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  1. Wahrheitsliebe

    What songs are you listening to? /Redux/

    YouTube - ‪Caribou - Bowls‬‏ YouTube - ‪Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee‬‏ I think this describes the INTP version of compassion pretty well: YouTube - ‪Talking Heads - No compassion‬‏
  2. Wahrheitsliebe

    Make A Fellow A Mixtape

    FFFFFFUUUUU- I missed the sticky thread. :slashnew: uh....oops. ... .. . carry on. EDIT: Oh! But wait! I just re-realized...in this one you request the mixtape, and respond to requests. So...it's a separate topic with its own thing. Cool. ... carry on. again. :phear:
  3. Wahrheitsliebe

    Sleep consistency

    I don't sleep that much at all (2-4 hours /night)...but what I do get seems to be pretty quality. I don't know if it's a personal thing (like having more "sleep spindles" in the brain--I sleep through any noise or light)...or if it has something to do with my environment. My sleep...
  4. Wahrheitsliebe

    Make A Fellow A Mixtape

    mixtape: A mixtape or mixed tape is a compilation of songs recorded in a specific order, traditionally onto a compact audio cassette (wikipedia) So. The purpose of this thread is to make a mixtape for the theme and style requested by any previous poster. And, conversely, to request the...
  5. Wahrheitsliebe

    Who are we from a political perspective?

    I'd say there's quite a range, but that we nearly all continue to question ourselves, as we should. I'm a "liberal", I guess, if one sums it up. The aspects of the INTP personality that I think would lead us to be "liberal" in the social-values sense is the not-listening-to-authority part...
  6. Wahrheitsliebe

    Are You a Good Housekeeper?

    I go to clean...and then I don't. The apartment I share with some people (some neat, some like myself) looks bipolar between stark cleanliness, and different forms of messiness. My section is messy in the stacks of cds, books and papers, few piles of clothes, and "storage" consisting of a...
  7. Wahrheitsliebe

    What songs are you listening to? /Redux/

    YouTube - ‪Jimi Hendrix - Stone Free‬‏ cowbell...:D --- YouTube - ‪John Coltrane - Equinox (Original)‬‏ --- YouTube - ‪John Coltrane - Lonnie's Lament pt 1/2‬‏ YouTube - ‪John Coltrane - Lonnie's Lament pt 2/2‬‏ --- YouTube - ‪17 HIPPIES...
  8. Wahrheitsliebe

    INTP pushover

    Now, I have never quite had your problem, except for one piece. Sometimes I do feel like I'm living from an observational point of view, instead of an active point of view. I will go thorough things analyzing and thinking about events and people that I come into contact with, but I'll never...
  9. Wahrheitsliebe

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    - alcohol, since 16, but that's normal...it was a family-approved thing. - weed, since 18 or so. When I've got nothing going on. I don't let it get in the way of work or school or anything important to me. Same with alcohol. I like weed...actually, where I am it's easy as hell to get even...
  10. Wahrheitsliebe

    Portal II

    got it via torrent, and it is pretty damn good. I torrent everything...:phear: *not guilty*
  11. Wahrheitsliebe

    INTPs dealing with friends who are depressed

    If there's a moderator somewhere around here, I was wondering if this could be moved to some relevant section of the forum that isn't immediately viewable to anyone? I did talk to my roommate about myers-briggs, and she knows about the INTP thing and was semi-interested in the whole thing...
  12. Wahrheitsliebe

    INTPs dealing with friends who are depressed

    @Trebuchet: Thank you. The "not a therapist" thing is good advice. Sometimes because of my interest in psychology, I can forget that. Oh, believe me, sometimes I'd like to. This. This is pretty much what has sometimes really gotten on my nerves about the whole thing: sometimes I think...
  13. Wahrheitsliebe

    INTPs dealing with friends who are depressed

    Yea. Hope so. I keep on going back and forth between the charitable thoughts of, "oh, she's a nice person, if you ditched her as a roommate she might get more depressed and so you should stick around" and (what I think is) the classic INTP thing of saying, "why do I care? Oh, that's right, I...
  14. Wahrheitsliebe

    What songs are you listening to? /Redux/

    YouTube - Shantel - Borino Oro YouTube - TUNNG - Bullets YouTube - Dr. Dre-The Message
  15. Wahrheitsliebe

    What up, my INTPeeps?!

    Least plausible? Probably that intelligent people exist, and that I met some of them. As to pizza rolls, meh. They're sort of good in a cheese-and-grease type way, but, as Gather's avatar points out, they're also fucking annoying and because nobody is going to wait until they cool off, they...
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