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  1. I Finally Discovered Pressure Cookers! :D (US)

    I've been using a slow-cooker [crock-pot] for years to make my stews, or lentils (prime use) (Every day or really 6/7 days/week) I had never even heard of a pressure cooker before. I was reading something over at www.earlyretirementextreme.org and saw the word "pressure-cooker." I did some...
  2. Insomniacs

    For the music that gets you to sleep, or in a sweet drift off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFin1IG2yis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd4EE-0yLuk
  3. A Recapitulation: OUT OF THE SCHIZ(V)OID

    A collection of links I will be using, not including our very own INTPf http://www.schizoids.info/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizoid_personality_disorder He felt Nothing. It may have been an emptiness or a void, but succinctly, it was Nothing. He did not feel the Cold and he did not...
  4. Banking

    How does one choose(decide) a Bank/Credit Union? lel no, but seriously
  5. Social/Cultural "Norms?"

    "What's the weirdest social norm that nobody seems to question?" http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/26kwwh/whats_the_weirdest_social_norm_that_nobody_seems/ Figured since we have members from all over the world, it would be interesting to see if anyone had anything...funny (to the rest...
  6. Elliot Rodger, the Supreme Gentleman and his mass shooting [split from Psychology of the beautiful g

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHD2zCMuluQ Well, Cog, at least you aren't this guy
  7. A Hero of Our Time

    For @Absurdity, Geroy nashego vremeni a generation's vices in full bloom condensed by yours truly Preface: People have been fed so much candy they are sick to their stomachs. Now bitter medicine and acid truths are needed. http://www.eldritchpress.org/myl/bela1.jpg Part I: Bela I...
  8. The Journal of Psychological Type

    Overall: Brings nothing new to the table, but confirms veracity of previous thoughts on Type.
  9. lol Visual(Imagery) Cognitive Functions

    I've been meaning to draw a picture and give an explanation for my thoughts on the function, but I lack any artistic skill whatsoever when it comes to that...I still intend to, but I just wanted to share this: http://psyphics.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/cognitive-functions.png...
  10. Empirical Investigation of Jung's Psychological Types and Personality Disorder Features

    Feel like I've shared this a lot of times before, but never bothered to make a thread on it. Just interesting http://www.uccs.edu/Documents/dsegal/An-empirical-investigation-Jungs-types-and-PD-features-JPT-2.pdf Four pages long, worth the read/glance. outtakes (none too surprising really)...
  11. Command & Conquer

    http://openra.res0l.net fck yeah! :D if anyone wants to play let me know :D
  12. How Many of You were "Late Bloomers" ?

    When did you "bloom?" Obviously this is a term that relates to outside the average. I'm just curious. edit: thank you for the poll (@powerThatBe) :) ! If you have anything to add on your "late development" please do chime in.
  13. Question | Challenge [CONTEST!]

    Define "dimension," "exponent(ial)," "(order of)magnitude," and "meta," and relate them.
  14. Normal | Normality & Normalism

    Nothing particularly special, but lately I've seen a lot of "is doing X normal?" on the forumz. "Normal" is merely the average, or less than one or two standard deviations from the average. Particularly relevant to the social aspect of life.
  15. Why are Individuals Equal(?)

    ...Further explication provided in post 40 discuss plz use reasons because I'm bored and I just like to see what the public thinks (but also coz it's important) I imagine many of the users here will either explicate the rise of the individual via technology/industrialism or cooperation, but...
  16. Syntax & Semantics 101 | come ye pedants and didacts

    Because diagramming is fun http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/diagrams2/preamble.gif This is the place for utter discussion of both the denotation and connotation of words. As probably only some people have access to an OED, we will be using http://www.merriam-webster.com for our...
  17. ANOMIE | TimeAsylums' Utter Lack of Ethics | [lol: "utter lack of integrity"] ( TRIVIAL )

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT??? THIS NARCISSIST IS MAKING ANOTHER GODDAMN THREAD ABOUT HIMSELF???!!!!!!! Because: Recently [Thread on Chalmers, Other threads on TA, TA's 2 Meta Threads] (and not so recently) [Witch-Hunt Thread et al], Many people seem concerned with my ethics, or rather the lack...
  18. THD/TA video for Auburn (on ENTPs)

