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  • well, yes.. But I can understand your skepticism. There are many hints that I could be lying. What motivated me to speak was the sense of familiarity I have with your situation. The "Duh" mainly. Thank you.
    I believe you are the first person to say "fuck you" to me the entire time I've ever been on this forum. I believe you have just taken my INTPforum virginity. :D


    *Throws a selection of daggers at Zero's head, each one connected with thin razor sharp wire*
    And just to put you at ease, I'm not sexist, personally or sexually, I just like shouting 'WOMAN!' loudly, because I'm quite fond of 'Father Ted', which was some crazy show you've probably never seen...

    And come on, do you think I have such bad taste as to not like women?

    Oh gawd..

    I was so depressed today, until you called my a 'sexist ass fucker'

    Oh jesus.

    I'm laughing so much my sides hurt...


    Is this the effect you have on people, or the effect people have on me?

    My dear, there is plenty point in being stupid, we have whole countries demonstrating this point, mine being one of the more prominent.


    I get the boredom thign every now and then...sometimes i just don't feel wide enough to compensate for the forums expansion, having little but insane babblings to offer,but I always come crawling back when I need something to prey on or a predator to prey on meh...

    I'm a faker huh?


    Not so sure about that one...

    I feel realmost of the time, but if I was a really good fake, I'd be practically real, wouldn't I?
    hmm I don't know if you dislike the way your sick of pronouns thread ended up, but I felt the irrational need to apologize if my posts somewhat derailed it from what you intended to do with it... so... yeah.

    *serves zero a drink* I know I need one.
    You don't like being kicked out?

    But thats half the fun, plotting how to get back in!

    Honestly woman!



    the wrecthed conflict of logic, logical feelings, and feelings, none of which seem to go together!

    A dominnant T?

    Well, my mothers name is Tracey and she pretty much tells me exactly what to do each day.

    I guess thats a yes then.

    Well,I'm generally quite a submissive person, but not in just any old way.

    I have complete disrespect for any and all authority, even when that authority has my best interests in mind.
    It's just some odd factor of my psychology that conflicts with all the others.

    I have many conflicting wants/needs.

    But in this case, it means I usually gladly bow to authority, but not without some form of subversive insults or an attempt to complicate things.

    I don't know...

    I'm depresed at current, more so than is normal...

    I might just be tired.
    I have no idea.

    Most people assume that my excessive nature and sublime blatancy are *anything* but INTP.
    But it's kinda like when you're a kid, and you go to school for the first time.

    You go completely crazy, because you're away from the authority of your parents, and you can act as you like for a while.

    It's like the little subverted you from home just leaps out, only to retreat when you get home!

    As with this, so with me.

    Real life is my home, people are the authority, and online I sortof explode.

    But if you met me in real life you'd have no doubt I was smarmy apathetic introvert.

    The question is, is *this* the real me, or is *that* the real me?
    He's a fucking shark. It doesn't matter if he blinks, you'd better not.

    But No...

    That aside... I might change it to Sai, since I'm thinking of going on hiatus again.

    That would end all the confusion, since Sai doesn't stare.
    Hey, Zero, does your avatar blink?

    I've been staring at it for hours, but it doesn't seem to.

    I know if I look away for too long he'll blink and I'll miss it.


    -Melkor stealth snuggles Zero-

    -Melkor then runs off cackling-

    I've got your money!!!!!!!!!!
    What is this? Hmm, Zero has no gender. Only a sex technically and I suppose I could argue that my heartbeat isn't the norm for my sex or wasn't when I was born.

    That aside, I don't recall being famous or well liked. Some of our new members already have more posts than I do. . . Like-ability is entirely subjective. I think at least one member admits to disliking me and quite frankly I don't think well of him either. So I feel it's "fair".

    Well, I will not be cuddled or touched without permission. Or there will be balls to pay.

    You're rather suspicious, you are...
    pssttt... Melkor... know how you usually get the gender wrong? ;)

    Zero... beware this lad. I can only assure you that his motives are all lowly and fowl... and cuddly. You might want to respond with appropriate violence.

    And I err... thought the linux jokes were funny.

    (ps. I noticed that after all the confusion of your early posts you returned, and I hadn't expected that, but I am rather more glad for your presence. You have the second-best taste in avatars and you seem to think for yourself. That's enough ass-licking for now I think. :p)

    A famous and likeable guy such as you has no visitor messages?

    Thats just sick..

    -stabs zero in the eyes a few times-

    There you go..

    I was just expressing my pity/love.

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