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  • "everyone is entitled to companionship"
    Nobody is entitled to anything.

    And regarding bible reading I suggest you do exactly what your mother tells you, read two if not more bible texts every night, spend a good long while thinking about them, then ask your mother all sorts of really uncomfortable questions :D
    I've only been there a couple of times, so still getting to know everyone and how everything works, it's great that I've finally met my kind of people y'know, I mean I love the people here but it'll be nice to actually have real world friends I can go out and do stuff with.

    But they're all dudes or girlfriends of the dudes, so yet again I've surrounded myself with couples and guys, yet again nobody I can ask out *sigh* nowadays I practically ask out every single girl I meet, which gets me a date about once every six months, i.e. I meet one every six months or so.

    Anyway I think INTJ couples exist, they probably just keep to themselves a lot, if they can actually get their highly systematic inner worlds to click then I doubt they'd have any conflicts over anything, it would be like one person with two heads.
    To start with a high altitude electric UAV with a pneumatic sniper rifle that fires laser guided mini-rockets (no payload, by the time they hit the target they'll be going really fast) powered by a ground based microwave emitter so it can provide 24/7 fire support, I'll be able to aim & fire it from an IPhone or pad.

    Of course that's HIGHLY illegal, so I may have to do something else.
    I just got access to a: bandsaw, drill press, forge, laser cutter, CNC mill, 3D printer, assorted electronic components and a heap of people with varying degrees of skill with these tools and various practical software applications.

    It is? D:

    My apologies, I'll just tuck it away.



    *Puts you in a sack*

    I have a choice witch! A choice of whether or not to dash out your brains on a kerb! :D
    An acquaintance brought an aussie family friend over and she introduced me... when I told her which I preferred she was disappointed. Stupid me, didn't realize that every Aussie's first meal when they're born is a jar of vegemite crammed down their throat. I don't think I'll like it by itself. I thought it overpowered the cheese.. Or maybe it's just my hypersensitivity to taste and smell going all over the place.
    Huh, generally people prefer vegemite as it's milder than marmite.

    If I'm getting someone to try either I always tell them not to expect it to be sweet, the first time I had vegemite I thought it would taste like nutella or someting so my immediate reaction wasn't positive.

    Try vegetate by itself, I'm pretty sure mixing it with cheese is an acquired taste.
    Sweet. Out of school for good or for the year? I fear I may never be done and I haven't even moved on to the Ph.D. yet.
    It did, I'm now a year older than I was several days ago.

    And bibles? I burn them.
    As for twilight, meh, it's terrible but who am I to care?
    I'm going to take it down, as it's Lauren Bacall and I'm not sure people know this and are therefore assuming it's me :-S I'm very tempted to just lie and enjoy the attention. But that would make me feel extremely inadequate as well...I think I'll change it to one of myself, maybe in a similar pose haha.

    Yes, it is a beautiful picture.
    I'm American, I don't know what that is :(
    "The text that you have entered is too long (1538 characters). Please shorten it to 1000 characters long."

    ^What is this blasphemy?

    I'll be spending the next few summers along Lake Erie, so hopefully I'll find some decent hideaways somewhere. It just sucks that nearly all the wetlands are dominated by invasive plants and the ecology of the whole system is becoming a clusterfuck, but hey, I guess that's why I'm doing research there, right?

    I swear one of these days I will do the summer-long road trip. I can picture it now: Poor man's hillbilly Einstein meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    The list includes:

    Thunder Basin
    Mount Rainier/Hood/Saint Helens
    Glen Canyon (purely in the spirit of Edward Abbey)
    Smoky Mountains

    Jeebus... everywhere
    AH! YOU'VE BEEN TO YOSEMITE!?!?! *sighs* Lucky...

    So far my travels have been restricted to those within driving distance and those which are paid for by other entities. Outside of Monterey, which I legit may not leave if I ever go back, I like... too many places (surely you're aware of how difficult that question is lol). The Chesapeake is awesome if you're into the shorebird migrations and seafood, and Monongahela is just a nice place to disappear for a week or two.

    Recently I discovered Hocking Hills, which is awesome and decently close to Columbus, and when I was back in Pennsylvania I spent a lot of time at Ohiopyle State Park. Otherwise I just like to kayak up random creeks. No land animal ever expects you to approach them by kayak, so you can get freaky close, like within 20 yards of a bear in Michigan.
    Snakes... That's exactly what I need when I see a tourist, so I can chase them around with it and force them to hold it.

    That place looks like it has food. Good food, and lots of it. I'm assuming it's something like the Big Sur region in California, minus the redwoods? (A redwood forest that transitions to coastal scrub and then BAM! sheer cliff into the Pacific equipped with clouds that flow up towards you, marine mammals and wildlife galore, and by far the best food I've consumed in my entire life. I even found the smell of the sea lion colonies attractive...).

    The western U.S. in general makes the hills of Appalachia look downright pitiful. There are a few patchy cool spots left though, like Monongahela National Forest, the Chesapeake Bay, and upstate New York. Lakes Erie and Ontario have seen better days though.
    Cool. The Google pictures look... warmer lol.

    And the Wasatch is definitely a good hiking area. I was there for a week long conference with a free fancy resort hotel room but I couldn't say no to the idea of camping out up there. Needless to say I froze my ass off, but it was totally worth it.
    That was in Snowbird Utah near Wasatch National Forest. Badass place. The photo does no justice to the 3-D layering of the mountains and the approaching hailstorm at 12,000 feet, but it turned out decent compared to real life I guess :)
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