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  1. IfloatTHRUlife

    Your life goals? Dreams?

    Appppparently my reply didnt send, and im too lazy to try to recall everything i said but in short i said something along the lines of.. I accept that what i have been through is not as bad as some breakups i have seen so i take it as a learning experience and that i am better off not being with...
  2. IfloatTHRUlife

    Your life goals? Dreams?

    I struggle with the idea of a dream or goals. For the past 5 years of my life i pushed toward what seemed to be the thing that would make me happy. I had moved to New York City from the town where i grew up. I found a work environment that satisfied me despite being stressful. I had met many...
  3. IfloatTHRUlife

    poverty and expression of intellect!

    From personal experience i would say money has nothing to do with "genius" in itself, rather the way it is expressed. I come from a poor family, and lived a very minimalist life. I had a computer but that was basically my only outlet to the world around me. I participated in no school...
  4. IfloatTHRUlife

    This should be fun!

    Freaking finally started college :elephant: Woot! As one would expect, i took a Psych class. We have already been given our directions and expectations for the semesters "big project" or whatever. Before she was even done talking i knew i wanted to do something relating the MBTI, it is the...
  5. IfloatTHRUlife

    INTP family reunion stress

    Heh, just one relative, not even in my room. Even for just a week, i am pretty much closed up in my room, and only briefly talk to them when i go out to get food etc. I dont really have family reunions very often, i have only took part in a few, but have had a few people stay, some multiple...
  6. IfloatTHRUlife

    Har Har I am bored.

    Well, anything that isnt going to spoil overnight in the fridge like the stuff on the salad bar, we keep. But pretty much all the hot food is thrown out when we are cleaning up before we go home. All the fried stuff is thrown out because it will just get hard and nasty in the fridge. All the...
  7. IfloatTHRUlife

    Har Har I am bored.

    LOL thats a game im not so eager to play. Her family might stab me. And it is a chinese buffet, i might become part of the menu.
  8. IfloatTHRUlife

    Har Har I am bored.

    Meh it okay, i have just been listening to disturbed and reading stuff on the forum. Kind of awkward though, i keep ignoring when people come up so i am pretty oblivious of my facial expression. For all i know i could have a huge retarded grin on my face and people are probably looking at me...
  9. IfloatTHRUlife

    Har Har I am bored.

    So, I am sitting at the front desk of a restaurant on my girlfriends laptop while she runs the cash register. Absolutely nothing to do so I figured I would make a thread discussing the awkwardness of sitting here jamming and reading while people come up and constantly stare at me. We have been...
  10. IfloatTHRUlife

    How do You deal with stress?

    Me too Melly.. me too. Although i am not as bad with the type of stress being mentioned in the original post any more. It bothered me a lot when i was younger but now i just kind of say fuck it. Butttt, if i am irritated by something, it tends to get blown out of proportion, i isolate myself...
  11. IfloatTHRUlife

    "well... I read some articles about it..."

    The way i always put it is, i know a little about a lot. I am not exactly an expert on many things, but i know enough about so many topics that i can more or less take part in any random conversation i want, often clarifying things for people. The funny thing is, if someone were to say...
  12. IfloatTHRUlife

    2 black holes question

    They would just envelop each other. They absorb matter, regardless of what it is, a black hole is just a ridiculously dense jumble of matter. Kind of interesting to imagine though, maybe some cataclysmic event would happen as the two black holes met each others event horizons. Then again maybe...
  13. IfloatTHRUlife

    How often do you encounter crackpots?

    You spelled vacuum wrong.
  14. IfloatTHRUlife

    Keeping an intp man happy?

    @Darude11 - Took some time to delve into personality profiles and reflect some thoughts. I have come to the conclusion that she is indeed a ISFP, not J. (Could have done this a long time ago, but its not like the information is all too important.) Anyway, this may slightly verify the article...
  15. IfloatTHRUlife

    Keeping an intp man happy?

    #1 - Accurate, any man is going to like sex whenever they want it though. Definitely do prefer it when my partner initiates it though. This pretty much never happens though, and from experience, if i am the one who has to attempt to start things every time, it starts to feel like my partner just...
  16. IfloatTHRUlife

    The Joke Thread

    LOL James, i know that joke, it is one of my all time favorites, i used to go around telling everyone that mess. People tend to give me an awkward look after i tell them.. still haven't figured out why.. :confused: Another one i always liked was- What is worse than cutting up a dead baby...
  17. IfloatTHRUlife

    How long do you think you'll live for?

    When i was younger, sometimes i would think about the future of the group of friends i spent most of my time with. I always had this nagging thought that i would be the first of us to go. Never had any specific reason, i knew i obviously couldn't predict the future, it was just the way i felt...
  18. IfloatTHRUlife

    Do you ever contradict yourself?

