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  • Awesome dream interpretation on the 'she came to me in a dream' thread. Are you self taught in Jungian dream analysis? I'm a believer in dreams as a window into self. Usually I'm attuned to my dreams however lately I've slept hard so when I wake, I have no recollection. I'm interpreting that to mean I'm cut off from myself or don't want to 'see'.
    Looking forward to reading more. I'll have to check out your past posts on dreams.
    I forget that you have been here since 2007. I see you and wonder who the "new guy" is. Then realize you have been on the forum for two years longer than me. :confused:

    From what I've been able to understand, dreams probably fall into a variety of categories. The neurologists, et. al., probably aren't wrong about everything -- some dream content is probably brain-related mumbo jumbo. That said, I think that most dreams are meaningful and the characters in a dream are aspects of one's self. I also think there's room in the universe for there to be some people who really do have dreams about others and there's information in the dream that's not just for the dreamer. But, I do think that most dreams are about and for the dreamer, and, other people who show up in dreams are probably usually reflections of the dreamer.

    Jung remains far outside the mainstream. There's a lot, sadly, in contemporary psychology that's every bit as blind as we were 100 years ago. There is still strength in the analytical psychology front, though I don't have personal experience with any of the groups (Chicago, etc.).


    That's a shame. I was introduced to this forum by Jung - I would buy the red book if it wasn't £80; I'm fascinated with the deep connection he posits he had with his unconscious. He comes across as a man with a lot of secrets.

    I remember you posting a lot on Jung. I am surprised, I try to engage with my lecturers (history) where I can and most seem to dismiss him as new-age rubbish, though it may be outside their disciplinary interest. Our psychology department doesn't seem to have invested in a lot of his materal either.

    In your opinion are dreams that involve other people about your relationship with other people or are they expressions of parts of yourself?

    I just read your post on the human relationships thread. Thank you for the advice (I am seeing a university counsellor, actually - third session tomorrow.) I was just wondering if you could recommend any resources on dreams/ dream interpretation?

    Other than interesting me, it is relevant to my current study.

    I am very surprised this is your second visitor message - though I suppose you may have deleted past ones - you have a lot of interesting insights.

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