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  1. xeno_girl

    A self-typological conundrum

    I struggled with this same question and spent a lot of time researching it... here is what I discovered: ENTPs are commonly diagnosed with ADHD. They tend to be cognitively bouncy and their brains race from idea to idea. They lead with their Ne, which means their cognitive process looks like...
  2. xeno_girl

    That annoying sense of superiority

    As INTPs who spend a ridiculous amount of time attempting to be precise in our explanations, it is natural for all written errors to irritate us. Since we beat ourselves up for typos, we of course do the same to others. However, it is a sign of maturity when we can stop being so hard on...
  3. xeno_girl

    INTP Ultimate Purpose/Greatest strength

    Actually, INTPs are frequently drawn to theology, philosophy, and psychology because of the influence of our inferior Fe. We don't do as well (as for example, INTJs) in some of the hard sciences which focus on research because we have less interest in facts/details and precise measurements than...
  4. xeno_girl

    INTP Ultimate Purpose/Greatest strength

    An INTP's ultimate purpose is to refine and flex their Ti-Ne-Si-Fe superpowers.... meaning we are happiest when able to first theorize (Ti), then explore information/ideas to support the idea (Ne), then compare it all to what we already know (Si), then produce a final analytical output that...
  5. xeno_girl

    Staying Up Late

    Wow this is very intriguing... I am quite curious how many INTPs are night owls. I am utterly miserable trying to work regular 8 - 5 jobs. My circadian rhythms are just wired to sleep between 3 or 4 am to 11 or noon. I even had a sleep study done, and they couldn't give me any answers. So...
  6. xeno_girl

    Being an INTP and starting to hate it!

    Finally, if you are depressed over a length of time, you should really talk to a doctor or counselor asap. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, because unfortunately we cannot *think* our way out of depression. In fact, half the problem with depression is actually the negative way we...
  7. xeno_girl

    Being an INTP and starting to hate it!

    Even though our extroverted feeling (Fe) function is inferior, it is still a driving force (many times unhealthy) in our personality. This means that yes we do desire meaningful relationships and to be understood. INTPs extrovert using their auxiliary extroverted intuition (Ne) and Fe. I...
  8. xeno_girl

    Thanks again for responding to my post with such insight... incredibly helpful.

    Thanks again for responding to my post with such insight... incredibly helpful.
  9. xeno_girl

    Hello... disenchanted INTP chick here...

    pjoa09 I am definitely not bouncing around with ideas. I was able to view some video comparisons between an ENTP and an INTP and I feel safe in crossing ENTP off the list. I am the kind of person who can focus for hours and hours... entire days... on a specific problem. scorpiomover... your...
  10. xeno_girl

    Hello... disenchanted INTP chick here...

    Poo... the link keeps giving me a "403 forbidden" message.
  11. xeno_girl

    If I focus on developing and maturing one of my weaker functions, will its opposite suffer?

    Building all four functions in your cognitive stack is very healthy, especially if you develop them top to bottom. Developing the inferior can be tricky though, so proceed with caution. Here are some good articles addressing the issue...
  12. xeno_girl

    Dominant Ne: what does it mean?

    The first half of this thread was very helpful in sorting out INTP versus ENTP. del thank you for the videos... you just confirmed to me that I am most definitely NOT an ENTP.
  13. xeno_girl

    Burdens of Si- regrets, caged nostalgia,

    I think engaging with the world is also a fulfilling way to feed your Ne. Take a look at this description (PS this site has many insightful articles for INTPs): http://personalityjunkie.com/the-intp/2/ (specifically read "INTPs’ Auxiliary Function: Extraverted Intuition (Ne)"... although the...
  14. xeno_girl

    @words no worries. I am a proud Gen Xer... Xenogirl is just my superhero name. :P

    @words no worries. I am a proud Gen Xer... Xenogirl is just my superhero name. :P
  15. xeno_girl

    Hello... disenchanted INTP chick here...

    GYX_Kid... hmmm I never understood Si to include collecting information (just storage), but now that I think about it, you are probably correct. I am not really interested in the actual facts though. I read and gather relevant information and while I am reading am analyzing it in real time. I...
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