    Being an intp doesn't necessarily make you more intelligent than anyone, but we do have the most logical thought process of all the MBTI types. :D I am the first to admit i lack a solid education, but i also understand that rationality cannot be taught. As for actually doubting my...
  19. IfloatTHRUlife

    does identifying with your "type" (particularly INTP's) bring you fulfillment?

    The first time i read through the descriptions of an INTP, i was so amazed. I smiled harder and harder with every awkward trait i read. It helped to explain a lot for me, the differences between me and other people, explained my behavior around other people. I would say it has changed my life...
  20. IfloatTHRUlife

    Are you an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph?

    A lot more of us are probably ectomorph. After looking into it more, i am probably one. If you are skinny, and stay skinny more or less no matter what, you are an ectomorph. This doesnt mean you are going to be a pencil though, dont be fooled into thinking you are necessarily mesomorph if you...
  21. IfloatTHRUlife

    Introverted Feeling and Introverted Thinking?

    Well, if introverted thinking and introverted feeling were to perform as your dominant and auxiliary functions(this is what i assumed you were saying), you would be entirely incapable of complex thought because your two most preferred functions would be judging functions. Your perceptive...
  22. IfloatTHRUlife

    Are you an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph?

    Hard time saying, i have read about these types a little when i was younger but was never really into it. I would say i am an ectomorph that retains mesomorphic traits, or i am just a really unhealthy mesomorph. I have a very poor diet and i never work out, but my arms have always been kind of...
  23. IfloatTHRUlife

    What do INTPs dislike in games?

    Love simulation car games, forza and gran turismo for example, but neither game has any kind of free roam option where you can just ride around a city. Then games like the GTA and Mafia series, who do allow you to roam, swap cars etc. dont have the tuning/performance options or simulation...
  24. IfloatTHRUlife

    INTP gender poll

    I care not! Of 493 active members, only 113 people have voted in the last two months. I refuse to contribute until at least 237½ people have voted and given a more accurate base. :elephant:
  25. IfloatTHRUlife

    INTP gender poll

    It does surprise me how many females there are actually, although in the grand scheme of things i am sure the ratio would be more balanced if everyone were to actually answer the poll. (I didnt vote because i personally wish the poll to reflect my opinion, so voting would only skew it more :D)...
  26. IfloatTHRUlife

    Hello INTP's

    Sure we could plan out how to fix all the worlds problems, but sadly we have too much working against us. Religious beliefs, racism, nationalism, a freaking massive herd of stubborn SJ types... But it would still be good fun to try :D And HELLO both of you, my name is Jeffy, i like apples!
  27. IfloatTHRUlife

    INTPs and the nerd stereotype

    I would definitely consider myself a nerd. The main problem is, there are different kinds of nerds, not all nerds are focused entirely on academics. To me, being a nerd just means that you take any of your intellectual pursuits seriously, and this can be anything. When i play video games i am...
  28. IfloatTHRUlife

    Big Bang Theory (comedy series)

    The show isn't bad, but sheldon is the only interesting part, everything else is mediocre. Then again i don't watch TV, i find it boring, so my opinion is kind of irrelevant. As for Sheldon's type, too hard to say. Scorpio gives a compelling argument that makes me want to say he is right. At...
  29. IfloatTHRUlife

    INTP shit you did as a child

    Spent my early childhood alone in my room doing whatever i damn well pleased. Never talked to anyone except one girl in school until i was in middle school. Sort of got in trouble all throughout middle and high school for not participating or doing homework to the point that the entire...
  30. IfloatTHRUlife

    Member stories, lets hear some

    Yay cop stories. One day 3 friends and i were out on a journey, we were in the most ghetto part of town looking for this apartment complex we had to drop my one friend off at so he could get us weed. We get there, we drop him off and sit there for a while waiting for him, we call him and he...
  31. IfloatTHRUlife

    Forgive but can't forget.

    The time for assault may come, and it may not. If this day does come, it shall be a glorious day, but i have little hope of ever meeting my target.
  32. IfloatTHRUlife

    Forgive but can't forget.

    Indeed, my situation is not exactly that severe though. I am still with the girl, and she never entirely cheated on me, she was just in a situation where she had a lapse in judgement and it never went further than having kissed this guy. Me and her have been in a long distance relationship for 2...
  33. IfloatTHRUlife

    Eye contact with strangers.

    I have a really hard time with eye contact. In fact the only time i can think of that i actually maintain eye contact is when i am angry. Then again i have trouble with pretty much all aspects of my own facial expression and eye movement. I dont even know what i look like when i am just idly...
  34. IfloatTHRUlife

    Forgive but can't forget.

