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Recent content by tyjdx

  1. Mr. Robot

    So, after mentioning it in my introduction, I'm gonna post this and ask: what do you guys think of Mr. Robot, particularly in the context of all this MBTI fun stuff. Not that I'd necessarily type Elliot (I'm not good at typing myself much less other people) but when I watched that movie I was...
  2. Er der danskere her?

    Jeg lærer dansk og jeg leder efter nogen at snakke med. :) I've been messing with it for a couple years now and have watched more Danish television than I care to admit. Anyone from Denmark? [Min dansk er ikke meget godt but I try!]
  3. What is Intelligence

    Wouldn't IQ be the rate of change of intelligence then? dIQ/dt etc? And the rate is fixed, or maybe approaches fixed? I don't know, I'm tired.
  4. Less than Concise

    Great minds, or something. :) I wanted very badly to not be someone who doesn't follow through, in my family that is mega bad. Once again I'm glad I found this place (and got my proper MBTI classification). I tried again today trying to be REALLY REALLY honest and scored VERY INTP.
  5. Less than Concise

    Was this category invented for me or is this a common occurrence? Also, thank you! Good to be here.
  6. Egotistical/narcissistic tendencies and putting on appearances

    I have that same feeling, it's sort of a haunting one, really. I like that observation. Manipulative streaks won't be seen by most people in general, else it would just be someone being... I don't know, bossy or socially incapable. Manipulation is effective because people don't know they're...
  7. INTPf out of context

    -yelled, with the windows open, by an overexcited friend talking about a Dota 2 spell called 'Finger of Death'
  8. Bipolar thought...

    Bipolar DSM-proper or figurative bipolar?
  9. You know you're an Intp when...

    I like it.
  10. Less than Concise

    It's not so torturous anymore. I figured out you don't have to do the jump-through-hoops thing to survive. Being a writer seems like a really good career choice for an INTP, are there m/any other writers here?
  11. Any INTP MBAs out there?

    Startups can definitely have a lot of stress involved, but I've found that if you're working with good people that stress is more from existential problems than artificially created deadlines etc. (i.e. it's the same stress you'd have anyway). For me, anyway, the artificial deadlines are what...
  12. Any INTP MBAs out there?

    I've felt many of those same frustrations, and while I won't say I have everything figured out, I certainly have found getting involved in small business extremely helpful. They're not so great for the stress (necessarily) but they do allow you to wear a lot of hats and flex problem solving...
  13. Best video game for INTP

    I'm thinking it's DotA2, and am now overthinking whether or not this idea will get shot down. However, it's a game that (as someone mentioned earlier) allows for socialization with a common framework for understanding and goal without any superficial garbage. It allows for deep analysis, and if...
  14. You know you're an Intp when...

    When you think your Alma Mater should have issued you a participation degree for all the pieces of degrees you completed/didn't complete.
  15. Less than Concise

    Because, of course, I wouldn't feel special if I didn't have my own thread, I'll quote my earlier reply here and then elaborate. So, understanding myself as an INTP seems like a good way of moving forward in the world. My life to date has been something of a gongshow because nobody told me...
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