  19. The Pun Thread 2.0

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7tOAGY59uQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-rQZ6IGhCM How many advanced-level puns via Chomsky Hierarchies can you create? Are you as good as Lil' Wayne? I don't know who the fuck (or if he does) writes his lyrics, but they fucking get Ne going. Some from...
  20. How to: Meta // Mastering the Ne

    How to go beyond an idea: Ignore brash language, and focus on the message: http://richardkulisz.blogspot.com/2011/04/on-meta-leveling-design-strategy-1.html "Time, are you saying Ni's can't meta?" They can. The process is simply might be different. Ne (deductive reasoning)...
  21. Donnie Darko

    Man I've loved this movie since forever, only seen it like ~10 times fucking love how asperg/autisic/schizo/bipolar he comes off +/- the meds + trouble with authority + e'eerything From pretty much age 0-18 can identify My life in a nutshell ->
  22. MBTI and Psycopathy..OR NOT, so STFU.

    Because you insignificant little shits should listen to anything I tell you at this point Because I'm fucking tired of hearing xXxX, are they psychopaths + Because I truly did mull it over You're waiting for my awesome correlations, right? No link. No correlation. End of discussion. Look...
  23. Breaking the Meta | Formalization & Structuring of Cognitive Function(s) | MBTI & BEYOND!

    Minimal Requirement Please have at least read all of the PJ (least formalized)* and RK (most formalized)* links in Sources Introduction As any TJ knows, formal declarations (definitions) are everything. This is an attempt to formalize and analyze the methods by which the cognitive...
  24. Theories of Psychological and Personality Development

    Jung, Dabrowski, Maslow ____________________ ~ Theories of Psychological and Personality Development ~ ____________________ ____________________ ~ Thus far ~ ____________________ ____________________ ~ notes ~ ____________________ ____________________ My...
  25. Self-induced Sleep Deprivation and Fasting

    What's the longest you've been without sleep? What were the effects? What's the longest you've been without food? What were the effects? Both of these for me have been self induced. I've repeatedly, as I imagine most of you have as well, gone over 24 hours without sleep, but my...
  26. Rorschach inkblot test

    note: don't be a fucking douche and lie in an attempt to be "original," just say what you fucking see -.- SEE SECOND POST SPOILER TO TAKE TEH TEST URSELF!!! BEFORE READING MOAR when u r finished, i srsly recommend reading the entire link about the test, it's good stuff, esp on cultural...
  27. House of Cards

    Ze Netflix Original starring Kevin Spacey So, who type are all the main characters? Disclaimer: I haven't truly put that much thought into it, just mused about it. and have seen both seasons. Won't be surprised if my first guesstimates are wrong: Frank Underwood: entp Why? After reading...
  28. Rousseau, specifically Progress vs Stability in Modern Times

    Discuss ...both sides
  29. Tony Montana

    Whatever way you spin it I really see him as an Introvert, just the aura that is portrayed about his character I recognize in many people that I know today, their "energy" (aura) is focused on themselves, (no, I'm not saying all introverts are narcissists, but you get a totally different vibe...
  30. Ergonomics

    figure as you call yerselves the architects you'd be interested, I thought it was cool (it's on netflix too) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Objectified so watch it, many aesthetics.
  31. Small Life +'s

    As I don't mean to perpetrate pseudoscience or false facts or whatever, all things are open to debate/discussion/evidence/experience. I will only post what I have tried myself. Cold water/lukewarm water > Hot water - for showers. Hot water dries out your skin, and apparently cold water is...
  32. Pederasty

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pederasty_in_ancient_Greece http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pederasty Discuss With all the current discussion on gender, sex, homosexuality, pedophilia etc I thought it would be interesting to see all of your opinions on it. Note: please see both links for...
  33. The Greatest Love Stories <Anime>

    Post only pictures/scenes (not videos) of the greatest 'love' stories from anime. Love is to be loosely interpreted. the greatest love story of all time:
  34. Suggestions/Fun end of 2013

    for this new year you will delete all of your posts in the past 24 hrs! merry happy chaos eve year!
  35. hidden agendas

    we've seen this link many times before and discussed it, but idr a thread. you don't have to look too much into it, as many of the hidden agendas deal with the unconscious functions anyway, tert/inf. I very much acknowledge my own (ENTP) to be loved, and it is extremely easy to see how other...
  36. New Years Resolutions!

