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  1. walfin

    Successful INTP's, what career has made you happy?

    I am happy doing computer programming but I can't seem to get a job in that field after being a lawyer for several years. My own apps aren't even gaining traction, much less making me money. If I could get a job doing computer programming I would quite probably enjoy it and be able to stick...
  2. walfin

    What do you embody?

    It says my persona is Innocent Child but the results show it should be Wise Old Man?! Your 'Self' Archetype 72% match The Innocent Child Naive but a breath of new life and fresh ideas...
  3. walfin

    introverted skills vs extroverted skills

    A lot of people confuse extroversion with eloquence. Here's the thing: you can be both eloquent and an introvert. Extroverts have both the natural skill and need to connect with many people. However, what the workplace usually requires is functional connections with other people. You don't...
  4. walfin

    Racism is innate

  5. walfin

    Racism is innate

    This is a question of morality. It is fundamentally unjust for an innocent person to be punished just because others who look like that person may have a tendency to commit more crimes (even if that is true). I don't think younger people should necessarily be discriminated against, nor should...
  6. walfin

    Feeling very depressed about life.

    You can get out of depression! You can do it! We believe in you!
  7. walfin

    Sources of information!

    Wikipedia's always a good starting point
  8. walfin

    IQ and life outcomes

    Yeah, well, the fact is that emotional intelligence is also useful. The only thing is we don't have a way to measure it yet (unlike IQ) and we haven't shown it's link to academic achievement, income, etc.
  9. walfin

    Cog Reviews Hobart

    It was you? Sorry!
  10. walfin

    Racism is innate

    You're ignoring the fact that Blacks are discriminated against even after controlling for criminality: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/opinions/wp/2018/09/18/theres-overwhelming-evidence-that-the-criminal-justice-system-is-racist-heres-the-proof/ They are already (rather unfairly) treated...
  11. walfin

    Racism is innate

    That ignores the fact that there are white school shooters too, for instance. Australia is a federal democracy like the US, the citizens do not need guns, the police use guns less too. It's largely White too, and hasn't turned into a tyranny. Why can't the US follow its example? The anti-police...
  12. walfin

    IQ and life outcomes

    Perhaps that is an overly simplistic view of EQ. People who have high EQ do not just get along well with other people, but are adept at reading emotion, displaying the appropriate emotion to get desired responses from other persons, etc. This matters more in some fields (e.g. sales, law) but...
  13. walfin

    Racism is innate

    Even if most criminals are blacks, most blacks may not be criminals. Overall, criminals are likely to be a minority of society. If they weren't, no society could function as everybody would be in jail. That's a separate question, and I think it's stupid that the US won't ban guns for civilians...
  14. walfin

    Haha thanks for the encouraging comment!

    Haha thanks for the encouraging comment!
  15. walfin

    IQ and life outcomes

    But the story is about how he outdid his brother & Jerome! I'm sure one could be successful despite having an IQ of 100, possibly with much more hard work than somebody with a higher IQ, but I doubt anyone would consider 90 to be a decent IQ. I don't think EQ is made up stuff. We all know of...
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