    Well, i never really intended to make this a thread about my problem, i intended to see if any other INTPs have problems with their own rationality stopping them from being angry or standing up for themselves etc. But if it must be this way, that is okay also. Like i said before though, i...
  35. IfloatTHRUlife

    Forgive but can't forget.

    Do any of you ever feel like you are are a victim of your own logic? There are times when i know i should be angry, and probably at least say something, but i refrain because before i can get mad enough to say something, i stop myself because i come to the conclusion i am just overreacting. It...
  36. IfloatTHRUlife

    Guess my type.

    i say intj, i have my reasons, but i shall refrain from sharing them until i am told i am wrong.
  37. IfloatTHRUlife

    Abstract Thought and Depression

    I found both articles quite interesting. Funny thing about the one article, i may be depressed because my thoughts about my life are realistic, but the same thoughts lead me to believe that it is normal to feel this way, so do i even have any kind of disorder that needs to be fixed? or do i...
  38. IfloatTHRUlife

    Do INTP's have "addictive personalities" ?

    Yes i think INTPs have an addictive personality. I would say this on many different levels. An intp who has become accustomed to having any form of satisfaction at their disposal, will routinely return to it, be it a drug, some kind of food, or even a favored intellectual pursuit. I wouldnt say...
  39. IfloatTHRUlife

    The picture of an INTP - ISTJ relationship

    I was laughing my ass off for a good 20 seconds.
  40. IfloatTHRUlife

    Helping a friend...

    I may seem like a dick saying this, but i get the feeling you guys are underestimating the OP's intelligence and just assuming they are some feeler trying to pry. If you actually read the posts you can see the person obviously understands their personality and the personality of their friend...
  41. IfloatTHRUlife

    SpaceYeti hearts his snack drawer

    :phear: I'm 6' even, and float around 140-150. I am too lazy to eat most of the time, not only is it too much of a task to be in my kitchen and have to put up with my mothers dog barking at me incessantly while i prepare food, i never feel like actually sitting and eating. I don't really enjoy...
  42. IfloatTHRUlife

    Helping a friend...

    Lol a gift is a gift, they are meant to excite emotions, which in this case is all the OP wants, there are no alterior motives. It is entirely innocent. The worst that could happen is he feels a little experimented with, which im sure if he was going to feel bothered by that he wouldn't have...
  43. IfloatTHRUlife

    SpaceYeti hearts his snack drawer

    Freaking sweet snack drawer bro! You're killin me though, i cant stand a lot of chocolate, the only thing i would eat out of that drawer would be the skittles and peanuts. How am i supposed to break in and raid your snack drawer while you are asleep if all you have is chocolate... :phear:
  44. IfloatTHRUlife

    Helping a friend...

    You know, i laughed sooooo so hard when i read "He is as far as I know never sad, happy or angry. He generally is either amused by something or annoyed by it." I have never thought to put it into words like that, but that is me more or less. Good stuff. Anyway, to remain on topic, it is hard...
  45. IfloatTHRUlife

    Fear of intimacy

    Better be a good post :phear: I accidentally closed my browser after i had already written like 5 paragraphs and came back and ended up thinning it down to the shit you see. :D
  46. IfloatTHRUlife

    Fear of intimacy

    I beg to differ, i did have intimacy issues when i was younger but now i am in a relationship, and i would like to think i am a very romantic person, i love cuddling, whether it leads to something or not. It literally comes down to being able to accept someone as another human being, they aren't...
  47. IfloatTHRUlife


    Maybe i am the only one, but i love trolls, i just have one condition, that their trolling attempts are at least clever and humorous. Of course this is a lot to ask of your common troll, for they are quite feeble minded creatures, but on the rare occasion i come across a good troll all i have to...
  48. IfloatTHRUlife

    Dream 'Job'

    I would build... What i would build? I have no clue.. :confused: I guess i could try to list a few things? -Design more efficient housing and commercial buildings -Design more efficient means of travel (while taking into consideration that some vehicles would still need the power and size to...
  49. IfloatTHRUlife

    How to get an insecure INTP to shut the fuck up????

    Lol i come back after all this time and this is the stuff i see on this forum.. Sad If you want your problems solved with an INTP, complaining to other INTPs wont really help you much, have you even honestly opened up to him? Many people have said this already but we are pretty oblivious...
  50. IfloatTHRUlife

    What makes you feel depressed?

    When i was younger it depressed me thinking that, one day i would have to take part in the system we call life, the meaningless repetition of the day to day going to work, coming home, trying to find something to entertain myself until i went to sleep, wake up the next day and start it over...
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