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  • you're still here, and still have the venus djinni as your avatar. fascinating

    how goes it?

    i feel disjointed when it comes to the functions. if i knew how they were then i would know the meta of them which would mean if i know type i am already meta but i do not. i just know the surface that blends them together. i have INxJ right now but it would be definite once i see the meta of both auxiliary's. Ni is introverted so auxiliary is attunement. looking at Ti to me it can do more than Te but Fe is not how i think i am with people. I can copy Ti with Te so Fe with people i can not copy so Fi.

    can you help me understand the meta better?

    MBTI math: only four balanced psyches
    There are two key traits of Function immaturity:

    1. objective presumption
    2. instinct-based

    Objective purpose
    Objective values Instinctual judgment.
    Objective rules
    Objective sensation

    Also, meta Si. Meta-Objective Presumption-Instinct Based.
    Yes I my remains remain. I plan to be here for at least five more

    minutes. Is there anything you particularly miss or would like to see?
    I wouldn't say understanding is the only thing I aim for in my life but it has always been the main focus, consciously or not. And I agree with what you say about interests. Specialization seems to have had some pretty bad effects on society. It has given us history teachers who know almost nothing about the structure of the universe. Politicians who have no appreciation for arts. Scientists who know little about history. And just about every other combination.
    And the problem is, you can never truly master your favorite field if you don't have a solid understanding of how it relates to the rest of the world.
    My intention at university is to focus on international relations, which I'm increasingly fascinated in. My main concern has never been a job. Don't get me wrong, I know how important it is to be able to eat and have some form of self-sufficient life-style, but I will shift my attention to that when the time comes. In the meantime I just want to gain as full of an understanding of the world as I can.
    I'm also trying to decide on an additional degree, though. Certainly not English. I've found that I can only tolerate reading a full work of fiction if I regard it as a masterpiece. Anything less and I'm just entirely disinterested. So after my Associates English is out of the question.

    I suppose you wont tell me what country you're doing all this fun stuff in. I know you don't like revealing to much about yourself.
    How did you wind up a part of this group? Why haven't you left it? Do you agree with most of their stances?
    Oh, that's very interesting. I would like to know more about this political culture. I assume it is rather leftist.
    My degree is Political Science. I'm also getting a degree in English but only an Associates. Community College followed by university is quite typical, yes. I don't know if it is more typical than just going straight to university but it certainly is cheaper.
    What is causing this great social shift of yours? Is it directly responsible for the philosophical issues?
    I look forward to finishing up my time at community college and going on to university. In all honesty, that's the only thing in my life I can say I'm "looking forward to" aside from maybe some movies/games/music and what-not that I think will be good.
    And you?
    Nothing notable. I just wound up back here a few days ago by clicking some link (I don't even remember what I was looking for) and I read through our 2010 conversation. I then realized you were still hanging around here so I figured "fuck it, let's see if I can't start a good 2014 conversation."
    I'm an agent of bullshit who's tired of all the bullshit in this noosphere.
    I'm guessing it's because it's there for a reason, and suppressing it will only make it accumulate and break you at some point.
    In terms of survival pain is quite useful, no pain, no moving your arm from the circular saw until it's too late.
    As far as emotional pain goes? I think that's kind of useful as long as you try to understand why it's there and what you should change in order to make it stop, rather than just sulking and eventually getting addicted to it.
    What brought that question on?
    Hey Words, I'm doing alright. Although the forum seems so dead nowadays.

    What have you been up to?
    Nah, I think that artists come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are just more willing to express their delusions than the ordinary folk, some might enjoy it, others may feel the need to do it, and others might just be attention whores :D
    Meaning is a weird word, isn't it? I suppose for musicians and artists their art may be a way of exploring potential meanings or expressing what they think the meaning ma be.
    I personally don't think there is any such thing as meaning. It's just us deluding ourselves.
    So, what do you want?
    Sorry you didn't like the song, i like The Doors, they're sufficiently weird.
    I'm not sure if being dumb has anything to do with being unable to decide. Perhaps that depends on what your definition of "dumb" is.
    Haven't been to Oxford yet, but I probably will at some point. The UK is pretty, though it sometimes makes this song appear in my head :)
    I don't think it's hedonism.
    There were moments when it was amazing fun, but now I've grown a bit tired of it, but I still wish to continue doing it and make it work, so I must assume that there is more to it than just indulging in the silliness of it all.
    How about you? What will be your mission if you manage to escape hedonism?
    Yeah, the selling Nothing thing was quite cool, but then I kinda lost momentum (damn my INTP-ness) I should really get back to doing that.
    I think that maybe a modified version of your conversation formula should work for friend-making as well - consciously approach people and try to keep in contact, but let the conversations and activities develop on their own?
    As far as making friends is concerned, I'm afraid I have limited experience when it comes to that kind of stuff. I have very few friends, to be honest, though the ones I do have, I value quite highly. From what I could gather it seems that when ever I consciously try to form a connection with another human being, I fail miserably. Somehow it seems that, at least for me, friendships grow and develop on their own and that if you need to work on them, they are not really going to work out. Or it may just be that I am just very bad at working on them.
    It's a bit cliché, but the best I can do is be as honest as I can and hope that people will like it.
    I don't think that helped very much :confused:
    It is a good question though, and one I should probably be thinking about myself, as I just moved to a new country and have a total of zero friends here :D
    I've just moved from Serbia to England, and I won't be able to work here before February next year, which will probably be the longest free time I've had since I was 6, so for now I just plan to relax, take it easy and embrace my hedonist side (as if it needs embracing, I sometimes wonder if I even have any sides other than the hedonist one).
    Hopefully this break will give me some time to figure out what I want from life. If not, once I've got a work permit I'll just do what I did before - work as a business analyst and hope for some sort of enlightenment to strike :)
    Hedonism doesn't sound that bad to me :confused: Why do you think that's fucked up?
    I'm good. Took a bit of a rest from this place for a couple of years, but now it's kind of fun to check in every once in a while.
    Considering I am prone to error, I am quite used to taking human error into account. However, there are some things I am more... particular about than others, and these errors are likely ones I would never make.

    I doubt I shall go back to PF. My name there is miasmata, by the way.
    I can only assume you mean... nope, I have no idea what you mean.

    My first thought was philosophy forum, in which case you appended the 'forum' once more than necessary. If this is the case, I used to be a year or two ago and posted a few things (likely under the name nil or apokatastasis), but I found it to be quite dull and left as quickly as I had come.

    If that is not the case, what forum do you mean?
    That seems to beg questions, but I'm sure you know what you're doing.

    I assume that he's into MBTI, as otherwise you would not believe he is on this site. If you can manage to figure out when he got into it, you may have a decent idea of when his start-date was?

    Also, if you know his birthday, the calendar function will give you a list of candidates (though he may not have entered it correctly).

    I can only assume that you don't actually want to ask him his user directly?

    Oh well, I'm off to bed :D
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