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  1. Vexbeast

    Why do Emo kids deny being Emo?

    Unless you actually know of the existence of an emo who doesn't deny being emo, that's a pretty redundant thing to say. <.< Obviously emos deny being emo because they don't want everyone to treat them like shit. In effect, admitting being emo to someone who isn't 'understanding' or emo...
  2. Vexbeast

    Anti-depression plot!

    Melkor's not ENTP. He's not funny enough. <.<
  3. Vexbeast

    What's the story behind your Avatar?

    My avatar is confused. <.<
  4. Vexbeast

    Personally, I hate intro threads.

    I have two. Do I need more?
  5. Vexbeast

    See, to them, you're just a freak... Like me!

    Hah... XD Girls don't like heavy metal. They like pink things and unicorns! D: (read: your friends suck)
  6. Vexbeast

    What are your two strongest type characteristics using Paragon?

    I 8 N 8 F 8 P 9 Being that I don't care enough to remember my results, I've done MBTI tests a few times, and always came up with INTP. I skimmed the longer explanations on some website and found that I relate to the large majority of types. Rarely anything with 'F' though... <.< I'm trying to...
  7. Vexbeast

    See, to them, you're just a freak... Like me!

    I stare at people like this whenever they say something stupid: O__o Apparently people think that's weird... I think they should stop saying weird shit to me if they don't want to be stared at though. And to be totally honest, I don't see how they can consider it weird...
  8. Vexbeast

    Mother issues

    I hate my mother. She's weak. I just don't have issues about it because 'family' means nothing to me...
  9. Vexbeast

    The Awkward Pause

    I never give my name until asked. There's just something inherently wrong with assuming people want to be told what to call me. -shudder-
  10. Vexbeast

    Merged: The 5 INTP subtypes

    Re: The 5 INTP subtypes If any of those, I'd be 5, and yet the description somehow makes me want to punch face. Intriguing...
  11. Vexbeast


    A counterculture is a subculture that was made in rebellion. Aside from the traditional punk subculture, further cultures like HXC punk and goth exist because people were specifically not rebelling to the punk subculture. Although I think there are some exceptions... I'm too tired to be...
  12. Vexbeast


    I don't really find people doing completely ridiculous things funny, so I don't care to learn enough about it to shun it... <.< Or most religions for that matter.
  13. Vexbeast


    Hmmm... xkcd Ctrl+Alt+Del Cyanide And Happiness Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Captain SNES Penny Arcade Sinfest Girl Genius Gone With The Blastwave
  14. Vexbeast

    Experimental music

    Regurgitator - They have a lot of stuff and a lot of it's weird. The lyrics to 'I Piss Alone' are notable. Chronic Future - Rapcore band that has a MASSIVE amount of different musical influences. Style varies quite a bit, the song 'Insects' is... um... something. The Matches - Punk band that...
  15. Vexbeast

    Metal Genres

    From the genres I'm not sure about, I have: Acid Bath (only like the metal-ballads), ...And Oceans, Arch Enemy, Kittie... Had some really trippy stuff from another band but I deleted it. :/ Also had Dimmu Borgir, but now I only have the piano piece... Sorgen's Kammer, I think it's called. I...
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