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  • The forums. Use them. The Archwiki is a good place to browse even if you lack Arch.
    Any advice to give to a brand new Unbuntu user?
    Haha, yeah. I have a lot of respect for the users who were active near the time of the forum's true birth. I sort of view them as my intellectual peers, sort of like how one views people the grew from childhood did. Truly my experiences here have tempered me. Those people have shaped me as much as I have shaped them. Or as much as teh forum shaped them.

    It has been, and will hopefully continue to be a good ride.

    Long live the forum!

    (It's shocking to me as well that it's been so long)
    Hahah, I just nearly used that exact phrase to describe who you were to someone on IM. I settled for 'one of the founding fathers of the forum', though, rather than saying you "spammed the forum into existence". :D Which we all thank you for, of course.

    No-one was ever on flashchat. It therefore sucked. Or maybe my time zone sucked. Something sucked. :phear:

    Oh yeah, and holy crap: I've been a member of this forum for over half its life? Yikes. :eek: That's a pretty long time for me to invest in anything.
    XD. Never heard of a linux convention, but I did go to this past Otakon, it was pretty sweet.
    I see you like linux. I personally know next to nothing about it but I have been to a few Pengicons. Its mostly linux users but a few dnd/anime/fantasy/nerd types go as well. Ever heard of it? They usually have it in Michigan around April/May. Free beer for the weekend if over 21. lots of crossovers from Youmacon, an anime con I have yet to go to.
    Its all good, ninja is fine. I figured not many would get the connection but it seemed pretty cool at the time......come to think of it still is pretty sweet
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