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  • Truth is hard to hear for those whom are not used to it. It's not your fault, we are only human.
    And I'm just 18/19, my youth aint completely over just yet. Hehehehe

    How old are you? :)
    That is. My worldview/Ni speaking. Feel free to disagree. Sorry to talk in a way: I know I'm right. But I suppose that is a trait of Ni as its natural law is what is encountered as factual (Otherwise the whole process wouldn't work).
    I know, it also wasn't an excuse. But I thought that in my particular situation it would fit the context I gave it to convey my point.

    I never ever before blamed anything on my childhood, but it is undeniable that it was a nightmare to some degree.

    And as, to validate the argument. The INFJs extroversion is based upon shape shifting (To shape their extroverted perspective towards the environment). (This is also noted that if the INFJ does not know how to communicate in an environment it is likely for the subject to 'shut-down', not knowing how to act. Specially if the subject has not encountered this just more than enough.)

    My extroversion still has it's affections from the extroversion I was forced to take in my childhood. (The shape-shifting abilities/estimates have a lean towards what is already known, the shaped worldview. To renew worldview on a social scale is somewhat impossible, it will take time to blend in with new learned things)
    I've had a hard childhood. It still affects me. But I'll try. I'll try. Thank you.
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