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Recent content by Zero-11

  1. I have a theory concerning COVID and personalities.

    covid doesn't exist, there is no pandemic or rather pandemics are all fake
  2. Problem remembering names?

    OMG yes, I mostly remember visual stuff like hair color and hair length :D
  3. Flat Earth Disproval Time

    there is far more Globeheads: http://anti-globe.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=11
  4. INTP ESFJ Relationship Guide

    http://www.personalitypage.com/INTP_rel.html End of Story.
  5. Flat earthritis

    No it´s not we are currently here: http://serendipitous.boards.net/
  6. Eric Dubay`s Flat Earth Research Society

    ifers.boards.net/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G90A2kg1bWs
  7. Code Geas - Lelouch

    Your picture shows INFJ and Lelouch isn´t typeable as a INFJ/INTJ hybrid fictional character.
  8. Do you think in words or pictures?

    Left Brain (J) in words
  9. Death Note characters?

    Light is INFJ he knows people and he is concerned about being a murderer (Fe) he knows how to use chemicals and technical stuff (Ti) and has a long-term goal (Ni>Ne).
  10. Visually-Reading Cognitive Type (I)

    I am using the PL Samples for a while now using the highly interpretive Method without the Cues and this description is just genius, thanks Auburn.
  11. Does anyone else enjoy confusing people?

    INFJ then I assume :D
  12. What type was Carl Jung?

    INFJ is obvious from his bad Te and Si descriptions in Psychological Types. Ehhh nope :confused: his writing style is totally Ni-dom.
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