    Now that teh "merry christmas" has come to pass, let us hear your thoughts and ideations and likely failures for the new year. there is no longer anything i crave from this world
  37. NCIS

    lol, just catching up on NCIS Season 9 Ep 23 Gibbs new gf goes "it must be so hard for an Introverted Intuitive Feeler like you" lol writers telling us his MBTI is INF wottt. (guessing def judger, so INFJ lol would've said ISxJ, but whatever, I guess that Ni is where all the "gut feelings"...
  38. Adolescence

    Discuss Just another social-cultural invention by way of modern industrialism? Or a legitimate psychological phase by way of modernism that did not exist before? (Psychology seems to think the former)
  39. Acting Like Your Opposite

    in these regards, I simply mean reversed function usage, not I/E e.g. ENTP -> ISFJ, INTP -> ESFJ NeTiFeSi ->SiFeTiNe, TiNeSiFe -> FeSiNeTi For some reason Because I was bored, I attempted to act like an ISFJ for three weeks. (I am dating an ISTP lol). These are the results: I cried three...
  40. phineas and ferb

    ferb for IxTx? phineas for ENFx? guesses?
  41. I Demand a Formal Debate

    Aristotle v Plato I apologize if it really does exist, but I was searching through and I could not find it. I demand a formal debate of Aristotle v Plato by you powerhouse denizens of this place Naturally, I am too lazy to do so, but I would love watching, and to be honest, I'm not who...
  42. On the Development of Functions

    Wall of Text (warning): Disclaimers and explanations (Plz read 1st): ____________________________________________________________ Function development: Se: Fi: Ni: Ti:Si:Ne: Fe:Te: ____________________________________________________________ Closing words:
  43. Olivia Wilde

    http://www.google.com/search?q=olivia+wilde&client=safari&rls=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=ecllUpaIEOSQyAHen4GYAw&sqi=2&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1280&bih=738 Any guesses? I have no idea. I just love her. She is and always has been meh celeb crush <3 I'd marry her even if she was an ISTJ...
  44. How Introspective Are You?

    I am aware that there are other threads on introspection, but they do not contain the data for which I am seeking. Please be aware: introspection: the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. =/= introversion Awhile ago, I would have thought just as you...
  45. How Do You Feel? [When Using Functions] [Images!]

    How do you feel when you use certain functions? Use a combination of words and images! Also, please either resize your images [ bimgx=200 ] [ /bimgx ] ,or use spoilers plox. How I felt when I was (for a long period of time) quite introverted, and much different from everyone I knew (tbh, idk...
  46. Izaya Oriohara (Durarara) ENTP

    http://durarara.wikia.com/wiki/Izaya_Orihara googled a couple of other threads, most seem to agree he's ENTP... Oh I love the anarchy he causes and the fun he has, he's even a good sport with Shizuo and Simon. (Also highlights the necessity of Simon - someone to keep the ENTP in...
  47. Annoying Little Introverts

    Not to be taken too seriously, but still made me lol a bit: http://www.psychologytoday.com/collections/201309/top-25-list-september-2013/2-how-introverts-can-be-annoying
  48. How Far Could/Would/Do You Go?

    It is somewhat apparent that many of the members here have, what I might call, 'easily offendable sensibilities.' Recent example: Somefoolishfoo' exclaiming that his dream girl could not be in a wheel chair, many members understood his intentions, while others derided him. Feel free to use...
  49. Forum Members/MBTI types - [Deck of Cards KINGDOM]

    Note: not only visual impressions, feel free to wage war Kings: Architect In absence, Cognisant Knights: INTJ mods - Absurdity ProxyAmenRaJokers&Jesters: TheScornedReflex TheHabitatDoctor TimeAsylums Cognisant being contested by peers (1 vote for Triangles) JustGeorge[MostLikelyBeheaded])...
  50. What's yo height?

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