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  1. Millennials are boring

    I have the goddamn world at my fingertips and you're bitching that you can't have an IRL conversation. Jesus christ. Maybe no one wants to listen to you or anyone else drone on about stories in the past. Is there a lot of cringey shit out there? Is generalizing/stereotyping a whole...
  2. Is He-man gay?

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=&ved=0ahUKEwi80u_Anr_MAhWJ6CYKHe4bBk8Q8TUIHDAA&usg=AFQjCNF1sHlk2z9QIx28jtvfnGP_UlkifA&sig2=VbDkeF3lGX6McFhmWjrosw Oldie but a goodie
  3. It's really cold

    Colorado Coldest in the past month was -32F (-35C) with wind chill it felt like -40F. Avg high humidity 80% Hurt to breath outside. Ski/facemasks/scarves very common. Ice on the inside of some cars and windows. No gloves? Say goodbye to feeling in your fingers, well aside from the pain...
  4. most complex/difficult books you have read

    Read that a bit ago. Unfortunately it doesn't end up tying anything together really. Besides some dense Jung stuff, dense philosophy stuff, I'd probably agree with others in math textbooks Once was so bored read Grey's anatomy... Read my gf's college textbooks when I'm bored too
  5. What are you all reading?

    Recently: Meh was ok. Nothing new. Better than the aforementioned, but still nothing new. Only starting it, not bad, suppose to be Orwellian. Open to reccomendations
  6. Mr. Robot

    I liked it. Looking fwd to season 2. http://i.imgur.com/xdynwaJ.png
  7. When humans become obsolete

    Ah, the new manifest destiny :D Bring it on!!!
  8. Replies Too Verbose

  9. Denver

    < ..."rent prices"
  10. Does infinity exist in real world?

    ^ we live in a finite universe, therefore infinites do not exist. Keywords: theoretical, but even more importantly: Concept (aka, abstract, not physical existence)
  11. Mein Kampf is coming out!

    The book is goddamn gibberish (read it)
  12. Failed reproducibility of psychological research

  13. Torrent Seeding

    Your reasoning is sound...except that society isn't set up in the proper way as it exists today. Another example, related to this, would be the legal system. What happens when the "proper" channels fail? You called user Analyzer childish, but you expecting the system to work infallibly as it is...
  14. You've really upped your higher-level / higher-order speaking(Language) since I last read you

    You've really upped your higher-level / higher-order speaking(Language) since I last read you
  15. INTP & ENTP focus enhancers

    I'm sure you already know, but my doc rec'd flax-seed over the Om3 pills (I imagine your type is expensive too)
  16. INTP & ENTP focus enhancers

    Seems miss spelt beat me to the trolling, Kidding of course, but I do feel the need to nitpick Google define drugs = "a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body." Now obviously you meant the connotation and not the...
  17. Allow me a rant

    > First reaction: WTF O_O > second LMAO. The system failed Someone fucked up The specialists fucked up Hmm...it appears the patient is ... angry, it seems he'll need brain surgery Oh, and if you did/do indeed have a reason to litigate, you better lol
  18. An INTP’s Career Journey & Reflections

    I have been expecting this for awhile. The article seems a bit... flat. Perhaps it's because I've read most/all of it through you (here) before, but it feels empty. Maybe too short. (though I understand not very many people would read something "long," and might even consider this article...
  19. INTPs’ & ISTPs’ “One Thing”

    ITT: Shitshow Oh, wait. It doesn't work like that here... Meanwhile over on /r/entp Anyone else feel like they can't concentrate on any one thing? - http://www.reddit.com/r/entp/comments/3jh94r/anyone_else_feel_like_they_cant_concentrate_on/ /lol
  20. nice picture^ mod

    nice picture^ mod
  21. I Finally Discovered Pressure Cookers! :D (US)

    totse is more of THD's thing
  22. What has greatest value on earth?

    I forget the exact quote (it's more elegant and eloquent), but:
  23. I Finally Discovered Pressure Cookers! :D (US)

    lol c'mon, you alrdy knw tho. FI all the way (if youre asking if I'm a forum member, I am not, but I read everything - I'm a lurker) I was going to get an electric one, but since it was my first time, I decided to go with the oven-based one, good to know it works though! Also, I've thought...
  24. I Finally Discovered Pressure Cookers! :D (US)

    I've been using a slow-cooker [crock-pot] for years to make my stews, or lentils (prime use) (Every day or really 6/7 days/week) I had never even heard of a pressure cooker before. I was reading something over at www.earlyretirementextreme.org and saw the word "pressure-cooker." I did some...
  25. Are you lonely?

