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  • Could you stop opening new threads just to post some random fluff video without any context? If you want to post a random interesting video or anything else really it should go in any one of the "Random"| threads in the lounge, or a general "Video" thread.
    'I almost forgot all about the expected normal social chit-chat...:/ so hows your life been? and that new guy you were dating, hows the relationship goin?' -Lol, life's alright yaknow, same shit different day; relationship left dead in the water, abandoned ship.

    So how's you? What game's you playing? Still pondering gender equality?
    'I still do come and read stuff here every now and then, but I don't find them to be that intellectually arousing; it seems most people aren't that interested in deep thinking in existential analyses and were mostly interested in the superficial sciences' - I agree in regards to the forum, but 'superficial science' is the way to go for me.

    'I've never been interested in petty political gossip; so what if the Twin towers was an internal job' - Nothing I say or do will change your prerogative. But rather than gaming, I'll make the fight for freedom my prerogative . I believe those who won't are weak - but that's just my opinion, meh.

    'I have an aversion for emotions of jealousy and anger that come from political gossip' - Don't we all, haha.
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