or little functions as you'd like. For simplicity's sake we can start off with very stereotypical reactions. The setting of the story is in the future. There's a war...
  46. Auburn

    Intuition & Manipulation

    Warning - The following are only half-baked thoughts. It's awfully confusing even to me, but I'm hoping someone will understand what I'm trying to convey. Intuition, when directed towards understanding people, can produce a high awareness of what reactions one could expect from others. If the...
  47. Auburn

    So.. where do you belong?

    I noticed that in IB's thread, many people mentioned they don't feel they belong here entirely. So I became curious... Where do you belong? You can answer it in terms of physical location, in terms of surrounding company, in terms of spirituality, the metaphysical, or in whatever way(s) best...
  48. Auburn

    Adding IRC to the forum?

    I've noticed that the chat box which is currently set up on the forum is dead most of the time, while the irc channel to the forum is constantly active. Do you think the forum chat box could be replaced with an irc widget? A lot of members probably don't know about the irc - and future members...
  49. Auburn

    MBTI an Illusion?

    I'm actually surprised this has had little discussion in this forum. Seeing how it is our nature to question most any concept and theory down to the very nuts and bolts, why not question the MBTI in the same manner? I wonder... We all seem to join this forum with the preconception that the MBTI...
  50. Auburn

    Mm, is it too late to ask? ^^;

    ....-sigh-... mmhmm... I was looking forward to reading what you all might suggest as a title for me. I really liked the idea of reaching 1,000 posts before receiving a title and then having others choose a title for you. What that did is create a reputation for you during those 1,000 - and the...
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