    Sometimes I feel a longing, but I'm not lonely, though often alone. Lots of lonely people it seems though :'(
  26. Ask SpaceYeti, mk II

    best way to cook tenderloins? do you make any money off of your blogs?
  27. Anatomy of Bias

    Ok, yeah, sure? but what are you actually saying with that? And suicidal people's brains are inclined/biased towards death, instead of life. and child molestors brains are biased to molesting children. and musicians might be inclined to produce music. and mathematicians might be biased to do...
  28. where do you meet women?

    right on
  29. What colors do you see?

  30. today i met a lady from wisconsin

    u wot m8
  31. Endgame

    I feel like there's a word for this...
  32. Generation Y should calm down a bit

    Agreed. I'm a GYPSY yo, I'm not even old enough to be blamed! :D :D :D
  33. Generation Y should calm down a bit

    Your interpretation of my interpretation is wrong... I get the point the author is trying to make. But with the same exact words that he used, I am saying they are wrong determining it to be a negative thing. it's a positive thing.
  34. Mom? Jk :ahh04:

    Mom? Jk :ahh04:
  35. Generation Y should calm down a bit

    [/spoiler] As a side-note, any readers of Strauss–Howe generational theory ?
  36. Remake of Ghost in the Shell

    I wonder if ScarJo is into AI or stuff like that, or people just cast her GitS and Her
  37. Define "Reaching your potential"

    Your new profile pic = your upper potential limit
  38. Insomniacs

    For the music that gets you to sleep, or in a sweet drift off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFin1IG2yis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd4EE-0yLuk
  39. the overly repetitive african names thread

    I hope African-American counts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSrTnWDTdwI
  40. How do you find Satori?

    Bliss. I had the best dream (Ever?), in awhile, not too long ago. It was pure music, no sights, I *was* the music, the rhythm and sounds and what not. I could control everything about the music, because I was it. Unfortunately this doesn't happen too often, but the state associated with it...
  41. can memories unfurl

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqFUmo8VVg0 define unfurl: So, assuming the "repressed"(jumbled) memories are "unfolding"(spreading out), I guess so. Why necro? Heard this song on the radio today, lol Also, I kinda like it...
  42. A Recapitulation: OUT OF THE SCHIZ(V)OID

    Google define recapitulation:
  43. A Recapitulation: OUT OF THE SCHIZ(V)OID

    A collection of links I will be using, not including our very own INTPf http://www.schizoids.info/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizoid_personality_disorder He felt Nothing. It may have been an emptiness or a void, but succinctly, it was Nothing. He did not feel the Cold and he did not...
  44. An 'ought' from an 'is', existential pragmatism ethics

    you side stepped my point, you: self is external(to some extent) guy that doesnt think so/care goes into wilderness and dies (so he dies, so what? he didnt care about the external)
  45. An 'ought' from an 'is', existential pragmatism ethics

    You are a master baiter, but as am I. Los dos? (y not both) You really meant: :rolleyes: Given your first arguemnt self = status/exeternal/not-inherent, that has nothing to do with whether he survives or not, only whether he defines himself as such LOL
  46. An 'ought' from an 'is', existential pragmatism ethics

    status =/= self, a description(adjective) yes, but not the same so yes you can be human if you are the last one, no the self is not external at all, everything external about the self is merely adjectives, in relation to, if your definiton is " I define myself in relation to to others" then...
  47. Determinism

    there is also scientific, but besides the point ig, nvm
  48. Intelligent Design (pure)

    agreed the molecular arrangement is likely profoundly different http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzCvlFRISIM
  49. Determinism

    plz use the sriacha (googol) function before creating new waste i mean threads before defecating and r else u will receive many spankings milk anyway, relevantly and seriously why ask about QM(science) determinism in philosophy?
  50. What is the meaning of life?

    but y suicide "what is the meaning of life" google has many definitons of life and so does thy OED and webster so there u go case closed n solved also computerhxer is correct, atoms have life, have u ever spoken to dem? they talk back, but he mght be wrng bc only molecules have lives , not...
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